Casual with Rockport


JACKET- Arcteryx // TEE- Nordstrom // PANTS- Stitch Fix // BOOTS- Rockport (more than 50% off right now!) // EARRINGS- N&S Matte Gold large // SUNNIES- Ray Ban 
Photo Credit- Sarah Sweeney

You've probably noticed me styling Rockport shoes over the last few months. I'll admit that when I was first considering working with their brand I was unsure whether their shoes would fit my style, but I've been won over by some of their new, updated styles and the comfort that they are known for. And I know they are going to last far longer than my last Target shoe purchase and I'm going to last far longer in them on a day to day basis as well. 
Right now Rockport has some great sales happening for the end of the year including an additional 25% off of sale and free shipping which make their shoes much more affordable for a window of time. The boots I'm wearing today are more than 50% off and they have been my go-to lately for Winter errands. (Yes, I did change the laces out with a red pair from Amazon.) I'm also loving these and these, and of course, my black over the knee boots are my favorite black boots right now. And for the man in your life? These and these are both really great looking and would definitely step up his wardrobe. And speaking of men, I just may be grabbing a pair or two for Soren.

NYE in Denim


SWEATER- Nordstrom // SCARF- Nordstrom // JEANS- DENIZEN® from Levi’s®  // SHOES- Steve Madden // CLUTCH- Sole Society // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede Glossy Black Accent Earrings

I’ve had so much fun this month styling holiday looks that are actually wearable and can easily be put together. Today’s look is no different. This look is all about elevating your everyday style with a few accessories.

New Year’s Eve is only a few days away and as a mom of four, my idea of a party is spending the evening with friends after the kids have gone to bed. And even though pjs would probably be acceptable to the parents I party with, I take any opportunity to dress up very seriously. A fur scarf, a pretty pair of heels and a clutch really transform my daily uniform of an oversized sweater and denim. And these aren’t just any denim, these jeans are stretchy and flattering, but they don’t stretch out. I’ve been on the hunt for new black jeans and this pair by DENIZEN® from Levi’s® jeans are just right. The Essential Stretch Shaping Modern Skinny jeans are a great length and really are shaping. And you can grab them at TARGET!

Other ideas for styling this outfit would be to wear a bright red or metallic sandal or to carry a clutch with some bling. A fur vest would also be another easy way to add some fur to your outfit, but I love the scarf as a fresh take on fur.

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Holiday Trends- Furry and Festive


SHIRT- H&M // VEST- Chicwish // PANTS- Nordstrom (only $32 on sale right now!) // SUNNIES- Ray Ban // BAG- Charlotte and Asher c/o // BOOTS- Rockport (30% off right now!) // EARRINGS- N&S Signature Gold large // CUFF- N&S Signature Gold Wide Cuff 

We're only a few days from Christmas so I had to share my most festive holiday look. This is one you can easily recreate this week as you head to a gift exchange, celebrate Christmas Eve or go to a movie on Christmas Day. Just pick your plaid and add some fur. A fur vest is the easiest choice, but a fur coat, fur clutch or a fur scarf could be subbed in as well.

I recently tried these gray jeans and fell in love as soon as I put them on. They are stretchy but don't stretch out and fit true to size. And the best part is they are on sale for only $35 right now. This brand, Articles of Society, is quickly becoming a favorite. I also tried their distressed skinny jeans and flare jeans and those also fit well for a great price!

We're wrapping up our holiday craziness for Nickel & Suede this week and I'm trying to fit in some more holiday activities in for our family before Christmas. Unfortunately sick kids have been throwing a wrench in that plan. We had to postpone our gingerbread house party last night and missed an ugly Christmas sweater party on Saturday. We did make and decorate cookies for Santa yesterday though so at least one tradition got checked off. I'm going to do my best to enjoy this week and not stress too much about the little details that do or don't get done. There has been enough stress in my life over the last seven weeks! 

What traditions are you looking forward to this week? Are you ready for Christmas yet?


