ONE little MOMMA: Felt Fedora and Black Tunic Maternity Style

Felt Fedora and Black Tunic Maternity Style


TUNIC- Nordstrom // JEANS- Asos // HAT- Nordstrom // SHOES- Nordstrom // SUNNIES- Forever 21 // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede Signature Silver (large) // WATCH- DIY

This has been a busy week for Nickel & Suede and although I love what we're doing, I have to admit it leaves me feeling burned out for blogging. They say the grass grows where you water it and I can definitely say that is true. On the weeks where I seem like I'm on my A-game blogging wise, I'm probably not doing as much work on Nickel & Suede. And if it seems like I'm MIA over here and my posts are lame, I've likely been stretching my creative muscles and putting in long hours at N&S. It really bothers me to feel so split because I want to do my best and grow in both places, but there is only so much me to go around. Thank you so much for your support here and there- and for understanding when I have nothing cool to say.

As far as today's outfit, I'm a big fan of tunics at this point in pregnancy and this non-maternity tunic drapes perfectly over a six month pregnant belly. It comes in multiple colors and I just can't say enough good things about it. I'll be especially happy when it cools back down to the 80's next week and I can get more wear out of it!

Have a great Thursday and I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with my August beauty picks laid out for you!

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