ONE little MOMMA: May 2014

Everyday Style - Wild Weekend Ahead


Sporty baseball tee, distressed denim and Converse
Tee - Thrifted
Jeans - Thrifted (GAP)
Shoes - Thrifted (Converse)
Earrings - ONE little MOMMA 

Oversized gray tee, turquoise jewelry, and dark denim
 Tee - c/o In Bloom Boutique
Pants - Lucky Brand
Shoes - Old Navy
Necklace - c/o Groop Dealz

Radiant orchid tee, cut off shorts and leopard sneakers
 Tee - GAP
Shorts - Cut off by me
Shoes - H&M
Earrings - ONE little MOMMA

Gray striped tee, olive skinnies and Converse

Tee - GAP
Pants - Old Navy
Shoes - Converse
 Earrings - ONE little MOMMA

Well, it's time for Everyday Style again, otherwise know as Grainy-IG-Outfit-Photo Round Up. My Mother's Day gift from my hubby was to fix this dang mirror situation. Every week, I take outfit photos here and the lighting really isn't ideal. The windows are behind me, so I'm always dark and the photos just aren't clear. I know they are grainy and darkish and you probably are annoyed by their quality. I'm sorry. I hate them too. It was super thoughtful of him to want to fix this, but it's also so expensive!  The best fix will be for me to find a free standing mirror that I can position for better lighting. And good quality free standing mirrors cost enough to hurt my feelings, so I haven't let him buy one yet. For now the hanging mirror in the dark part of my room will have to do. Sorry. Where have you had success finding nice mirrors?

We have a crazy weekend ahead and although it will be fun, I'm already forecasting Sunday naps. Tonight, the boys are going on a Father and Son's campout with Soren and my Dad and brothers. They will be camping an hour away, so there is no chance of coming home early. Soren has taken the two older boys twice before and I think this year Kesler will finally be old enough to make it through happily. Last year he had a rough night sleeping in a tent away from home. Knox will be home with me and we'll probably do something glamorous like eat at Panera and watch a movie. On Saturday afternoon, our family is signed up to do the Color Run. Honestly, it's a 50/50 shot as to whether it will actually happen. I didn't know about the campout when I signed us up, so we will try to be fun and push through to make it happen, but I'll be realistic about it if it feels like too much. It sounds fun though! Hopefully we'll have tons of fun to report.

Have you run in the Color Run before? Any tips for going with little kids?

Hope you have a great weekend!

Update Your Wardrobe - Basic Shoes and Sandals

Fill in the holes in your wardrobe- A great list of shoe and sandal basics as well as links to basic tops and basic bottoms.

These past few weeks, you and I have been going through your closet looking for holes. Not like holes in the walls, although with three boys running around at my house I'm sure I have some of those, but holes in your wardrobe basics. We've gone over TEES AND TOPS and JEANS AND PANTS. Today we are going over SHOES AND SANDALS. I think shoes are hard because they are pretty seasonal. Because of that, this list is especially for spring and summer, but I wear most of these suggestions year-round. It is great to have more than these suggestions or variations of them, but for an everyday casual-ish wardrobe, these are my recommendations. (I realize that if you work, you may need a few dressier options thrown in as well.)

Fill in the holes in your wardrobe- A great list of shoe and sandal basics as well as links to basic tops and basic bottoms.
1. Strappy Flat Brown Sandal - If you haven't bought a new pair of brown or tan flat sandals in the last year or two, go do it now. I suggest a strappy style because those are very current and will update whatever you wear with them. I like brown or tan because they will work with almost anything. You could also grab a black pair, and a colored or embellished pair would be great additions too. This shoe will get you the farthest, so pick one you love. Wear it with shorts, jeans, skirts or dresses. It will work to dress up or dress down an outfit.

