Throw Back Sunday Style

Tribal  blouse, blue pencil skirt, ankle boots from ONE little MOMMA
 Shirt - Thrifted, Skirt - Thrifted, Boots - Old Navy, Jewelry - F21

Denim shirt, black pencil skirt, wedge ankle boots
Shirt - GAP, Skirt - GAP, Shoes - Target, Necklace - DIY 

Rust colored sweater, pleated plaid skirt, ankle boots
Sweater - Old Navy, Skirt - Thrifted, Shoes - Old Navy, Cuff - Handmade
I was home with sick kids last week and didn't get dressed for church - and if you know me, you know I didn't get dressed in a skirt the rest of the week either! Thankfully, we are all better this week and will be marching off to church in a couple of hours. I thought for Sunday Style this week I would share a few of my favorite outfits from last year around this time. I love these pre-fall and fall looks and I think they are just as relevant this year as last!

It's funny to look back at old outfit photos from my blog because a lot changes in a year. While my style hasn't changed too much, my photo editing or how I pose for photos has. It's easy to feel embarrassed when I look back at my younger self sometimes, but I do love seeing how much I have improved and learned! I used to journal all the time and I think that is such a great way to record how far you have come. I love even just keeping a gratitude journal and going back and reading what I was grateful for in the past. While I don't think time is permitting for me to go into full scale journaling, I do think I want to start that gratitude journal back up again. I really liked when I used it to write down one thing I was thankful for for each person in my family. It then became almost a mini journal and I did feel a lot more love for each of them. In fact - now I have convinced myself! I'm doing it. 

Do you journal? How do you find it works best for you?


Labor Day Plans and a Few Sales


Happy Labor Day weekend! We kicked it off right last night with Frosties and fries and a trip to the park. With three boys it doesn't get better than that. On the way home Kesler proclaimed it had been the 'best day!' so I think we'll call it an affordable success! We'll finally be celebrating my birthday and my Mom's birthday today with a family party at the pool. With sick kids and school starting we just haven't had time to yet. From the looks of it, we have a good weekend ahead! 

If you didn't see on social media, we have restocked your favorite summer earring colors at Nickel & Suede for a limited time. You can grab the Citron Yellow in the cuffs or earrings as well as the Radiant Orchid and Weathered Teal. Quantities are limited, so if you have had your eye on these colors or want to grab them for gifts, do it now!

Other good deals and sales of note this weeked....

- Savers has 50% off clothing and shoes on Monday.
- Old Navy has up to 50% off of everything. I grabbed this tee last week and really, really want this blouse.
- GAP has up to 40% off of everything and I could not pass up these sneakers. I've been looking for them everywhere!

- J. Crew is having 40% off final sale with free shipping over $100. Love this sweatshirt!
-Nordstrom has a great sale section right now - including some great deals on shoes.

Have a safe and fun weekend! What plans are you looking forward to?


How to Size Down a Thrifted Skirt - Easy Tutorial

How to size down a skirt that is too large for you- easy tutorial from ONE little MOMMA

How to size down a skirt that is too large for you- easy tutorial from ONE little MOMMA

How to size down a skirt that is too large for you- easy tutorial from ONE little MOMMA

One of my most important thrifting tips is to always check multiple sizes on the rack - don't only look in the one section that is your typical size. You will miss so many items that are misplaced in the store or can be easily altered to fit you. The one section that this applies to the most is the skirt rack. Most skirts are easy to size down in just one straight stitch! I've got the tutorial for you today - how to size down a skirt that is too large for you. It only takes about 15-25 minutes depending on if you get it right the first time. 

Sewing machine
Large skirt

How to size down a skirt that is too large for you. Super easy tutorial!

First, you'll want to find a large (ideally thrifted) skirt. The only requirements are that it not cost a whole lot, you love it, and hopefully it already has a seam running down the back. I have done this to many skirts that don't have a back seam, so it's not required.

How to size down a skirt that is too large for you. Super easy tutorial!

As you can see, the skirt I picked was cotton (easy to sew with), used a busy fabric (no need to match patterns up), and had an elastic waist. It also had a seam up the back. These qualities all make it the BEST kind of skirt to quickly alter. The only thing that didn't make it absolutely perfect for this project was that it had side seams as well. Those side seams will shift towards the back a bit when you do this alteration, so if you can skip them or modify it by taking in the sides rather than the back, your skirt will turn out the best.

How to size down a skirt that is too large for you. Super easy tutorial!

