ONE little MOMMA: November 2016

Always Late? Guilty.


Photo credit: Sarah Sweeney

You know the feeling of showing up early, being totally prepared and ready to give 100%?

Yeah, me either. Especially lately. Over the past few months, I think I have been better than ever at solidifying my reputation for being late, dropping the ball, or apologizing my way out of something I forgot. Every email I reply to starts with "I'm sorry for the delay," and no one expects me to arrive any time but late. It's tough. And I've been struggling with a lot of guilt in that area.

I feel bad for making other people wait. I hate being a flake and unreliable. I don't like doing a poor job.

The thing is that I'm busy. But I know everyone else is busy too. So my busy-ness isn't a good excuse for my lateness. But there are only so many things that can take first priority in my life. I can get anywhere on time if that is the priority that day, but the 30 other priorities that came earlier in the day make it impossible for me to consistently be on time. I mean, I can get Easton to basketball practice on time once, but every week? Probably not!

Part of me is realizing that I am over-scheduled, and this might be a season of life where I can't help itand one where I need to learn to say no. I hate disappointing people, so saying no is tough for me. But it always comes back to bite me when I REALLY disappoint someone in the long term by dropping the ball later when it really matters. Which happens.

I'm sure this isn't a problem that only I have, because everyone I know is really busy. There are so many good ways to spend our time, and the challenge is to discern where spending our time and energy will make the biggest difference. I know I fall prey to comparing where I put my priorities to where someone else has theirs. If I don't prioritize getting to a meeting on time as much as someone else, I end up comparing my lateness to their early arrival and feeling crummy. I know that if I compare my failings to someone else's strengths, it's always a losing game, but I haven't ever considered the danger in comparing priorities. Sometimes it's really priorities that we compare and not abilities. I could do really well at a lot of things, but where I put my energy shows what is most important to me. And it's the same for everyone else.

So I think I need to keep looking for places to say no upfront and then practice doing it. Take the discomfort for the few seconds it takes to say, "I'm sorry, but I can't right now." And I also need to stop myself from comparing. I have got to remember that each of us has our own priorities. My priorities are where my strengths will show, and other people's priorities are where theirs will come out. If I want to do better at something, it will only come by bumping it up to one of the coveted first few priority slots. And if it can't fit in there, I need to let the guilt go. There's nothing more I can do.

I'd love to hear how you find ways to say no. How do you either fix or get over the discouragement that comes with being late or being the weak link?

Pre-Holiday Planning

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 JACKET (similar) // TEE (on sale!) // JEANS // SNEAKS // SUNNIES (on sale!) // EARRINGS (on sale!)

Hey, hey, Monday after a long weekend. Let me tell youI was not prepared for today. I got up early with good intentions, and then Abercrombie sucked me into their Cyber Monday sale, and next thing I knew it was time to get kids on the bus. And my blog posts weren't done, and the house was a wreck, and the N&S site wasn't updated. Yikes. Suddenly half my day is gone.

Anyways. It think I'm still in a leftover haze from eating Thanksgiving food and having my brain going in so many different directions. Work, Christmas shopping, regrouping after the holiday, and then taking care of kiddos. Tell me I'm not alone?!?

I think my best weapon this week will be guarding my time. And that takes a lot of discipline. As I consider what that looks like for me, I think it will mean less time browsing on my phone or the computer, being deliberate about time when Baker is napping or in the early mornings and evenings, and also sticking to my list. There are SO many distractions this time of year, and I need to be careful about where my energy goes. I also need to stick to my top priorities that shouldn't ever change regardless of the season, like personal study, family prayers, reading books at bedtime, and maybe even eating fruits and vegetables. ;)

What do you do to minimize the stress and distractions this time of year?

PS- Nickel & Suede is having a sale on all apparel- like this gray tee I'm wearing- and select earrings, today only. Head over there if you've been eyeing a camo tee or one of our graphic tees.