2. Neutral Sneaker - I tried to stay away from sneakers for as long as I could, but I have actually really embraced some styles of them. My favorite neutral sneaker is the white or off-white Converse low-top. I wear mine with everything, and I think a very neutral colored pair is a great basic. I also love the Vans style slip on in a light neutral color for spring and summer. Wear these with shorts, graphic tees, sweatshirts, knit skirts, or even casual dresses.

3. Fashion Sneaker - As a SAHM, cute sneakers really go far, so having a colored or printed pair in addition to a neutral really is beneficial. I wear my neutral pair with bright or patterned outfits, and I wear my 'fashion' sneakers with my neutral tees and jeans. My favorite option right now is a leopard slip-on, but the lilac Converse or the mint New Balance are awesome too. This shoe style works great with graphic tees, white tees, blue jeans, and really any solids or stripes.

4. Neutral Wedge - I don't wear heels often. I'm not sure where most fashion bloggers wear all of the heels that they style on their blogs, but even if I wasn't a SAHM, I don't think heels would be my shoe choice very often. I prefer wedges, and I think they give you the most bang for your buck. A tan or beige neutral wedge is the perfect dressier shoe for warm weather. It dresses everything up just a little. Try a black pair too, or even gray or white. Wear these with dresses, skirts, boyfriend jeans and a nice tee, or skinny jeans and blouse.

5. Ankle Boot - The ankle boot really has become common place in the last year, and it is here to stay. Ankle boots are a great year-round shoe because they can be dressed for warm or cool weather. I suggest a neutral gray/brown with a low heel if you are trying them out for the first time. Wear these with shorts, skirts, dresses, and even jeans in warm weather and then with jeans or corduroys and sweaters in the fall.

6. Ballet Flat - This is another style that works well for most of the year. I love that you can get a ballet flat in almost any color or print. If you only choose one, go for nude, but if you can, grab black and a bright color as well. Everyone should have at least one pair of ballet flats in their closet. They are comfortable, they can be casual or dressy, and you can find a pair for any occasion.

And those are my picks! Like I've said before, you don't have to go buy exactly anything that I recommend, but if you find you are missing some on the list, consider whether the missing styles could work for you. Will they make your current wardrobe stretch farther? I'm betting they will!

Did I miss any of your shoe essentials? What is your go-to shoe right now?

Instagram Tutorials - Mini Fashion DIYs

It's no secret that we all love Instagram. It provides such an easy platform for sharing, commenting, discussing, and even teaching. It's definitely my favorite place to share. Every once in a while, I will whip up a quick refashion or other style DIY and rather than take time to write a whole blog post about it, I throw it up on Instagram. The only problem with that is that unless you screenshot it, the mini tutorial gets lost. So today, I have three short tutorials from Instagram over the last few months that you can pin and easily find again if you think they will work for you too.

Cut up an old undertee and use it as a cheap and easy shirt extender! You won't believe how easy it is and what a difference it makes.
1. Cut undershirt in half, keeping the bottom 6-8 inches. 
2. Before pic. 
3. See how I layer it?
4. Tee extended!

I'm not sure if it is my short torso or just my personal style preference, but I love to wear a long tee under almost everything. I love having a tee that can cover my bum in leggings or tight pants, and in general I just prefer that look. While I was pregnant with Knox, none of my shirts were long enough, so I cut one of my Downeast Basics tees in half and pulled the bottom half on. After I had my baby, I just kept wearing them. They add length without a whole other shirt. I have never found a tee that is just right in length and that doesn't shrink up when washed, so this is my favorite and cheapest solution. I've also done it with gray tees, black tees, and more. In this outfit, I just cut a gray Target boyfriend tee in half and used it as a fake shirt. It worked perfectly!

Turn a thrifted denim jacket into a denim vest in 5 minutes. This is the cheapest way to get an awesome denim vest!
1. Buy a denim jacket at the thrift store. 
2. Start cutting the sleeves off as close to the sleeve seam as possible.
3. Clean up the edges.
4. Done. No hemming necessary.