First, try on the skirt and find out how much excess fabric you have in the waist. You'll want to pinch it and then pin it in the back. If you try the skirt on inside out, you won't have to move the pin when you go to sew. Then try it on after you have pinned it to make sure that you can still pull the skirt up and down to get it on and off.

How to size down a skirt that is too large for you. Super easy tutorial!

Next, make sure the skirt is inside out and pin all the way down from the waist in the back. (If you had only side seams you could also split the difference of the excess fabric and pin down each side of the skirt.) You will be taking the seam in, so whether you do it in the back or on the sides doesn't matter. Depending on the shape of the skirt, try to just pin the same width away from the original seams as possible.

How to size down a skirt that is too large for you. Super easy tutorial!

Next, sew a straight stitch down following (and removing) your pins. Feel free to use a matching thread - or be lazy like me and use the white that you already had loaded. Try on the skirt again to check for fit. If it doesn't fit, you can unpick and adjust your new seam. If it does fit, then cut off the excess fabric and old seam close to the new seam. Iron down your new seam and voila! Your skirt fits! 

Mixing patterns with stripes and a tropical floral print

I probably alter ten skirts a year like this, and it's one of my favorite ways to alter clothing. It isn't a perfect job, but it works, it's quick, and these are the kind of inexpensive and fun skirts that you can wear a few times and then re-donate.

Have you tried this kind of alteration before?


August Beauty Review - Wild Argan Oil from The Body Shop

I was given these products to review, but all opinions are my own - as always!
Wild Argan Oil Collection from The Body Shop- Review by ONE little MOMMA

Aqua baseball tee, black denim and leopard sneakers

Aqua baseball tee, black denim and leopard sneakers

Aqua baseball tee, black denim and leopard sneakers
What? You don't dress to match your bath products too?

Shirt: American Apparel, Pants: Stitch Fix, Shoes: H&M, Earrings: Nickel & Suede

Wild Argan Oil Collection from The Body Shop- Review by ONE little MOMMA

My whole life I have had oily skin, especially as a teenager. I hated having a shiny face and oily hair, so naturally I always chose oil free beauty products. If there was an oil free option, I was on it! My make up bag was full of blotting tissues and powder, and I was super embarrassed about it. Thankfully my skin has evened out a bit now that I'm a bit older, and in the winter it even gets dry. My hair has gotten less oily too, but because I color it and also heat style it daily, it's always feeling a bit dried out as well. When The Body Shop offered to send me their new Wild Argan Oil line, the teenager in me almost said no, but I said yes, and ended up being pleasantly surprised.

The Wild Argan Oil line has a very mild smell (smell is important!), and it's obviously not flowery or fruity. It's hard to describe, but it's nice. It was too much for my nose when I tried to use the shower gel and the scrub and the lotion and the lip balm all at once, but one at a time they smell good.

But I'm sure your most pressing question is how oily the products are, and I can happily report that they are not. Despite having oil in the name, none of them were oily except for the Radiant Oil for Hair and Body, but that one was my favorite over all. The body wash, the bubble bath, and the lotions just left your skin feeling moisturized afterwards. There was no greasy feeling to them.
Wild Argan Oil Collection from The Body Shop- Review by ONE little MOMMA
One of my unexpected favorites was the massage soap. One side of it is shaped as knobby massagers and it feels really cool. My kids and I both loved using it. Oh, that all soap was shaped this way!
Wild Argan Oil Collection from The Body Shop- Review by ONE little MOMMA
Another favorite was the Wild Argan Oil Rough Scrub. It feels just like the scrub they use when you get a mani or a pedi, but you can do it at home any time! It really scrubbed the rough skin and then left my skin moisturized too!

Wild Argan Oil Collection from The Body Shop- Review by ONE little MOMMA

My very favorite was The Radiant Oil for Body and Hair. My favorite way to use it was to apply it to wet hair after showering and then sleep on it. It moisturized my hair all night long and when I woke up it was so, so soft. I also like using it in smaller quantities before I blow dry my hair or on my skin after I shower. This stuff was amazing.

Overall, these items were a win for me. I tried something with oil in it and came out the better for it! If you want to try any of them (you do!), you can get free shipping with any purchase of the Wild Argan Oil collection.

Do you love The Body Shop too? Which of their products are your favorite??


Random Tuesday - Kimono Shopping Help and the Perfect Denim Shirt


ONE little MOMMA- Stitch Fix Kimono

Hey all. It's no surprise to you that I'm struggling with getting an awesome post up every day these days, which I hate! I'd love to get more tutorials and back to super consistent posts someday, but I'm doing my best and I'm grateful you stick around. So a few random things for you today....

