It's a....



Unbelievable and yet totally believable right?!? We are so excited to add a fourth boy to our family this year. I can't say how much I love baby boys and feel like being the mom of four boys is such a badge of honor. We're that boy family and that's okay with me! 

The little guys were really hoping for a sister- but we're all just excited about a healthy baby. And hey, there's always next time right? ;) 


  1. Yay!!! That is too fun! Congratulations :)

  2. Congrats! I don't have boys of my own, but my brothers had so much fun growing up together and they have alot of fun together!

  3. Congratulations! Boys are the best!

  4. so exciting!!!!!! you guys are the cutest with your blue icees :) how fun FOUR boys!

  5. Congratulations! I have four boys and it's a blast. I'm so happy that blue is the new color for July--I needed to add navy blue to my collection of yellow, gold, black, pink, leopard, and scuba blue! Your earrings are the best.

  6. Such wonderful news, congratulations! You definitely know the ins and outs being a mom of boys, I'm sure nothing fazes you lol.

  7. Such a lovely family portrait and the boys are so adorable! Congratulations on having a fourth boy!


  8. It's wonderful ! CONGRATULATIONS !!
    I really admire your energy and positive way of seeing the whole word ! Wish more person like you would be in this planet !
    And keep fingers crossed that next time your boys's wishes come true with a little sister. This little girl would/will be very lucky to have 4 (!) handsome brothers !! :)
    Wish all the best for you !

  9. What an adorable picture. You guys are such cuties. Congrats!


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