Holiday Trends- A Modest AND Nursing Friendly Jumpsuit


JUMPSUIT- Loyal Hana c/o // SHOES- Old Navy (old) // EARRINGS- N&S Signature Gold large // CUFF- N&S Signature Gold Slit Cuff // BAG- H&M (similar)
Another holiday trend to try this year? The jumpsuit! I've had my eye on this trend for months, but only recently have I started seeing many modest jumpsuits available. The first jumpsuits to become popular were all sleeveless in some way, so I was really happy to find this modest jumpsuit! Not only is it modest, it is nursing friendly! Each side has a zipper for easy nursing access and I can say from experience that it works perfectly! There is the matter of how to go to the bathroom in a jumpsuit without totally undressing- and that is still the case with this one. But to me it's worth it for an evening out with my hubby or friends. Even Soren approved this look, and for someone who calls me out on weird outfits, that means a lot!
I've linked to a few more mostly modest jumpsuits below!

Life as a Family of Six


Life as a family of six. Where to begin? I've had this post in the works for a while, but the truth is that life as a family of six is busier than life as a family of five. So blogging has been tough to fit in. Who knew? These photos are from the first two weeks of Baker's life and we are coming up on seven in real time. 7 weeks! I know its cliche, but that is crazy! The time has definitely flown by, but it also feels like we've had our little Baker forever. He has definitely integrated into this family of boys and interrupted most of our previous normals. I'm now in pursuit of new normals and if you've had a baby recently you know that a new normal doesn't stay normal for long. Things are always changing and that's good and bad. 

The first few weeks with a newborn are always incredibly long because you are literally awake for all of it. Like I've been awake for seven weeks straight people. And that's just life as mom of a newborn. Okay, I've snuck in a few naps, but the reality of the other three kids and the current growth of our business has meant very little sleep. So yep. I'm guessing you can guess my emotional and mental state. C. R. A. Z. Y. and a bit of an emotional roller coaster.

But  I do so love having a new baby! Babies are the most wonderful creatures on earth and it's been so sweet to have a new tiny little thing that loves me in my arms again. Baker isn't my easiest baby, but he's a momma's boy and there is something wonderful about that. Now that he has hit six weeks things have gotten a little easier as far as fussing goes. He's more content in general and even cracks some pretty darn cute smiles. 

The boys have adjusted pretty well, but not perfectly. I tell people that before we had a baby nobody cried. Now everybody cries. And that feels true. Before we had Baker we were in a good place where everyone could take care of themselves to some degree and all of the kids seemed like 'big kids'. Since having Baker, Knox has turned back into much more of a baby- more crying, more fussing, more tantrums. And part of that is his age, but a lot of it is him figuring out where he fits in the family now. Which is understandable, but still exhausting. Kesler has always been emotional and that hasn't changed. So at almost any point in the day or evening at out house, you can count on at least one person having a meltdown- Mom and Dad included. 

Per usual after having a baby, the house has had it's ups and mostly downs. Laundry and dishes have been limping along and pizza has been a nightly favorite- but honestly that's how life would be with or without a new baby during November. We've been selling more earrings than ever and the holiday season is busy no matter if we have a baby or not. 

Overall I would say this has been my quickest recovery after having a baby. It's been a necessary blessing and I would say one of the benefits of having a fourth. The fourth kid is where I'm putting all of my parenting know-how to work. It's not easy, but it's not entirely crushing. I know how quickly time goes and that if there is a bad day or rough night, there will be a good day or a better night coming to make up for it. I wouldn't have asked for a newborn during this crazy, crazy time of life- but I wouldn't change it either. If we can survive and try to thrive through these last days of 2015, I can do anything right?! 

Thanks for keeping up with us and being so supportive. You're the best!


Holiday Trends- Buffalo Plaid


SHIRT- H&M // LEGGINGS- Zella // BOOTS- Dolce Vita // CLUTCH- Local boutique // EARRINGS- N&S Java Cut-out leather earrings large 
Photo Credit- Sarah Sweeney  

This is my second holiday look this year and although it is more casual, it still has a holiday vibe with its mix of red, plaid and a dramatic boot. The thing I love about over the knee boots is that they instantly make it look like you're trying. They take every outfit up a notch, whether it is a sweatshirt, or a dressy blouse. 

Plaid is perfect for the holidays and although it comes back every year, it doesn't get out. The buffalo plaid trend is still going strong and this year it is especially on trend to glam it up a bit. I wore this shirt on Sunday with a pencil shirt and ankle boots, but it would also look amazing mixed with more plaid, paired with sequins or layered with fur. Adding turquoise jewelry is another unexpected way to style this classic plaid in an updated way.  

I've linked to a few more of my favorite buffalo plaid items below- because there is really no wrong way to wear it!

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