Hi, I'm Kilee. I am a wife, momma, business owner, trend spotter, crafter, designer, and DIY-er living outside of Kansas City, MO. I live with my hubby of 8 years and our three amazing little boys Easton (5), Kesler (3), and Knox (1). My husband and I are recently self employed running two small businesses, ONE little BELT and NICKEL & SUEDE.

ONE little MOMMA is our family's real life and my outlet to share and teach the things I love to do.  I love to share my unique momma style, fresh DIY projects for the home and your closet, and honest, personal stories about life as a woman and a mom. You'll also hear the latest news and updates about Nickel & Suede and ONE little BELT as we share that part of our lives here too!

More about us...

I grew up in Kansas City, then went to college in Utah, where I met my future husband, Soren (great story for another day). We got married, and I graduated with a degree in Nutritional Science. We found out soon after I graduated that we were pregnant with our first little guy (Easton). That scrapped my plans of a Master's degree in Dietetics AND turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to us!

We lived in Seattle for 2.5 years after college, and it wasn't ever the right fit for us. We wanted to love it, but the darkness and being away from all family and friends was really hard on me. The bright part was that we became parents twice in that time. When Easton was 17 months, Baby #2 (Kesler) was born, and we started seriously looking at moving closer to family. By divine intervention, we found a great job and a perfect house. We moved 10 minutes away from my family before Kesler turned 2 months. We have lived in Liberty, Missouri since January 2011, and it has been wonderful for us. We welcomed our third little guy, Knox, in 2013.

How our businesses were born...

In 2009 we started our first small business, ONE little BELT. We handmake and sell the highest quality, real leather belts for babies and toddlers. Read more about the beginning of ONE little BELT here.

In June 2014, we launched our second business- NICKEL & SUEDE, a line of unique women's accessories. We are so excited about this new business and you can read more about that story here.

Things that make me ME...

I am extremely observant, and I have an eye for just the right look.
I can read at lightning speed.
I'm only a perfectionist when it comes to color.
I have a hard time showing a lot of strong emotion, but I'm actually pretty feisty and opinionated.
I never close anything all the way, especially lids; I have ruined binders, backpacks, and purses my whole life with a leaky beverage lid.
My favorite color is green.
I hate getting ready for bed with a passion and have been known to skip the process entirely if my hubby isn't looking.
I am easily embarrassed and am typically terrified to answer the phone.
I am a NOT a swimmer. Never learned; the water gets up my nose every time.
I do not eat fruit desserts unless it is a pie. Dessert needs to have some weight to be worth my time.
I am formerly a runner with a marathon, a half-marathon, and other races under my belt.
My greatest joy comes from seeing my kids laugh together.
I love anything fuzzy and soft.
My favorite scents are coconut or honeydew melon.
I love to vacuum and hate to do dishes. Yep, there are dirty ones in the sink right now.
J. Crew has been, is currently, and always will be my favorite.
I have a passion for shopping old people's garage sales and thrift stores.
Number one on my bucket list is to see baby sea turtles hatch on the beach anywhere in the world.
I love my kids more than anything and strive to always make them feel loved.

Have any questions? Want to know more? Feel free to shoot me an email!
kilee at onelittlemomma dot com


  1. I really enjoyed your "about me" page. I too do not like doing dishes and do not like answering the phone...I have a horrible time leaving voicemails for people!!!

  2. just stopped by while viewing what i wore wed. typing with one fuzzy cat in's funny, though you are much younger, we're somewhat alike....i can't swim either, but never admit it, hate being under water. i look forward to following your blog. i don't blog, but hope to in future. i do love seeing the fashions and making new friends.

  3. Hey there! We lived in liberty for several years as well. Huh, small world! We moved about an hour north of KC to a small town where we grew up. Lovin your blog!

    1. That is such a small world! We love living in Liberty again!

  4. Too funny- I commented earlier on your cute outfits- then decided to read your about you section- and it turns out I am also from Kansas City, but I now live in Seattle (been here 12 years). What a small world! The gray skies are a bit much- nothing like the amazing blue ones you get in KC! But if you can get through the winter- the summers here are to die for!

