Greek Amber- Stenciled Bookcase


When we bought our house one of my favorite details was our built-in bookcase. It adds the perfect amount of interest to the living room and is a great use of space. I love using it to display family heirlooms, pictures, books, and even baskets full of toys. When decorating our living room, I wanted to add some more color and pattern without commiting to painting the walls yet.  I love the look of a wallpapered back to shelving, but knew that I didn’t want something so permanent in the bookcase space. I found this image and tutorial on Pinterest and knew it was the perfect look to modify for our shelves.

I decided to find something that would fit inside of the shelves the would be easily removable. I got my hands on some foam core board and was able to cut it to size. I chose white so that I would only have to paint one color and could use the white as the negative.
Here is the only photo I have of what it looked like pre-stencil. Pretty boring.


I chose a great burnt orange called Greek Amber for my paint and bought a quart from Lowes. I love how muted and yet bold it is. The stencil is from Royal Design Studio and is called Chez Sheik Moroccan stencil.


Then I stenciled each piece of board individually. I didn’t specifically try to make the pattern match up to the next piece. I used a brush and painted by hand. The stencil was pretty easy to use and didn’t bleed much. Where it did bleed I just touched up with white paint after the orange had dried.


After the pieces dried I arranged them to look the way I liked. Each board fit the space a little differently, but they all mostly fit. Currently they are just wedged in there and not secured in any way. I would like to secure them and make them all fit flat, but they look fine the way they are now. No once would be able to tell a difference but me.

I LOVE the finished product. I think it looks even better in person. The pattern is perfect for the room and adds a lot without being overwhelming.


  1. I love the after. The color is perfect. Can I ask which stencil you used? I would love it if you would share this on Tout It Tuesday.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing on Tout It Tuesday. Hope to see you tomorrow.

  2. This adds so much more depth and interest..nice job1
    Sheree x

  3. That looks amazing!!! I absolutely love it!! Love the stencil, the color, everything!! I also love your chalk board!!!

  4. Ummmm yes! This turned out great. And this built in bookshelf gives me life. I need to find a place to store my book collection ASAP!!!

  5. Just come here to see other book case,wow! You are so very creative.


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