Cyber Monday

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There are so many sales going on this weekend and I've tried to refrain from posting about most of them. Basically everything you've had your eye on all year is on sale somewhere right now. BUT I have to share the sales that I'm shopping and that was J Crew on Friday (that sale is still going strong) and today it's Abercrombie and Fitch. I've heard buzzing about A&F recently reinventing their brand and hadn't made a point to revisit them. But today they have 50% off of everything, put free shipping. So I hopped on their site as I was browsing the Cyber Monday deals and holy cow, have they reinvented. Gone are the sexy and risque images. They've replaced the skimpy clothes with so many perfectly on trend, modern and appropriate clothing. I really had to narrow my cart down. I've rounded up my favorites below and I think you'll be as surprised as I was as you see what they have to offer. It's good. Really good. Scroll down to see my A&F picks as well as links to the rest of the sales today!

And because I love easy lists like these, here are the rest of today's deals in a nutshell. Happy Monday, happy shopping!

Abercrombie & Fitch // Entire Store 50% Off – Online Only! *Free Shipping on all orders 

ASOS //  20% off sitewide
Banana Republic // 50% off 5 regular-priced items sitewide
BaubleBar //  up to 35% off with code SAVE35
Chicwish // 25% off Sitewide
Express // 50% off everything In Store and Sitewide + Free Shipping 

GAP // 50% off everything

H&M  // 30% off $100+ with code: 8284 / 25% off $50+ with code: 0275 / 20% off $50+ with code 5144 

J Crew  // 40% off with code: MONDAY

Madewell // 25% off purchase 


Nordstrom // Take an extra 20% off selected sale items

Old Navy- 50% off most items

Sole Society // 30% off everything
Steve Madden // 30% off + 30% off clearance
Sorel- // 25% off plus free shipping

T3 // 25% off Sitewide

Black Friday Sales Alerts

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It's Black Friday! Most of the deals that you used to be able to only get in-store are now online too! I've rounded up the details on many of the stores you and I shop, including Nickel & Suede. ;)

Nickel & Suede - The first 100 orders over $100 will receive a $25 N&S credit to spend after 11/25/16.

ASOS //  30% off Sitewide and In Store 
Banana Republic // 50% off 5 regular-priced items sitewide
BaubleBar // 30% off purchases 
Chicwish // 25% off Sitewide
Express // 50% off everything In Store and Sitewide + Free Shipping 

GAP // 50% off everything


Madewell // 25% off purchase 


Minted // 15% off no minimum, 20% off $150+ on holiday
DATE: 11/23-11/27
CODE: BF2016
// 20% off $150+ on holiday, wedding, and all gifts 
DATE: 11/23-11/28 
CODE: BF2017
Nordstrom // Take an extra 20% off selected sale items

Old Navy- 50% off most items

Sole Society // 30% off all footwear, select bags, and accessories
Steve Madden // 30% off + 30% off clearance
Sorel- // 25% off plus free shipping

T3 // 25% off Sitewide
Urban Outfitters // Buy one get one 50% Off ALL apparel
Happy shopping! I'll keep posting deals as I find them on my FB page- so come follow along over there for real-time picks!

J Crew For You- 40% off


The sales are starting, but the sale everyone is buzzing about right now is at J. Crew. They are offering 40% off of almost their entire site right now and sizes are going quickly. If you have a turkey cooking and time to shop from your phone, I'd recommend ordering early. I skimmed the site this morning and found my top picks for you below. Now to go finish checking out for myself!

Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping!

The Start of a Great Week


And just like that, it's Thanksgiving week! The temps have finally dropped and just in the knick of time. Here in Kansas City we have all been pretending to need boots and sweaters for the last few weeks, but really we've just been sweating a lot. As of a few days ago we could finally wear over the knee boots (these ones are on sale!) and flannels and be totally justified.

 I know I'm not alone when I say how much I love this week. The food, the smells, the fact that Christmas music is acceptable. The sales! It's really the perfect combination.

