Life Lately- Soccer, Food Cravings and More

Well, we made a it through another week over here at the Nickels' house. I think we had a good one, although life is kind of hard on everyone when I'm not feeling like myself. Despite my best tips for working after the kids go to bed- I've been falling asleep every night after the kids go to bed. It's driving Soren crazy because usually I'm one who works early, works all day and works at night too. For the last few weeks I feel like I'm lucky to work at all, at any time of day. In general I feel okay, but every other day some food puts my stomach into cramps and about one day a week I wake up nauseous. And while it may bother everyone else that they have to pick up my slack- it bothers me most. I KNOW I have work to do- especially getting ready for this upcoming speaking engagement. But I just keep praying for motivation, optimism and to know how to spend my limited energy and that is all I can do. 

The highlight of my week was definitely watching Easton play in his first soccer game. We woke up to rain that day and the forecast was for rain all day and evening. He was so bummed to think his game would be canceled. So we said a prayer before school asking that the weather would clear up for his game and sure enough, it didn't rain the rest of the afternoon. It was cold (which I was not looking forward to) but we bundled up and went. And it was so. much. fun. I was shocked at how much I loved watching those tiny kids run around and do their best. Easton did so well and ended up scoring two goals. He was so proud of himself and his grin was just the best. Unfortunately right before the game ended there was lightening and then it started to rain and hail. We got soaked running to the car, but we were all on a high from the fun and memories were definitely made. 

I started taking my iron pills again this week because all I have been craving is meat. We HAD to have steak tacos from Taco Bell one night and then the next night I was whipping up meatloaf (which was amazing by the way!). Last night was BBQ Chicken (which doesn't have iron) but the protein definitely tasted so good. I'm trying not to be a weirdo who craves food- but you just can't help it sometimes!

And after feeling held hostage at home all week by my kiddos who weren't going to let me get any work done while they were awake (thus no work got done) we decided to go to the mall yesterday. The weather has been cold and gray the last few days which is perfect for depression. Not. So retail therapy was necessary. Last year I purposefully didn't buy anything new to wear to Go Blog Social, but this year as a speaker and a crazy barely pregnant person- I'm stressing about it. Yesterday's shopping fixed that for me though and I found a few things between Old Navy and Forever 21 that I'm happy with. It's all about options on the day of the event. 

And of course I was "that mom" who bought tickets for the carousel and Auntie Anne's Pretzels. Some day's you just have to be "that mom".

How was your week? What does your weekend hold?

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Time To Think Easter Baskets


It's crazy to think that Easter is less than two weeks away- but it's true! Lately I've been so focused on getting through each day's activities that April has snuck up on me! I still need to put up my few Easter decorations and start putting together things for the kid's baskets. And besides a quick run to Target, I might need some help there.

We don't go crazy with Easter baskets for our kids- less is more I say- but if there are any handmade shops with cool items for 4-5 year olds, I'd love to hear about them! Please leave links or names in the comments and I'll see if I can find just the right thing.

Now, if I had a girl, I can tell you what I would order. My cousin started a new shop this year and she makes the cutest soft handmade dolls for your little one. She uses vintage fabrics, can customize them to look like your child, and even makes accessories for them like fur vests and mermaid tails. They are Find them all at Handpicked By Ruby.

As far as Soren goes- I know the way to his heart is a bag of Reeses Eggs. In fact I might have to grab myself a bag too.....

If you want to stick any Nickel and Suede in your Easter basket- or a basket for a teacher or a friend- place your order by March 28th. We have so many fun pastels and Spring colors on the site right now and there's nothing like a new accessory to brighten up your Easter best.

What do you do for Easter baskets? Have you ordered anything exciting for them?


Bright Sweaters and Open Toe Boots


SWEATER- Old Navy (old) // JEANS- Liverpool Denim // SHOES- Old Navy // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede // CUFF- Nickel & Suede // RING- Nickel & Suede // BAG- Chicwish c/o
Photo Credit- Sarah Sweeney

The crazy thing about Spring is how fleeting it is. We've had super warm and sunny weather here, but I know much of the country still has snow coming down! Yesterday rain and colder temps hit us again and here I am back in Soren's sweatpants and a giant sweatshirt with the heat on. (Don't tell Soren the heat is on!) So although my first pair of new shorts just arrived and I have sandals coming in the mail, it's definitely still at least light sweater and long pants weather. 

One way to make it feel like Spring is to start pulling out the brighter colors and to show a little more skin. This neon sweater is one I picked up a few years ago and the color is one of my favorites. It may be too cold for full-on sandals but open toe ankle boots or cut out ankle boots like these transition really well into Spring. I've had a hard time restraining myself from grabbing these boots in the lighter beige color as well because they are so flattering. If you weren't doing it all winter like I was, now is a great time to cuff or crop your jeans. Show a little ankle or rip some holes in the knees. I would like to do a tutorial for cropping my denim- but I already cut almost all of mine off! I'm on the lookout for another pair and I'll be sure to photograph it when I do it. 


