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SHOES // JEANS // TEE // VEST (sold out) // SUNNIES

Well, this is the last Everyday Style post of 2016. It's been an eventful year for us and I can't imagine what next year holds! The year 2016 has brought so many changes to my blog, social media and Nickel and Suede. And it's been so good!

This year I have blogged less, but I've tried to share my heart more. Its been a big balancing act of how to work, be a mom and fit in blogging as well. But I love it all and I'm so thankful to have so many good things I can spend my time on. This next year I plan to continue to focus on quality over quantity and get some consistency in my work schedule. Heaven knows I need more consistency! My blog will always be home base, but I've been exploring how to use each of my social media channels in the best and more unique ways. I'll continue to share outfits and sales and shopping tips more over on the One Little Momma Blog FB page. If you don't want to sign up for you can almost always find direct links to items I wear over on my Facebook page. This year I've also enjoyed doing tutorials on FB Live and I'd like to do more of those! Instagram has changed a lot this year for everyone and for me it has become a bit of a mini-blog where I share daily outfits, sales and my kiddos. I also started sharing hair and makeup videos there and those have been really fun! And  recently I've been trying out using IG Stories to share more behind the scenes, real life stuff we are doing day to day. Phew- that's a lot of sharing right?!

Thank you for all of your support, your comments, your emails and your prayers. I'm so thankful to do what I love to do and I hope I can continue to use that as a force for good. All I can do is wonder at how far this blog and our business have come and pray to keep moving forward next year. Happy New Year's! Have a wonderful holiday!


The Best of the Half Yearly Sale


I hope you had a wonderful Christmas yesterday and that you get to take a break today as well! I shared much of our Christmas on my Instastory, but I hope to share a little more about it on the blog this week. Spoiler alert- Soren LOVED his gift and I won Christmas! We're heading rock climbing with my brothers today at an indoor gym, but I wanted to get a quick post up about Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale. Many of my wardrobe staples are from Nordstrom- so when they go on sale I try to let you all know! Today my favorite leggings are back on sale (I got another pair for Christmas because I love them so much) as well as some cute sneakers and my favorite cognac ankle boots. I also got this makeup palette for Christmas and it happens to be on sale today too! Sizes are going really fast so scoop something up if you see it!


Merry Christmas!


My Outfit:  SHIRT // VEST (old Forever 21) // JEANS // SOCKS // BOOTS // EARRINGS 
PC: Anchor and Spire Photography

Merry Christmas from the Nickels Family! We've been so blessed this year in so many ways. It's been a busy year that I swear went by so quickly that I hardly remember it. I'm thankful to celebrate Christmas, the birth of our Savior on a Sunday- His day - this year. We'll definitely be opening gifts and eating yummy food and enjoying family, but we'll also be at church and worshiping Him. I am so thankful for Jesus Christ in my life and the Light that He is to the world. I don't know where I would be without him.  


New Year's Eve Options for Going Out or Staying In


 SHIRT (get it in time for Christmas!) // SKIRT // SHOES // CUFF // EARRINGS // SUNNIES

I don't know about you, but after the craziness of Christmas, I'm beat by the time New Year's Eve rolls around. I do love to get dressed up, but I prefer a date night out on a different evening rather than a party. Soren and I are usually homebodies after Christmassomething about lots of work and customer interactions. :) So we stay in. We usually do a little NYE party at my parents with treats, games, and crafts. One of our favorite crafts is to decorate party hats, and it can get pretty involved! One year Soren made a full headdress! We also always turn the clock ahead a few hours and ring in the new year at about 10:00 p.m.or sooner. It's low key, but we enjoy it.

However, I'm all about styling for the holidays, and this outfit was a fun one to put together. If you have anything fun planned for New Year's Eve, sparkles are a must in my book. This sparkle skirt is so affordable, and I love that it mixes black, gold, and silver. And it's stretchy enough that it feels like leggings! I paired it with a classic white button up and my favorite nude heels for an almost elegant NYE outfit. You can still order this top, skirt, and the shoes in time for Christmas Eve and definitely in time for New Year's. I've linked more sparkly options for going out below.