When I wore the kimono above, so many of you expressed how much you loved it but were sad it could only be purchased through Stitch Fix. I promised to find more kimono options for you and I've posted some before, but today I have a gold mine of them for you. Sheinside has the biggest, best priced, and best looking selection I've seen. I also just ordered this one from Chicwish. You can see them all below - I hope this helps you find the kimono of your dreams because this trend is sticking around.

Also I found the perfect denim shirt last week at Target. I love that it is a little thicker material than most and it fits slim, plus it has a longer back than front. I highly recommend it - and I already own two denim/chambray shirts! Target also has a very similar tunic sweater to the one I wore in our family photos last year and I loved it enough I bought it in red and black last year. It looks amazing with skinny jeans and boots.

Last of all I have a couple of questions for you.... What time of day do you prefer to see a new post go live? I always post in the AM, but some of my favorites post in the evening which is nice because then I have some new posts to read a night.

And what tutorials would you like to see? I've got some make up tutorials and a messy waves video in mind to do - but if you have others that you would like to see, let me know.

Thanks a million. Have a fabulous afternoon!


Ask Kilee - Siblings, Stress, and Working Out


I'm excited to share the first edition of Ask Kilee. I mentioned when I announced this series that I get a lot of questions from readers in my email that I just don't have time to answer no matter how much I wish I could! This series hopefully will help me get them answered and allow me to share more of what I leave out about life in my normal posts. Feel free to send questions in any time. If you sent in a question and I don't answer it this month, I'll get to it next month, or I may have a full post in mind for answering your specific question.

My husband & I have been talking about expanding our family. We have one daughter, she is 2 years old. Do you have any suggestions for preparing her to be a big sister?

It is amazing how quickly time passes because I hardly remember only having one kid! But I do vividly remember the scared feeling of having our second. Although what I was most worried about was having room in my heart for a second - which worked out.

As far as prepping a sibling, I think the best way is to talk about the baby a lot. Create a new space for the baby in your house, like a nursery, so there is physically a new bedroom or bed for your daughter to understand is for a new family member. My first boys were 18 months apart, so the oldest just kind of went with it. It only takes a few weeks for it to feel like you have always had two. The important work I think happens when you talk to your first child about what it means to be a big sister (or brother) as they get a little older. When Easton (our oldest) was about 3.5 years old, my husband and I talked a lot with him about what it means to be a good older brother. He knows now that it is his job to protect them, help them, teach them, and be a good example to them. He gets in trouble specifically for that sometimes, but it has worked! He really is a great older brother and I'm so glad he feels a sense of responsibility for his youngers. Siblings are a huge gift to your kids and I think they are made to adapt to them and love them!

Kesler's Birth 2010

I have two lovely daughters, and lately my husband has been pushing for a third. Which transition did you find the most challenging? I'm afraid if we go for it, I'll completely drown. Going from 1 to 2 was nearly the end of me!

Well I hate to say it, but yes, the transition to third has been the hardest for me. There are so many factors that play into how hard the number of kids are - from how close they are together to how much your husband works. Every situation is different, but yes, three has been a rough adjustment. 

When my third was about 10 months old I was feeling on top of things again. I had adjusted to three in a lot of ways and felt like I was killing it. But then we launched our business and I've been behind again ever since. This last week we had sick kids and yes, I felt like this is too many crying kids! But then yesterday they felt better and took naps and played nicely and I felt on top of the world again. It is like anything else, things get hard, then you get stronger, then they get hard again, and then sometimes you get a break.

To answer your question, I honestly feel like it is such a personal decision, but if you want to have more kids and have faith in having a bigger family, then you will grow and rise to the occasion. There are a lot of things that are hard in life, but no matter what, it is our attitude and where our faith is that determines whether we grow through them. Having a big family is important to me, and I have faith in my calling to be a mother. We want to have more kids, but I know the next transition will be hard too. What I have found is that I have grown so much from the challenges that each child has brought, and they have brought even more light and love to my life.

What have you found to be your best way to deal with stress? I'm a part time working, part time SAHM and I do believe being a SAHM is far more stressful than working! So I'm always looking for quick, effective ways to relieve some of the stress and anxiety I feel every day, hopefully without medication!

