Overall Amazing


TEE- Splendid // Overalls- Old Navy // BOOTS- Nordstrom // BAG- Toms // EARRINGS- N&S Natural/Nude // NECKLACE- Bip & Bop // SUNNIES- Ray Ban 

So it took me a long time to get on the overall trend. I liked them on other people and kept intending to try them out, but then I got pregnant. And sometimes pregnancy isn't the best time to try out a new trend. So I waited. 

After I had Baker, I decided to try a romper- another new piece for me. And I liked it! Even though you have to get halfway undressed to go to the bathroom and even though my baby is the only other person I know in real life that wears rompers, I still liked it. 

And that is when I realized I could do overalls. Overalls feel a lot like a romper and there are so many cool pairs out there right now. Unlike the overalls of 20 years ago, today's overalls are slim fitting and much more flattering. This pair is distressed, cuffed and fit really cute. I've also got my eye on a darker pair and the long flared overalls that are popping up in a few places. 

As seen last week, you can definitely layer with overalls. A jacket or a big cardigan can create some interesting outfits, but my husband says that is when you lose the cuteness. He really likes my overalls as long as I'm wearing a fitted tee under them. Which is definitely my first recommendation as how to wear them. Pair them with any kind of fitted tee- striped, graphic, long sleeve or short sleeve. You can wear them with ankle boots, sneakers, wedges, espadrilles or plenty of other shoe options.

If you are very thin or very fashion forward, then try wearing overalls with more interesting options like a sweater or button up shirt underneath and runners or heels as your shoe choice. You can really dress this denim up or down and go really conservative or really trendy. It's up to you. But don't be afraid to try them. These babies will really mix up your wardrobe and add an element of fun you didn't know was missing from your closet. ;)


Gray Duster


CARDIGAN- Old Navy // TEE- H&M // DENIM- Target // SHOES- H&M // CLUTCH- Sole Society // EARRINGS- N&S Luxe Linen large 
Photo credit- Sarah Sweeney
Happy Friday! It's been a crazy week here for us with Spring Break and a lot of things in the works for Nickel & Suede. I decided to make the kids the focus this week and to try to do something fun each day. We've done that, but the laundry, blogging, and homemade meals have fall to the wayside. It's hard for me to let go of those things, but sometimes I just have to. It's part of this time of life. I told Soren that I'm sure the kids won't remember the mess, unless I'm a mess about it all. As long as I can keep myself from marching around, throwing fits about the piles of laundry, the crumbly floor and the hot mess house, we'll be okay. Now to actually implement that! 
I did guest post about teaching your kids to be good siblings over on Molly's blog this week- so if you were missing my musings this week, head over and show that post some love. ;)
What else, what else...?
If you are local, next week we'll be having a N&S Open House at the HMK store on the Plaza. You can now find our earrings in their store and we'll be there April 2 in the afternoon for a pop-up shop.
These shoes arrived this week and I can't say how much I love them. They are a little higher priced than my typical Spring shoe purchase, but as my friend Allie said, "They are worth every penny." The stacked heel, the lace up detail, and the neutral taupe color makes them wearable for every occasion. 
We're off to a movie this morning so over and out. Have a great Easter weekend!


Layering with Overalls


JACKET- Nordstrom // OVERALLS- Old Navy // TEE- Downeast Basics // SHOES- Free People // SUNNIES- Ray Ban // EARRINGS- N&S London Tan
Photo credit- Sarah Sweeney
Happy Monday! It's a chilly Spring break here in Kansas City. Easton is out of school all week and things are always busier and messier with all four kids at home all week. I'm hoping to do at least one fun thing each day to try and make the most of the week. Today we played with friends in the morning, grabbed Happy Meals for lunch (a rare treat around here!) and then we currently have another friend over for the afternoon. Other ideas for the week include going to the aquarium, seeing Zootopia, camping out in the backyard and possibly going skating. I'm a little wiped just thinking about it all! 
Hopefully we get some warmer days, my cold disappears for good and I find a minute or two do get some work done this week! Do you have fun upcoming Spring break plans? 


