Sunday Style- Americana


 SWEATER- Target (old) // SKIRT- GAP (similar) // SHOES- TJ Maxx (similar, similar) // BAG- Freshly Picked // EARRINGS- N&S (Brushed Silver- large) // CUFF- N&S // BRACELETS- Forever 21 // LIPSTICK-  Ladybird Blood- butter LONDON

Knox: SHIRT- Target (old) // PANTS- GAP

If there is a color combo I love- it's red, white and blue. My boy's have a closet full of it and I could wear it all Summer long. It just feels American, nautical and just plain Summery.This Summer I'm pairing it with nude accessories and a cute little man to boot. 

What color combo do you love in the Summer?


Life Lately

This is a year of firsts for our family this year. And I'd say those firsts are making us pretty busy! The last month has had all kinds of big events. 

Kesler "graduated" from preschool. He still has another year before Kindergarten, but this kid knows his stuff. His handwriting is better than Easton's and he definitely knows his shapes, numbers, colors and a whole bunch of other stuff. I'm considering spending preschool money on extracurricular activities for him this next year. He has expressed interest in Tae Kwon Do so we'll see where we end up with him. 

We haven't had a lot of warm weather, but we do spend the dry evenings that we have outside eating popsicles, ice cream and going on walks. (See below.)

Easton finished up his first year of elementary school.  He really has grown so much this year. I'm so impressed with his reading and drawing skills. Not to mention being a great leader in his class and helper to his teacher. The little boys and I spent an afternoon on the playground with his class and enjoyed seeing little mister popular with his friends. He was ready for school to be out and boy are we glad to have him home everyday now!

Soren and I haven't seen much of each other lately. He was gone mountain climbing in Seattle last week and this week has been up at the Canadian boarder canoeing with the boy scouts in our church's troop. He finally gets home tomorrow and we're so excited. We did go on a fun date a few weeks back and I'm hoping we can squeeze another one in before I leave for Salt Lake on the 9th. 

Poor Knox has had a rough month. He's been teething, but also got that mouth infection that took forever to heal. He is doing much better now and is SO much happier. I'm thrilled to have my sweet and joyful boy back. 

And the best thing we have done lately? Of course my favorite Memorial Day celebration. It almost got rained out, but we went anyways and had the best time ever. It wasn't hot, it wasn't crowded and the fireworks were fabulous. Soren was home for one day in between his trips and I'm thankful it was Sunday so we could all go celebrate Memorial Day as a family. I sure love my little family!

That covers the big things this last month. This last week has been crazy with Soren gone and trying to work on a bunch of big Nickel & Suede projects. We have an exciting month coming up including new Summer product launching Monday! I'm excited to share what's new with you as it comes- it's a lot!

Have a great Saturday!


Dressing the Bump- 1st Trimester Tips

With each of my pregnancy I've found that the first trimester is always the hardest for me to get dressed. Not to say the second and third aren't hard either, but the first trimester presents its own set of problems. Those problems include- feeling sick, tired, bloated and depending on who you are, more sick or more tired. You also start gaining weight at a regular pace and you're torso begins to expand. You don't look pregnant yet- just like you had too many tacos or pizza. It's the worst. You might start to muffin top over your pants a bit and then they won't even button. And your head knows it's part of the whole growing-a-baby-thing...but your self esteem doesn't know how to process a pair of pants that fit yesterday and don't today. 

This being my my fourth (technically fifth) pregnancy, I had high hopes of handling this first trimester better than ever- but thing have been about the same.. except my torso started expanding quite a bit sooner. However, this time around I paid attention to what worked for me. Today I've got five tips for surviving the first trimester and hiding the pizza belly until it actually looks like an baby belly.

TUNIC- Chicwish // CUFF- Stitch Fix // PANTS- Express // EARRINGS- N&S (Scuba Blue- large) // BAG-Target

1. Invest in lots of loose tops, tees, and tunics. Yes, I basically said wear a tent. But keep it balanced by wearing fitted pants with the loose tops. Also pull yourself together with some lip gloss, a pair of earrings (N&S preferably) and a cute bag. 