Ahh, stress - my constant companion as of late. :) I wish I had a super helpful answer for this. I have really been struggling with it myself and I have found a few things lately that have reduced it, but I know there are more things that I could do. Some things that have helped are to get more sleep (I never get enough!), try to say no to things so that my plate isn't so full, and create a schedule. The more planned out I am with a rough schedule about what they day holds, what the week holds, and what is for dinner, the better off I am. I also recently ordered Young Living Essential Oils with the hopes of getting some relief from my migraines and stress. I felt really skeptical of them at first, but we are giving them a try and I'll be sure to post how they helped us. I have also been reading Daring Greatly and it has more to do with reducing stress and anxiety than you would think! And pedicures with friends sometimes help too!

Do you straighten your hair every day?? How do you find the time?

I do straighten my hair almost every day. Because of my short hair I have to do something to it - there is no pony tail option. I try to curl it the next day so that I can skip the shower and blow dry time, but I love showering, so usually I do. I've always blow dried and straightened my hair, so maybe my kids just expect that they play while I get ready? My hair is also quite straight, so after I blow dry it with a round brush, it is almost ready to go.

What is your favorite thing to wear?

My favorite thing to wear at home is leggings and an over-sized cardigan. But in general, I love dark skinny jeans, a soft pull over sweater and some kind of wedge shoe.

You say that you work out in the mornings? What kind of workout do you do?

Weeeeellllll - I used to, and I like the idea of working out in the mornings. Currently I don't work out - and haven't since our business launched in June. It has been too crazy to find the time, and although I'm sure it would help my stress (see above), it just hasn't happened. I do love to run, walk, lift, weights and do Pilates. Sometimes we'll do 5k's as a family, but I usually walk with the stroller these days!

Thanks so much for your questions! Feel free to send more over and I'll get them in next month. I definitely love the direction that they give to help me pick what to blog about and where to spend more or less time posting about. 


Sunday Style - Stripes and a Light Sweater

Long black sweater, striped knit skirt and clogs

Short ombre hair and cut out leather earrings from Nickel & Suede

Long black sweater, striped knit skirt and clogs

Long black sweater, striped knit skirt and clogs

It's Sunday! Finally! Growing up, I always looked forward to Fridays for dates, movies with friends, and the end of the school week. I think if you work a 9-5 job, you do too. When Soren worked out of the home, I did look forward to his work week ending on Fridays. But I love the meme on Pinterest that says something like, "TGIF! Oh wait, I'm a mom." And it's true, Friday doesn't necessarily mean fun or a break anymore now that I'm a mom AND we have a home business. Kids don't give you weekends off, and we have so much to do for our business that we typically work all weekend. So it is Sundays that I really look forward to.We do our best to observe the Sabbath day, which means no work and trying to focus on serving, worshiping, and spending time with family. In college, I tried not to ever study or do homework on Sundays, and what a day of rest those Sundays were! After working all day yesterday (Saturday), it feels good to know that I can put business ideas or orders out of my mind for a day.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), we have sick kids today so I won't even be going to church. I teach the three year olds' class typically, and even though I love them, they definitely make those two hours at church the most exhausting part of my week. Today I hope to start a new book, spend time with my kids, and get organized for the week ahead. And maybe a nap would be nice too!

What day is your favorite day of the week? Why?

// Outfit Details //
Sweater - Target (last year) similar
Skirt - Groop Dealz c/o similar, similar
Shoes - Thrifted similar
Bag - Groop Dealz c/o
Earrings - Nickel and Suede


What I Wore - Birthday Skirt

Floral midi skirt, white sweater and lace up wedges

Floral midi skirt, white sweater and lace up wedges

Floral midi skirt, white sweater and lace up wedges

Floral midi skirt, white sweater and lace up wedges

Floral midi skirt, white sweater and lace up wedges

I'm breaking my own rule today, and I can because it is my birthday! I'm wearing a skirt and it's not for Sunday Style. This particular skirt is just fabulous enough to shake up my blogging schedule because it is a birthday kind of skirt. I'm in love with the print, the shape, and the price of this beauty.

I turn 28 today and I feel like I've already had this birthday! I am at the point that I can't remember how old I am without doing some math! I've got plans to enjoy the day today with a hair cut, thrifting, and lunch with girlfriends. Plus I know my kids will love to celebrate with me, so I'm sure we'll do some cake and partying at some point this week. :)

OHH and because it is my day - I'm gifting you with free shipping over at Nickel & Suede for today only! Use code OLMBIRTHDAY.

Have a great day!

// Outfit Details //
Shirt- Old Navy (similar)
Skirt- Chicwish c/o
Shoes- Thrifted (Steve Madden)
Bag- Lily Jade c/o
Earrings- Nickel and Suede

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