Everyday Style- March


SWEATER- Stitch Fix // LEGGINGS- Zella // HAT- Nordstrom (similar) // BOOTS- Frye

SWEATER- Nordstrom // JEANS- Articles of Society // SHOES- Converse

BLOUSE- Chicwish // SKIRT- GAP // SHOES- Forever 21 // CLUTCH- Sole Society // EARRINGS- N&S Sassy Brassy

SWEATER- Nordstrom (sold out) // FLARES- Articles of Society (similar) // EARRINGS- N&S London Tan Cut Outs

CARDIGAN- Target // SKIRT- GAP // SHOES- thrifted (similar) // CLUTCH- Sole Society // NECKLACE- Kendra Scott // EARRINGS- N&S Black Cut-Out 

SHIRT- H&M // TEE- Nordstrom // JEANS- Articles of Society // SHOES- Vans // SUNNIES- Ray Ban

SWEATER- H&M // JEANS- H&M // SHOES- Nordstrom // BAG- Target // EARRINGS- London Tan Cut Out large

Wouldn't you know that as soon as the weather starts warming up that I come down with a cold? Things have been so busy this week with work that I've not gotten enough sleep and I got hit with a head cold. Thankfully no one else has it yet and I'm praying it stays that way! Today I've just got a quick recap of Everyday Style outfits from Instagram for you. I'm hoping to grab a nap today and that all of the Vitamin C I'm downing will kick this cold out the door. Have a great Friday and stay healthy!


A New Tool for My Mommy Toolbox- the Oto







Photo credit- Sarah Sweeney
As a mom I hate when my kids get sick. I really do. But I also hate making doctor's appointments and over reacting when someone doesn't feel well or gets hurt.

Soren is the one at our house that gets really worked up when someone gets a rash or a cut or a bug bite or when someone won't stop fussing when they don't feel well. He thinks I'm crazy, but I rarely flip out and I'm much more likely to pull out the Tylenol or the Cortisone cream and see how things look in a few hours. I don't like not knowing what's wrong, but I don't like to cry wolf at the doctor! So when CellScope approached me about a product they designed for moms like me, I was seriously excited.

Introducing the Oto. The Oto is a smart device that transforms your iPhone into an ear checker tool. Dream come true right?!? The Oto allows parents to capture a video of their child’s eardrum and get an immediate answer about a possible problem from a trusted pediatrician right to their phone. Instead of going to the doctor because your baby has been fussy for a few days and you think it could be an ear infection, you can first get a doctor's opinion at home. You'll know before you set an appointment whether things are serious and you may find out you don't even need to go in. You can also choose to monitor an ear infection from home to possibly avoid antibiotics.

CellScope sent me an Oto to try and although none of my kiddos were down and out this week, we did a test run of the exam and learned about the Seymour app that works with the Oto. Baker did a great job and held surprisingly still. Although when he really does have a possible ear infection I'm sure I'll need Soren to help hold him while I do the 'exam'.

​The Seymour app is the app that connects you with their network of board certified pediatricians. Seymour allows parents to share an ear video captured with the Oto for an evaluation in under 2 hours. You can also ask Seymour’s doctor network about nonear related concerns (skin rash, allergies, diaper rash, warts, pinkeye.) Living in Missouri we have a lot of bugs and irritating plants so rashes and bites are a real thing at our house, especially in the Summer.

The app was really easy to use. You just create a profile for your kiddo and select what concern you will be taking a picture or video of. If you are scoping the ear the app has a great guide to help you see exactly what the doctor's need to see. You can always retake the photo or video as well. The first health concern that you submit is free and then each submission afterwards is $10- which is so much cheaper than a false alarm doctor's appointment!

This device certainly isn't going to take the place of our family doctor, nor should it, but I do think it could be really helpful when time is tight (always!) and we aren't sure what is going on with one of our little guys. If your kiddo gets frequent ear infections or you are (or are married to) a big worrier, this might be just the thing to give you some peace of mind.

The app is free and the Oto is only $79. Plus you can use code ONELITTLEMOMMA to get 15% off your Oto purchase.

I'm excited to have this tool in my mom healthcare toolbox and I hope this is helpful for you too. I am constantly amazed at the technology that is out there and I love when something so smart comes my way so that I can share it with you too.


*I was compensated for this post, but my opinions and excitement are all my own.