PANTS- Nordstrom // SHOES- Thrifted // BAG- Sole Society

2. Buy a bigger pant size. Put away your skinniest skinny jeans right away. Like now. Don't ruin them or ruin your day by trying them on and finding out that sure enough- they don't fit. You can have them back in a year or two. Now go buy some denim in once size bigger. They will be new so they automatically feel cute and they fit- so they make you feel normal. 

PANTS- Lucky Brand (old and very rubber banded) // SHOES- Old Navy // BAG- Lily Jade // CUFF- N&S

3. Rubber band your old pants that still fit. You may be able to keep your old pants in rotation for a while. But the waistband will get tight sooner or later. Don't be afraid to rubber band them. Loop a rubber band or a hair tie around the button, through the button hole and back over the button. There is nothing worse than a squeezing pair of pants so loosen them up with the rubber band trick. 

JOGGERS- GAP // SHOES- Nordstrom // TEE- GAP (old) // CLUTCH- Local Boutique (old)

4. Say yes to sweatpants (or joggers). When you are at home, embrace the sweatpant. After all, you either feel sick, tired, bloated or all of the above. Give yourself a break! Grab some cute sweatpants or joggers for yourself and don't be afraid to steal your hubby's biggest pair of sweats. Those are almost guaranteed to make you feel thin. Jogger pants are super cute to wear out and about and the stretchy waistband is so comfortable. These will ease you into maternity pants...

LEGGINGS- Zella // TUNIC- Elegantees // SHOES- Nordstrom // LEATHER CUFF- N&S // BRACELETS- Forever 12 // JACKET- Thrifted

5. Invest in leggings- What else will ease you into maternity pants? Leggings. Buy yourself some quality leggings. These will be your best friend for the next 12 months, even if you never wear them out of the house. I went up a size so I had a little room to grow in mine and I wear them all of the time. 

Other ideas for boosting your first trimester confidence? Buy new shoes- unless your feet majorly swell up, shoes always fit! Also try something new like a spray tan or treat yourself to a rare manicure or pedicure. Nothing makes me feel good like a tan or freshly painted nails!

What are your favorite tips for dressing during the first trimester? How do you style your pseudo-bump?


Spring for Sweatshirts


SWEATSHIRT- H&M // TEE- Downeast Basics // PANTS- Nordstrom // SHOES- H&M // BAG- Freshly Picked // EARRINGS- N&S (Nude Cut Out- large) // CUFF- N&S // BRACELETS- Forever 21
I think its been a long Spring for everyone- and Kansas City has been no exception. We've had so much rain! And aside from the depressing nature of cloudy days- it really has been such a blessing. Our grass has stayed green without my watering it and I've been able to sport a sweatshirt for most of my first trimester. And I definitely have taken advantage of that. This sweatshirt is gray, graphic, it fits slim and best of all- it's maternity. It's also on sale for about $12! 
And now to dissect the rest of this outfit- because its full of things you really ought to know about. These shoes were one of my best purchases last year from H&M. I literally wore them to death- so I was excited to see H&M brought them back this year. They are surprisingly comfortable, match everything and also cost only about $15. 
I'm still a huge fan of these jeans, but unfortunately so is everyone else. They have sold out several times. I patched the hole in the thigh in mine with some fabric glue and an old pair of jeans. I'll try to do a quick post detailing that later this week or on IG. 
Next up- my stacked bracelets. I recently found some amazing stacking sets of stretchy bracelets and bangles from Forever 21. My wrists are tiny so I need stretch bracelets or adjustable cuffs in order to keep them on my wrists. I bought several different sets so that I could mix and match them with our Nickel & Suede Thin Leather Cuff. I've worn a different combination everyday since they arrived. I'll link to all of the sets below. There really is no wrong way to stack, but my favorite combo has been: 2-3 bangles, 3 metallic stretchy bracelets, 2 colored beaded bracelets and a thin leather cuff. 
And last of all- my tee. I wear Downeast Basics Wondertees under my shirts almost everyday. But when I'm pregnant (or if the tee shrink!) those tees can get too short. The last time I was pregnant I started making my own shirt extenders and I've worn them ever since. They add length without the bulk. You can see a white tee example here- and in this outfit I'm wearing a black one. Basically I just cut off the bottom 6 inches of my stretchy under tees and wear them like a belly band. They aren't as tight as a belly band, but that almost makes them more comfortable and their purpose is just to make my shirt look longer. 