    Anyhow- just thought I'd share the KC/ Seattle connection!

    1. We did like Seattle, but the gray skies were just too much! The summers are dreamy and I'd love to go back to visit. Funny that we traded spaces!

  5. So I was reading our blog and noticed the belts. I was in Michaels one day and commented on the belt your son had on and had no idea it was you until i read you live in Liberty, I live in liberty and we were at michaels when you there. I thought you looked familiar! LOve all your outfits and what cute boys you have. Love your blog. I liked you facebook and yoiur new follower.

  6. I just found your page.
    A. I live in KC
    B. Your list seemed to describe me to a T (with the exception of the fashion thing and that's why I'm glad I found your blog!)
    C. I LOVE to vacuum, too! I think it's the instant gratification thing for me. My kids think I'm nuts!

    Nice to meet you!!

  7. Loved getting the chance to read this. I can tell you have an eye for fashion because your look- clothes, hair, everything always looks spot on! Your family is adorable and I love following along :)

  8. Saw a picture of you in a pig sweater on pinterest and I thought, "she has GOT to be LDS." You sure are. Love it.

  9. Just found your blog via and I love it! You and your family sounds so cute! Thanks for the about page and letting me get to know you better.

  10. Found your blog through The Pleated Poppy's blog and LOVE your sense of style. I shouldn't have been surprised, (so many awesome people are from Kansas City) but still was when I read that you were from the Kansas City area (we live in Shawnee). Your blog is now 1 of only 4 that I follow. Keep it coming, I love it! BTW - you are probably my newest style hero. :)

  11. Hello! I just discovered your blog through instagram and love! All clothing you're wearing is gorgeous! I write from Spain and I'll follow every day. A beautiful kiss!

  12. Hi Kilee!

    I enjoy all your posts and fashion style! I was reading up on Mormonism and found this article really interesting-you should give it a read when you have some time! (Like that ever happens) :)

  13. Hi Kilee ! So funny -- I live in St Joe MO :) Small world. I've been obsessing over your hair and clothes for so long .. gosh! You are stunning and so is your family! Many blessings to you all!

  14. I love the way you explain yourself. Seems like you know who you are and that is very important. Thanks for sharing.
    Lindy Todd
    The Woman's

  15. Just discovered your blog and I LOVE it! You and your family are beautiful and I love all the good tips! I am on a quest to learn a little about style as mine is going through a lot of changes with the arrival of our first sweet baby in about a month and my change to being a stay at home mom. Thank you for putting the work into a great blog!

  16. LOVE the ombre tutorial! Well actually I love all your tutorials!! I want to send you some new product that I just became a presenter for. Would you be interested in reviewing it for me?

  17. Just found your blog and your family is adorable and your style and ideas are amazing. I too am a runner and have three boys, and two girls. There are a lot of things it seems we have in common, but just wanted to let you know I look forward to your future posts and inspiration!

  18. I came to your website from Pinterest because you have some cute maternity outfit ideas, but I cannot find anything like what you wore, nor can I find any outfit information on what you are wearing. I wish you had more help for me with this.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that. Was there a specific outfit I can help you with. My blog was much newer when I was pregnant so the information is definitely not as clear or up to date as my current posts. Feel free to email me with questions.

  19. I too have just discovered your blog (yesterday) and have already got my hair cut like yours! Love it, love your style sense, your N&S website is beautiful and so are the products you make, I wish you the best of luck.

  20. Hello! I found you through the KC Blogger Meet Up page. I live in Overland Park, and am happy to have stumbled across your blog! Can't wait to explore it some more. You can find me @ I also have a new kindergartner, and my kids are 15 months apart! Adorable family!

  21. Hello! I know you don't really answer many of the comments here, but I wanted to know which size of earrings you're wearing in the main blog picture top right? Thanks.

    1. Hi, I always wear the size large. They are the size pictured! Hope that helps!


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