Everyday Style March


TEE- Forever 21 // JACKET- Fevrie // PANTS- Stitch Fix // SHOES- GAP // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede

TEE- Nickel & Suede // CARDIGAN- Target // JEANS- TJ Maxx // SHOES- Zulily // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede

TEE- GAP // PANTS- GAP // BOOTS- Thrifted // CUFF & EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede

 TOP- Stitch Fix // JEANS- Liverpool Denim // BOOTS- Frye // CUFF & EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede

CARDIGAN- Old Navy // DENIM TEE- TJ Maxx // JEANS- Lucky Brand // SHOES- Thrifted (Converse) // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede

This month's #everydaystyle is a mish-mash of end of Winter and Spring outfits. Considering it feels like all I do is sleep these days- most of the time I'm actually wearing some version of a gray t-shirt and black denim or leggings. Even I'm getting sick of it so this week I did some more online shopping in hopes of re-energizing my daily style. 

One of my favorite blogs The Mom Edit started similar posts to my #everydaystyle round ups and they are using the hashtag #myeverydayedit. They have some great daily style that is candid and posted in the mirror just like these. These type of photos may not be the prettiest, but I love seeing what bloggers and moms really wear daily. I think you'll enjoy searching that hashtag and I'd encourage you to join in posting to it too!


Knit Camo Jacket and Ripped Denim


JACKET- Fevrie // TEE- GAP // JEANS- Stitch Fix // SHOES- Chicwish c/o (similar) // CLUTCH- Stitch Fix // CUFF- Nickel & Suede // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede
Photo Credit- Sarah Sweeney

Happy Monday- I'm hoping your week is starting off well! We had a full weekend of fun and spent last night getting the house in order so I'm hoping to start the week off well. It took two of us, two shows, two bowls of cereal and at least two hours to get laundry finally all folded and put together last night. No wonder it's taken us weeks to get to the piles. 

On Friday Easton had soccer practice (our fate every Friday night now) and it was quite the practice. They had their first practice game and Easton scored his first couple of goals. He full on somersaulted and danced every time he scored and it was adorable! According to him it was the best day ever and I'm sure he meant it. We headed to Family Fun night at his school afterwards and spent a boatload of money on hot dogs, wristbands and sticker and tattoo prizes. Neither Soren or I lost our minds so I consider the night a success. 

Saturday was also jam packed, but it was a rough day for me. Most days I wake up feeling physically pretty well. I'm always tired, but I've learned that I really get depressed during my first trimester. I struggle wanting to get up, to get things done or to keep moving as things overwhelm me throughout the day. If things typically overwhelm me, they overwhelm me double or triple that level right now. Saturday was definitely a battle all day long to not climb back under the covers and just mope. But I just kept moving and praying and the day ended up turning around for me. 

We had a fun morning at the Easter Egg Hunt and then in the afternoon I prepped for our Nickel & Suede Mother's Day photo shoot. We had several mother/daughter sets model for us so I did makeup and chose outfits and then we headed downtown to take photos. I think it turned out well and I'm very relieved to have it off my plate. With pregnancy brain in full force right now, my vision and creativity is suffering heavily so I felt pretty unsure going into the whole project. 

Now I'm moving on to preparing and stressing over the next project. I am fortunate enough to be able to speak at a local blog conference Go Blog Social in just under two weeks and I feel like it will be here before I know it. I'm speaking on growing a business from your blog and while that is what I have done, I feel like I don't have concrete ideas written down about how I've done that. I'll be spending the next two weeks doing a lot of brainstorming and drafting and I'm sure it will turn out. Regardless it is an amazing opportunity and I am really excited about it.

Did you struggle with depression during your first trimester? Any tips for pushing through it?


Spring Staples- Basics To Add To Your Closet

Although I announced earlier this week that I'll be moving into the maternity section quite soon, I'm definitely not ready to hop over there yet. Maternity denim might be the most comfortable kind on the planet- but I know I'll have months to enjoy them so right now I'm just looking for Spring clothing that will fit a slightly bigger belly. For the next few weeks I'll be in the awkward "wide" stage and it. is. the. worst. So how to fix that feeling? New clothes obviously. I've rounded up some Spring staples that I'm adding to my closet. These styles will give you some great basics to mix and match with what you already have and update your wardrobe a bit. I can't believe I didn't already have some of them!

What are you shopping for this Spring? Any trends you are looking forward to trying?


Gray Leopard Print and Color Me Apparel


Mint tee, gray leopard pencil skirt and peep toe booties

Ombre asymetrical short hair

Mint tee, gray leopard pencil skirt and peep toe booties

Mint tee, gray leopard pencil skirt and peep toe booties

Mint tee, gray leopard pencil skirt and peep toe booties
TEE- GAP // SKIRT- Color Me Apparel c/o // SHOES- Old Navy // BAG- Stitch Fix // CUFF- Nickel & Suede // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede

As a rule, I rarely wear skirts. Except once a week to church. Although it can be fun to dress up every once and a while, dressing down is more my style and even when I pull out a skirt- I really enjoy being comfortable. I love a good pencil skirt and knit ones are even better. Which is why I was so happy to find out about my friend Meg's new company- Color Me Apparel. Color Me Apparel is all about comfortable pencil skirts and tees and coming soon-dresses as well!