Stitch Fix Gets Even Better


 TEE- GAP (old) // PANTS- Stitch Fix // SHOES- Stitch Fix! (Splendid) c/o // EARRINGS- N&S Silver Shell Large // WATCH- Daniel Wellington c/o

My days are different every day, but the most consistent thing is that they are busy. I'm up with my kids, getting Easton on the bus, finishing blog posts, and trying to get dressed before everyone shows up for work. Soren and I work all day in the midst of changing diapers, running errands, putting kids down for naps and play breaks. Some days it feels like we get a lot done and other days its feels like all we did was pick up the same toy 700 times. But somehow things get done and kids get taken care of and things keep moving forward. And hopefully I do it all looking semi-put together. One of the ways I do that is Stitch Fix and one of the things I love about Stitch Fix is that I customize my style profile to fit my lifestyle. I always get items that fit my mom life in some way. Sometimes they send dressier items which are great for dates or events, but mostly they send semi-casual items that are modest and work for me.

It's no secret that I love Stitch Fix and its certainly no secret that I love shoes, so today's announcement is a fun one for me! I'm so excited to share that Stitch Fix is now introducing shoes into their styling services! Stitch Fix sent me these Splendid shoes last week and I couldn't wait to start wearing them. Thankfully we've had great weather and so sandals have been in rotation at my house. Soren approved when he saw that they were real leather and I love that they have such a great lace up look. My stylist did a great job picking shoe that I'll wear all all season long, in and out of mom activities. This first pair of shoes certainly fits my life and I expect the rest to as well!

Stitch Fix is now carrying over 200 shoes styles for Spring from brands like TOMS, Dolce Vita, Seychelles and more. Sounds like you can't go wrong right? To get shoes in your next fix just go to your profile and update it to reflect your shoe size. If you love these ones then be sure to pin one of these photos to your Pinterest board for your stylist to see!

And to help you with that, today I am giving away $100 Stitch Fix credit! To enter you'll need to update your current Stitch Fix profile with your shoe preferences. If you have never tried Stitch Fix, it is free to fill out a style profile and then you are entered too! Just use the widget below to enter! The giveaway ends 3/23/16 and is open to US residents only. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*This post does contain affiliate links and I was compensated for it. However, I do my best only share things I genuinely love and we all know Stitch Fix is one of those. :)

Sweater and Sandals


SWEATER- H&M (this color is sold out, but other colors are $12.99) // PANTS- Nordstrom // CLUTCH- Sole Society // SHOES- Thrifted (similar) // CUFF- N&S // EARRINGS- N&S Signature Silver large
PC- Sarah Sweeney
Happy Monday and good morning. I'm dragging a bit with this time change stuff, but the week is looking up and I'm excited to get moving on my to-do list. I swear Daylight Savings had little to no effect on me prior to being a mom, but now that I have four littles and way less sleep, Daylight Savings is a real and impactful thing in my life. I'm already tired! Why another thing to add to the tired? I'm sure you can relate so here's hoping you and I both recover from it quickly!
We had a great weekend that involved a lot of hanging things on walls and Spring cleaning. Soren and I did make it out on a date on Friday. We just went to a local restaurant and then picked up a few things for the kid's Easter baskets. Baker came along and now that he sleeps less and less, we definitely notice our increasingly loud third wheel. He has become very vocal with squawks, hollering and a lot of what I call belly aching. Its so loud! He does giggle and smile up a storm too so we're generally pretty happy to have him around. 
Last week I bought a bunch of decor for the kids' bedroom from Target's Pillowfort line and after a thorough cleaning of their room on Saturday we convinced Dad to put it all up.We went with a shark/pirate theme. I asked Kesler and Easton to paint/draw a shark or an anchor and then we framed them for a cute gallery wall. I just love it! Their room by no means 'done', but it looks much better now and it feels like a cute space for them.  Once we move N&S out of our house and into our new space we'll finally have space to have a playroom downstairs. And when that glorious day arrives I am excited to really finish the boy's room and get most of the toys into a designated space in the basement. Currently we live with a lot of extra stuff around us- like all of the kids's toys in their bedroom. It's not ideal, but it works for now. 
On Sunday I gave a talk/lesson in church about finding joy in the changing and uncertain world that we live in. I think it went well. That topic has kind of  been a theme for me in the last few years so I had a few things I could say about it. And there were also few things I learned as I prepared my thoughts. We ended Sunday visiting and sharing Oreo browines with some friends that we love to chat with. 
I hope you had a great weekend too! Don't forget that tomorrow we'll be sharing Nickel & Suede's new Spring line. You won't want to miss out!

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