And if you are staying in, sparkles are pretty much required there too. I still love these sneaks for a comfy, casual NYE. This bomber jacket is AMAZING, and this tee is perfect with sequined sleeves. I've linked more casual NYE options below!


Red Shoes and Top Knots


TOP (UPDATE: this exact top just sold out, but I found a similar option here, here and here)

We're down to the last few days before Christmas, and I'm so excited! This year I have all of my Christmas shopping already done, and thanks to my mother-in-law, almost all of my wrapping is done too. Usually I'm runningI mean, Santa is runningto Target on Christmas Eve to get stocking stuffers from the bins that have been completely picked over, and then I spend the rest of the night wrapping. But not this year!

Also this year I think I FINALLY found something for Soren that will surprise him! So far he doesn't know about it, which is a win, and another win is that I think I picked something he won't return! He is the most impossible person to buy for, besides myself :). Usually he likes what I get him, but it's never quite right, so he ends up returning it and upgrading to the exact specifications he wants. But this year I tried really hard, and I think I bought the exact right thing. Knock on wood. It only took texting with his best friend, chatting with an expert on some obscure website, and spending as much I think Soren would spend to get something that is quality. I also had to delete those texts off of my phone, hide emails, and sneak around to avoid his possible snooping on my phone. On the off chance that he actually catches up on reading my blog this week, I'll have to share the gift itself with you later, but wish me luck!

This outfit is my current favorite for Christmas Eve or a date night out with Soren this weekas long as the snow we got yesterday thaws out. I love the mock neck on this black lace top from Nordstrom, plus black lace can be styled in so many ways, even post holidays. I paired it with this pair of distressed denim because I love pairing edgy rips with something feminine like lace. It's unexpected and adds interest to an otherwise predictable outfit . But it's the red shoes and this double topknot up-do that really take the outfit up to festive level. 

Have a great week and good luck with the last of your holiday prep!

** Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. As always, all outfits, opinions, and thoughts are my own!

How To Patch Holes in Distressed Denim


I've had a love affair with ripped jeans for years. I love the toughness and the edge they can add to an outfit and I've been know to chop up, slice or rip many a pair of jeans. But every once and a while I'll come across a pair of distressed jeans that I LOVE, but the gaping holes just go too high up on the thigh. I love a gaping knee hole, but mild distressing on the upper leg is what I prefer. So what to do if you already own a pair with a big hole? Or what to do about these amazing boyfriend jeans from BLANKNYC that also have a thigh hole? It's easy. In today's tutorial I'll show you how I patch my overly distressed jeans in just a few steps- and with only two supplies! 

Materials Needed: Distressed Jeans (These are the specific ones I used.)
Old pair of jeans in a similar color
Fabric glue- Liquid Stitch

1. Identify the holes. The knee holes in these are perfect, but that thigh hole is a problem.

2. Find a pair of jeans you are willing to cut up. This might mean turning a pair of your or your kids' jeans into cut-offs or finding an old pair in your donate pile.

3. You'll want the scrap of denim that you find to be similar to the wash of the jeans you are patching. As you can see above the denim scrap I grabbed is not a perfect match, but its very similar. 

4.  I likethe backside of the denim patch to be what shows through the hole. It's usually slightly lighter and the denim details are muted. It seems to blend in better.

5. Flip the jeans inside out. Cut your patch to fit the entire hole.

6. Grab your Liquid Stitch and start spreading glue. I cut my patch to cover the entire hole, but I'm not applying glue to any of the distressed area. The glue only goes on the fabric that hasn't been shredded.

7. Place the patch on the glue. Make sure the corners are glued as well. 

8. Turn the pants right side out and dab glue on any areas around the inside of the hole that didn't get enough glue. I can still fit my fingers between the patch and those distressed strings. That makes the patch blend in more. You don't want all of the shredded strings to be stiff and stuck. 

9. Allow the glue to dry and you are done! This patch WILL hold up to the washer and the dryer. This glue has held up really well for me, but if any part of it ever starts to come apart just dab on a little more glue and you will be good to go!

Like I said, I do love distressed denim so don't go patching ALL of the holes. But now you don't have to stress out if you do need to fill in a hole or two. I bought my fabric glue at Walmart and now that I have it on hand patching jeans is just a five minute project. Let me know if you have any questions and happy patching! 

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