How to Create a Faux Hawk- Long Pixie or Bob Tutorial


A faux hawk is one of the hairstyles that I love most about having a long pixie. It can be done with a short pixie, but you need to have a little length on top/in front to work with. This hairdo is edgy and fun, but functional too on days when you want your hair out of your face and it's too dirty for anything else. There is also no "right" way to do it. My faux hawks turn out a little different each time depending on how much my hair has grown since I last cut it or whether my hair was wavy or straight that day. However, with a few bobby pins, some back combing and basic knowledge-  you can create a great updo in no time at all. 

Supplies needed:
Dry Shampoo (I also like this one.)
Bobby pins
Tiny clear elastics

Like I said before, an extra dirty hair day is perfect for this hairdo. For this tutorial we started with hair that had been braided and was full of product from a previous hairdo. The extra texture and product actually helps build volume and stack the hair. We threw a little dry shampoo on my roots before we started and then got to work.

To start you'll want to section off the top/front part of your hair. The sides will get pinned back separately, so just use the end of your comb to make a part on each side of your head and find your faux hawk. 

Next start teasing. You'll need to tease the hair in smaller sections so start at the front of your head, near the forehead and tease the roots. Once you have the front piece teased, lay it down towards your face and pick up the section behind it to tease. Back comb the hair at least 2/3 of the way back on your head. The smaller sections you tease, the better it will hold it's volume when you pin it up. In the end you want to get rid of your natural part for this hairdo.

Next you will start pinning. Gather and hold the faux hawk section of your hair near the crown of your head. Smooth the very top layer of hair lightly with a comb and then push it forward to create the poof/volume that you need to see to create the faux hawk profile. Use a bobby pin behind that poof of hair and push it in to the section of hair- towards your face. Use another two bobby pins to secure it and arrange the hair in a faux hawk shape. 

The volume you created by back combing should help you easily mold the top section of hair. 

Next you'll need to pin back the sides of your hair to create the illusion of a shaved side or to finish the faux hawk profile. Twist one or two sections of hair back and towards the head. 

Secure the side sections with a bobby pin- once again pushing it into the twist towards the face. This hides the bobby pin and gives it a secure hold. 

Next comes the tweaking. You might find that you need to put in an extra bobby pin to shape your hair or secure a loose section of hair. Like I said, my faux hawks never turn out quite the same so adding extra pins is normal. 

Also, the backcombing we did can make hair look fuzzy so you might need to smooth your faux hawk. One way to do this is to spray some hairspray on a fine tooth comb and lightly comb the very top hairs back in to place. The comb with smooth and the spray will make the hair stay put. 

Finally, use a wax spray all over to give the hair some finish and hold. (Hairspray works too.) The wax also helps make the short hair in the very back look a little more piece-y and textured. 

LEATHER EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede (Pebbled Black Cut Outs- large) // LIPSTICK- Elf Rich Red 
And that's it. Easy right? The key to fawk hawking is really just a lot of back combing and pinning the hair into submission. If you struggle with getting the sections to pin with a lot of volume, try twisting the sections of hair a little bit before pinning them forward. Sometimes having a slight twist can help the pin secure into place easier. Don't be afraid to practice a few times, even if you have to take it out and start over in the same sitting. Your hair can't be too dirty or to wavy for this style and you'll definitely figure it out. 
If you have any questions be sure to leave them in the comments and tag me on IG or FB once you've tried this tutorial. I'd love to see you and your awesome new faux hawk!

Everyday Style- Late June Maternity Style

SCARF- Thrifted // SWEATER- Old Navy // JEANS- Loft // BAG- Thrifted // EARRINGS- N&S (Bright White Cut Out- large) // PHONE CASE- Nordstrom

TEE- GAP // SWEATER- Forever 21 // JEANS- J Crew // SHOES- Nordstrom // EARRINGS- N&S (London Tan Cut Out- large) 

TEE- Target (old) // JEANS- Old Navy Maternity (old) // SHOES- H&M (similar) // EARRINGS- N&S (Warm Gold- large

TEE- GAP // PANTS- Old Navy // EARRINGS- N&S (Olive Suede- large)

SWEATER- Old Navy // JEANS- Nordstrom // SHOES- Thrifted // NECKLACE- Wrenn Jewelry // EARRINGS- N&S (Signature Gold- large) // CUFF- N&S

This is a late in the day because this week has been ca-razy. We were so overwhelmed with love, support, most of all orders over our Nickel & Suede birthday last weekend. This week we've just been working our tails off to send that love right back to you all in the form of earrings, cuffs and happy mail packages. 

And thank you to everyone who entered our $300 N&S credit giveaway last week as well. Our winner was...
Ellen Casper!

Congrats! Look for an email from us today Ellen!

Hopefully you caught (and tried!) this week's hair tutorial and tips for wearing black in the Summer. I'll have another hair tutorial next week and more outfits on the way. Have a great weekend!