Summer break is upon us and we're doing our best to start if off with a bang. Soren took a trip to the Cascades in Seattle to climb Mt. Shuksan with his climbing buddies last week. He rarely gets the chance to go spend time in the mountains so we put him on a plane and he went on a mini vacation. 

Meanwhile, we went on our own little trip. Kansas City is only about three hours away from Omaha and every couple of years we like to go spend the night and visit the zoo. My parents and two of my younger brothers wanted to go too so I knew I'd have help- even without Soren. We booked a hotel, loaded the van and headed out.

My kids are all at really good ages and temperaments to easily handle a 24 hour trip like this. But a few days before we left Knox started to get really irritable and feverish. It developed into herpes gingivostomatitis which is basically like cold sores all over his gums and inside his mouth. Mis-er-able. For all of us. I considered not going, but he started to feel a little better the day before we left so we decided to go anyway. I think that was the right choice, but he definitely didn't feel great for most of the trip which meant twice as much work for me. 

BUT I was determined we were going to have a good time- and we did! On the way up there we stopped for dinner and it was great to spend time with my parents. Knox basically couldn't eat anything but chocolate milk and oatmeal so I made sure he had unlimited access to the stuff. The other two drank their share as well!

We got to the hotel pretty late- almost 9 pm, but the boys were still set on swimming. I was exhausted from the three hour drive with a crying baby so Knox and I just sat on the sidelines and watched. Yet another time I needed Soren- but thankfully my Dad was there to play with the boys in the pool. They had a great time remembering how to swim and getting the last of their energy out.

I swear hotel rooms with two separate rooms are the only way to travel with kids, but this time I didn't have that luxury. I shared a Queen with Knox and the two boys share the other bed. They were almost too excited to sleep but we all crashed pretty hard after a long day. 

Breakfast with the family. Easton ate his weight in sausages and Kesler ate his in strawberries. Kesler also spilled an entire cup of chocolate milk on my outfit for the day- which I wasn't prepared for! I always bring the kids extra clothes in case of an accident or something- but apparently I need to bring myself extra clothes too!

TEE- TARGET // JEANS- Nordstrom // SANDALS- Free People // EARRINGS- N&S (Sig. Silver- large)

I found some extra clothes and we got packed up to go to the zoo. I sure love my boys- they really did help me a lot with the trip and were wonderful to travel with- even without Dad.

The zoo was just perfect. We had overcast and warm weather all day. Knox got to pet the goats at the petting zoo and we saw the bears and the monkeys. My favorite part was the orangutan mom with her little baby. She sat right against the glass so you could see the baby so well. It was just adorable with its wild hair and how it hung onto its momma. 

The boys loved the aquarium. Easton loves sharks and so the shark tunnel was a hit. 

Another favorite part of the zoo was the jungle. The entire building is a big jungle and you can walk around the canopy and then the ground as well. It was so well done and there were so many animals to see. 

Of course boys liked climbing on the vines too! I swear they enjoyed climbing the entire zoo more than seeing the actual animals.

I'm so thankful for my brothers and my parent's help on this trip. I try to be pretty self-sufficient- but they really made this trip easier on me and I think we all had more fun being together. We are so  bless to live close to them and have family to do things like this with!

All in all it was exhausting and totally worth it. Traveling with kids isn't easy- but the memories are why we do it. You'd think you remember the hard parts because they are so stressful, but everyone really only remembers the fun things and the new experiences. Just give me a few weeks to forget the stressful parts before suggesting a new trip okay?

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