Having launched our own business last year, I have a huge respect for anyone who chases after a dream and works so hard to make it happen. Meg has done a great job and obviously worked so hard on her website, packaging, patterns and products. Unlike some other knit skirts that I've grabbed on a deal site or two, this Gray Leopard Print Pencil Skirt fits really well. It's not too tight or too loose. It's also lined and the waist is reinforced. It really is well made and looks great. This is even the kind of skirt that I'd consider throwing on my Converse with and running out the door. I'm all about items I can dress up or down (Hello! Our leather jewelry!) and these skirts definitely fit that.

One other detail to Color Me Apparel that I love, but doesn't exactly apply to me- is that not only can you buy knit skirts in your size, you can get a matching one for your little girl. How cute would this leopard print be in mini size?

Today on Instagram, I'm teaming up with Color Me Apparel to giveaway a $75 credit to both Nickel & Suede and Color Me Apparel to one lucky winner. It's easy to enter so be sure to head over to @nickelandsuede to enter later today!

Are you a skirt wearer? Do you wear them for work? For play? Just for you?


Feeling Lucky


I've had a lot of mixed feeling about writing this post- but if I ever feel that way about a topic- usually that is an indicator that I should start typing. If you've been around for a while, you know I'm pretty open on the blog. In real life I'm not quite so open (I try!)- but I've always found it easier to express myself online. So, today we've got news to share...

We're expecting! Well, I'm expecting. ;) Baby #4 is on his or her way and we are so happy about it. Soren and I both want a big family and as far as kid spacing goes- it's time to have our next.

How far along am I? Well, here come the mixed feelings. I'm about four weeks along. Yep, you read that right. That puts me due in mid-November and yes, because I just told you so early- you will now feel like this is the longest pregnancy EVER.

So why am I announcing it now? With such little fanfare and no fancy photo shoot? Well, because I don't really have any reason to hide it. And it's hard to hide it. Last Fall I had a miscarriage and blogged all about it. If for some reason we have another one, I'll blog about that too. I struggle more when I'm not open about things and you know what? The first trimester is hard for me. Like really hard and I don't want to spend the next 8 weeks acting totally fine and totally not pregnant just so I can announce it at the 'right' time.

So maybe I'm telling you know so I can complain more openly, but I think there are a lot of women who struggle during their first trimester (not just with nausea) and no one talks about it. Which makes life even more tough!

At any rate, get ready for a post or two about life during the first trimester. I hope life can continue as normally as possible for these next few months because I have no shortage of things to keep getting done. But in reality, I'm definitely being forced to slow down a bit.

I feel so lucky and blessed to have been able to get pregnant again so soon after our last and pray that everything moves along healthily and well.

Thanks for your patience and support! I promise this won't be turning into a maternity blog anytime soon!


Catching Up This Weekend


SUNNIES- Target // CARDIGAN- Forever 21 // TEE- Downeast Basics // PANTS- TJ Maxx (Lucky Brand) // SHOES- Zulily (old) (similar) // BAG- Thrifted (similar, similar) // CUFF- Nickel & Suede // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede
Photo Credit- Sarah Sweeney

This weekend was a weekend to catch up. It started out as a whirlwind with a Friday road trip to buy more leather for Nickel & Suede. The trip went well and it was fun to getaway for the day and have a few moments of thought to myself. The bad part was that the trip involved 6+ hours of driving and I was spent by the time Friday night rolled around. The rest of the weekend I took two naps, cleaned, folded a bunch of laundry and played outside with the kids. Thank goodness our cleaning ladies are coming later today- I need all the help I can get to dig out. I also took a half a break from blogging and social media and it was needed. Sometimes social media feels really social and fun and inspiring and other times it's really draining and gets me burnt out. So here's to not being burnt out this week and feeling a little more creative. 

How was your weekend? Did you get any sun or outside time?


Casual Early Spring Date


TEE - Everlane // PANTS- Stitch Fix (similar) // JACKET- Thrifted (Forever 21) // SHOES- Thrifted (Target) (similar) // CUFF- Forever 21 // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede
Photo Credit- Sarah Sweeney

A few weeks ago Soren and I went on a working date to Panera. I threw this typical neutral combo on and I felt great it in. It was warm enough for sandals but still cool enough for a jacket. I love having a fur jacket to mix things up a bit. It adds texture and an unexpected twist on a still casual outfit.

We spent the evening at Panera and talked about plans for Nickel & Suede. I ordered my favorite Greek Salad and it was delicious. We struggle sometimes working together- mostly now because we are together almost too much- but for the most part it works well. I love that if we are on the same page- things move forward at double the pace than if I was working on my own. He is always working on something that, most of the time, is on my list too. We also have our separate duties and I love that there are parts of running a business that I don't have to touch. (Like taxes.)

Have you ever worked with your significant other? What was your favorite part? Or least favorite? ;)

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