I'm not going to lie, Thanksgiving dinner has been on my mind for days now. It's basically all of my favorite foods in one meal. Yesterday I chatted with my Mom about what I'm cooking and what she is cooking for our big family meal. This year I decided to take on making more of dishes because it's the only way to secure enough leftovers at our house. There's nothing worse than waking up to no leftovers on the day after Thanksgiving. Thankfully we have grocery delivery in our area so this morning I got up early and got my order in. Sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie here I come!

 It's also the first real week of the holidays and all things Christmas are basically acceptable. I'm burning my evergreen candles this week and over the weekend I bought and hung my fresh pine wreath on the front door. I typically like to pull out Christmas decor and put up a tree this week too- but the more kids we have and the more work I have, the less and less likely I am to dig out the decor box. Hopefully we can make it out to the Christmas tree farm this weekend and get the decorating done early. 

As I'm sure you are aware, the sales have already started for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and holiday shopping in general. I've been scoping them out and found a few of my wardrobe staples on sale right now. This plaid top is one of my favorites for the holidays and is on sale right now (I have an XS). My favorite cognac booties are also 20% and these gorgeous block heeled pumps are less than $50 right now. I have them in nude, but I LOVE the wine color! And then there is this black sweater. It's my go-to basic sweater and is less than $40 in several colors. 

Happy Monday and happy start of a great short week!

Everyday Style Late Fall

SWEATER // JEANS // SHOES // BAG // EARRINGS (on sale all month!)


SHIRT (similar) // TEE // JEANS // SHOES // BAG





Happy Saturday! I hope your weekend has been going better than ours. We've all slowly succumbed to a 24 hour stomach bug. And it's been sort of the worst. Usually Kesler and I get the most sick, but this time it was Soren, my MIL and Kesler. I've been under the weather but still managing to take care of everyone. Knock on wood. 

So we're just taking it easy today. The boys are crafting with felt and hot glue (?) and I think naps are in order. That being said, our holiday sale is still going strong so as soon as Soren felt like himself for a minute he headed into work to help with production and shipping. I'm so thankful to be able to stay home with the babies while he and our team get things done. Its going to a busy next few weeks at work to say the least.

Have a good one and stay healthy!

Hey, It's Almost the Holidays


PC: Sarah Sweeney
It's November 18, and it's a big day for our family! First, today is Soren's birthday. He's turning one year older, and we're excited to celebrate him. He is such a great dad, husband, business partner, and example. He's one of the smartest men I know, and I've learned so much from him. You really can't help but learn when you're around him! He and I actually celebrated on Wednesday night because we knew this weekend would be busy. We took advantage of his mom still being in town and went to a Wednesday night movie. I can't remember the last time we saw a movie without at least a baby in tow! One of his favorite movies is Jack Reacher, so it was an extra special birthday date to be able to see the new Jack Reacher movie. We both loved it and enjoyed the chance to veg together without thinking or talking about work.

The second reason today is such a big day is that it marks the start of Nickel & Suede's biggest sale of the year! Today through Sunday, all earrings are 20% off onlinethat NEVER happens! This is our "Black Friday" sale; we won't be offering a bigger sale or a better time to buy until Christmas! This sale really kicks off the holiday season for us, and we'll be shipping all day every day starting now. :) We've been training all year for this, right? 

Not only is our big sale this weekend, but we also published our first Nickel & Suede video this week! It was a lot of fun to put this holiday video together, and I've been dying to share it. You can see the whole thing here. We have a few other videos in the works, and I can't wait to share those ones either. Trying new things, like creating video content, is always so much more work and stress than I originally expect, but the rewards and results always balance that out in the end. I love seeing new projects come together, and I especially love the growth and the confidence boost that comes from hard work paying off. 
I'm really thankful that we've been able to hire so much holiday help this year so that I won't have to be shipping every holiday order out the door this season. Last year Soren and I shipped orders all night every night, in the middle of having a newborn, and anything will be better than that stress! Because of the extra help, I SHOULD be more available to blog and work on social media, but we all know how crazy this season is for everyone. I know I'll have some holiday outfits coming your way soon, and I'll try to get a few gift ideas together too. If you have anything you'd especially like help with over the next few weeks, let me know! Have a great weekend!