WIWW-Photo Op

If you are new to WWIW, each week I post what I wore throughout the previous week. It’s a fun way to motivate me to ‘style’ my outfits everyday, share outfit ideas, and give a few style tips.
This week started with Ladies Night with my Book Club which was a great excuse to dress up. We drove down to the Plaza and ate at Brio (best steak salad of my life). My J Crew inspired bubble necklace had just arrived that week so it was the perfect outing to wear it. Yes, I know EVERYONE is buying one right now, BUT I have never actually seen anyone wearing one around these parts, so I can feel like an original- in Liberty, Missouri.
 If you read my About page you know about my passion for old people’s garage sales. This blue top ($1) and my clutch (.50) came from one. We ended up at H&M (yay!) and I had a great time voicing opinions on everyone’s selections. I fortunately or unfortunately did not find anything I NEEDED.
019b   020b   021b   
Top: Garage sale, Necklace: Ebay, Jeans: GAP, Shoes: Banana Republic, Clutch: Garage Sale
This is my typical pool attire. I always throw on a fun belt with this otherwise shapeless maxi dress, a bracelet and some great earrings. This hair day also called for the fedora.
Dress: Forever 21, Belt: ONE little BELT, Hat: Charlotte Russe, Flops: Old Navy, Jewelry: Paparazzi.
I wasn’t convinced about this top until I styled it with these jeans. The print is hard to see, but it’s a purple, neon orange, and pink Ikat print. Then I wasn’t sure which shoes I liked better…purple seemed too matchy-matchy, but then I do like the look of the flats with the look.
Which do you prefer?
                  IMG_4281b    IMG_4284b
Top: Eddie Bauer, Jeans:Target, Ballet Flats:JC Penny, Sandals: Garage sale (Payless)
I am sure you aren’t surprised to see my Chambray shirt again. In fact, I bought another one thrifting last night. Some things are “in” for a reason and I am running with it. This is something I wore running errands and such with the kiddos.
Top:American Eagle, Pants: GAP, Shoes: TOMS, Sunnies: Forever 21, Bag: Garage sale
All week I struggled with posing for photos and who knew all I had to do was to have my 3 year old take the pictures? His photos are so much more artistic! And here is yet another errands outfit.                
            IMG_4308b     IMG_4311b
Top: Old Navy, Jeans: GAP, Shoes: DSW, Bag: Garage Sale luggage, Cuff and Sunnies: Forever 21 Kesler’s Top: Thrifted
Have a great wardrobe week!!


  1. Love your hair wavy in the last few pictures. Please share how you make that magic happen!

  2. can you be any stinkin' cuter?!?!?! just found your blog from WIWW. i def like the flats with your ikat shirt too ;-) and how do you find all of these cute bags at garage sales?!
    lol...happy wednesday!

    1. Thanks Manda! I have uncanny luck at garage sales- I can't explain it. I do buy a lot of vintage carry-ons which make great large purses.
      Your blog is adorable. I'm dying for a head wrap now from Grace and Lace.

  3. I love the bag in the last photo and really great pictures from your 3 year old.

  4. Your 3 year old is taking the pictures......great shots!
    Love your bag in the last photo.

  5. great looks!
    loving the laid back look in American Eagle and you Toms

    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    xo Jessica

  6. Great outfits! I think I like the red jeans with the flats look, although both looks are cute. ;)

  7. I have the same Old Navy blue striped top! Following back! :)

  8. Love that Hawaii bag,it's so fu. I am also loving your outfit with the denim top. Such cute style, and your hair is adorable! I am hopping over from wiww, although I didn't likup this week. :)

  9. Wow you really find some amazing garage sale pieces. Everything I love is from a garage sale. That bag in the last outfit is amazing! Such a treasure! Love all these looks! Popping over from the Pleated Poppy.

  10. Does it surprise you that I have the same chambray shirt from AE? :) (Mine's the more faded one though.) Love the WIWW. I might have to take a break from showcasing eats and post some clothing pics instead!

  11. Love your monochromatic blues in the first look. Adorable!!!

  12. I would wear each and every look! LOVE the color combo in the first outfit. Thanks for being a part of Monday Mingle!

  13. Lovely outfits, you have great style! Dropped by via Monday Mingle :)

  14. loving your style lady! popping by from Monday Mingle!
    happy I found your cute little blog

  15. LOVE it all, but if I had to choose favorites, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the garage sale clutch, and the Hawaii Airlines vintage bag! LOVE it! Found you on Monday Mingle!

    Let's follow each other!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  16. Love your outfits. You are so pretty! xo

    Happy Wednesday!


  17. I love the first outfit most, especially the color combo - which I find perfect for summer.


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