OLM Fall Beauty Favorites- Eyeshadow, Nail Color and More

Now that Fall is finally here I am so excited to share all of my must have beauty items for the season!  I've recently added some darker lip colors to my routine and have had so many questions about them that I knew I had to share. Today I am sharing all my favorites from my go-to self tanner, to the best nail colors for the season, to the absolute best eye shadow palettes. Stay tuned soon for a tutorial with some of these items so be sure to grab yours so you can follow along with me!

Autumn Reverie: Nickel & Suede Fall Releases

Happy Friday! It really is a good one today! The second wave of our Fall releases arrives at Nickel & Suede today- and it's so good guys---- so good!!! If you've been hoping for any other colors or textures or shapes from us this Fall, I can nearly guarantee we've covered it in today's batch of new releases. We have more jewel tones, a new statement earring, a new Luna, new studs AND a FREE gift with purchase! Today through Sunday if you spend $50 you will receive Mulberry, one of our prettiest new releases) for free! You can see our promotions page for details, but this is one weekend you do not want to miss!
Mulberry (FREE with $50 purchase this weekend!) 

40+ Questions Answered- Botox, Golden Goose shoes, Meal Planning and More

Happy Wednesday! It's been a while since I did a fun and random post full of reader questions so today is the day. I often get questions on stories and I'm happy to shoot off an answer but every so often I like to file things away here on the blog too. I don't take for granted how amazing it is that you guys ask for my recommendations and I sure appreciate you contributing and sending me your recs as well!

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Weekly Recap and Weekend Sales Happening Now

Happy Friday! I've been surviving the week on DayQuil and Airborne so be thankful that germs don't spread through screens. Hopefully the weekend will lend itself to a little bit of resting and recuperating and no one else gets what I've got. I'm sure you've noticed that as I've been working more this Fall I've been styling more work wear outfits and I hope it's been helpful. The feedback I was getting was that you all wanted more of those types of outfits so let me know if that is still the case. Things are feeling very Fall here in Kansas City so I'll be in sweats all weekend, but get ready for more layers and more jackets and more boots to come!

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