Wearing All Black in the Summer- 5 Ways to Brighten It Up


TOP- Asos // JEANS- Stitch Fix // SHOES- Steve Madden // CLUTCH- Stitch Fix // CUFF- N&S // EARRINGS- Nickel and Suede (Silver Chrome- large) // SUNNIES- J Crew Factory

Even in the Summer, I can't give up my love of black. Yes, it's dark, yes, it can be hot, and yes, it is definitely the opposite of fun Summer colors. But my closet is full of black and I love how I feel wearing black- especially all black, so whether it is Spring, Summer or Fall- I'll be rocking it. (Proof- see last June's outfit here.) So to make it feel more seasonally appropriate- there are a few details that I rely on to help balance out the black. 

1.  Adding turquoise jewelry. Turquoise is my favorite kind of jewelry to wear- but it especially screams Summer. Whether it is a stack of bracelets or a pair of earrings or a statement ring- wear it. 

2. Cognac or tan accessories. These light warm browns definitely warm up this all black look. I love black and tan together-  but you could also do nude or raffia accessories for another kind of Summer/beachy feel. 

3. Fringe. I also love adding a fringe detail like these sandals- they add interest and as I've said before, fringe is in this Summer. A fringe cross body bag would also do the trick.

4. Add one bright color- whether it is your shoes, a clutch or on your lips. Keep the look monochromatic by only adding one color pop accessory. Use a neon clutch or  swipe on a bright lip with the rest of your black. Your bright color could also be white. Add a splash of white by wearing white sandals or a white clutch. 

5. Mix it up with your hair. Try beachy waves, a high pony tail or a cute side braid. Summer time is the perfect season to take a break from your typical heat styling and do something new. 

Bonus #6. Fake a tan. A tan is a huge way to make all black look different in the Summer than the Winter. I'm all about skin safety so make sure your tan comes from the spray tan booth or from the bottle. Currently I am using a mix of a spray tan every six weeks and then  Banana Boat Summer Color in Deep Dark Color and also Tanwise Foaming Mousse. The rest of my sunless tanning tips can be found here and here

Do you love your black as much as I do? How do you wear it in the Summer?


Hair Tutorial- Side Dutch Braid for a Long Pixie or Bob


Braids have been trending big time for months on Pinterest and all over blogs. For a while I counted myself out on that trend- because I have such short hair. But recently a friend pointed out to me that I still have plenty of hair in the front (thanks to my LONG pixie) so I tried and she was right. 

Today I have a braid tutorial for your long pixie or bob. Adding a braid that frames your face to a long pixie or bob is a really easy and cute way to keep your hair out of your face, work with 4 day old hair, and just mix up your hair styling. 

Start with slightly dirty hair- actually sometimes the dirtier your hair is, the better the braids look. This is day two or three day old hair- which I combed through and applied dry shampoo to the roots. 

Supplies needed:
Dry Shampoo (I also like this one.)
Bobby pins
Tiny clear elastics

First you will tease the roots of the front section of hair you are braiding. You can braid the dominant side of your part (like you'll see today) or you could braid the non-dominant side. Teasing the roots here will help the braid have some dimension and not stick flat to your head.

Next section off the area you want to include in the braid. For this tutorial we left a little bit of hair loose in the front- but you could braid it all as well. Stick close to the face and section off about a 3"x 2" area. 

Divide that area in three sections to begin your braid. 

Most braids you see on Pinterest are Dutch braids. They are the most striking kind because they sit on top of your hair rather than inside it. Start your Dutch braid by putting one side section under the middle one and then the other side section under the middle one. Dutch braiding is just the opposite of a typical braid- rather than braiding over, braid under. 

Next you'll add a little bit of hair to that middle section and braid it under and then add more hair to the other side and braid it under. Continue adding small sections of hair and braiding under towards your ear. This will keep you on track and keep the braid near your face. 

Once you get a few inches down, stop adding new hair and continue the braid down as far as you can go. 

Next you'll begin to 'pancake' your braid. I don't have very thick hair, or much of it with this style, so to fake volume in my braid I pancake it. Pancaking means to slightly tug the outside of each section of hair to add volume to each piece. You don't want to pull hair out of the braid- just loosen pieces of hair to look like there is double the hair in the braid. 

Pancake the braid all of the way down the braid. This is really just trial and error to figure out how you like your braid to look.

Use 2-3 bobby pins to secure the braid just behind your ear. Try to push the bobby pins up from the bottom of your braid into your braid so that they hide and still secure the hair.

If you left out any hair in front of the braid, you might want to tease it a little to add volume. Tease the crown of your hair and the other side at the roots as well. Now that your braid is done, you want the rest of your dirty hair to look finished.

You can put a little wax on your fingers or use spray wax to give the rest of your hair some body and smoothness. Use a round brush or comb to lightly smooth your hair to give it a finished look. You could also grab your flat iron and add some curls or waves to the rest of your hair. There are so many variations you could do with this style. 

And that's it. A face framing side Dutch braid for a long pixie or bob. If you have any more questions about Dutch braids, Abby has this great video tutorial. Let me know if you have questions for me in the comments. And happy braiding!

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