I've blogged about this before, but it's worth saying again. It is so easy to make your own denim vest! The arm holes won't fray, and all it takes is one step! Finding the perfect jacket that you are willing to cut up is the hardest part!

Alter an embroidered blouse in two easy steps. Don't be afraid of altering something to fit your style!
1. Purchase blouse with too much embroidery. 
2. Carefully cut threads and pull out the stitching around the collar. 
3. Wash and iron and find that the holes from the thread have disappeared.

This tutorial is mainly to show you that you can alter something that you purchase new if it isn't quite right. Don't be scared. I wanted to love this blouse at the store, but there was just too much neon stitching going on. My friend Ashley pointed out that I could easily pull out the thread and it would be just what I wanted. It was easy, and it really made the top something that I loved and couldn't find otherwise. I usually shop a thrift stores or on mega-clearance and one benefit to that is that I can cut up or alter things without fear of ruining them. I've worked up my confidence now so that I don't mind buying a new item with the intent to alter it. Sometimes that is the real fun anyway!

What DIY fashion have you taken on lately? Have you tried any DIY projects you have seen here?

How To Distress Jeans - White Denim

How to distress white denim- easy tutorial for modest distressed jeans

I recently found myself with a pair of white jeans that fit a little too tightly, so I hadn't been wearing them. I realized that my favorite pair of distressed blue jeans also fit a little snug, but because the knees are split open, I can still move in them. Lightbulb! That was the answer to those white jeans that I wasn't wearing - I just needed to cut them up a bit and they would work perfectly!

While I love distressed denim, I am not a fan of shredded denim all the way up the thigh. I like to keep things covered, so when I distress jeans, I like to rip open the knees and then add a few small distressed areas above the knee that are not see-through. To distress these white jeans, I started with my favorite pair of blue jeans and copied them. 

How to distress white denim- easy tutorial for modest distressed jeans

First off, you can see that my white denim jeans are quite a bit longer than the blue jeans. I started by cutting them off into cropped denim. I like the raw edge, and in the summer, I prefer cropped skinny jeans to long ones.

How to distress white denim- easy tutorial for modest distressed jeans

The only trick with cutting off the ankles is that you should cut the front a little shorter than the back. Because of the knee holes, the front will hang longer if you don't adjust for the extra length that the hole adds. Cut just above the ankle and then try the pants on. You want them to fit right at the ankle or a little above.

How to distress white denim- easy tutorial for modest distressed jeans

Next, you will cut open the knee holes. If you don't have a pair of jeans to copy, make a mark at the knee while you have your pants on. You don't want to place the hole too high or too low. Take a serrated knife and saw along the knee to create a horizontal cut. The serrated knife will make sure it isn't too clean, but you do want a long slice across the knee. Once it is open, use your hands to pull and rip the hole all the way across the front of the pant.

How to distress white denim- easy tutorial for modest distressed jeans

You can also use the serrated knife to scrape the denim perpendicular to the cut you just made. This will rough up the fibers around the hole and create more of a natural looking distressed look.

How to distress white denim- easy tutorial for modest distressed jeans

Next, I wanted to create some distressed patches above the knee. I made one on the near the top of the front pocket on the right leg and one at the top of the thigh on the other side. The trick for distressing without having a gaping hole is to use a razor blade and to cut two horizontal parallel lines in your denim about an inch apart. Then you take tweezers and pull the vertical fibers between the two cuts out one by one. This leaves the horizontal fibers in place, which provide the coverage.

How to distress white denim- easy tutorial for modest distressed jeans

You can see below how the fibers that need to be pulled out are the vertical ones. This can be a little tedious, but the more careful you are, the better the result.

How to distress white denim- easy tutorial for modest distressed jeans

And that is it! You can keep roughing up patches and pulling fibers until you get the look you want. Washing and drying your jeans will finish the raw edges - you will just have to trim off the strings that come out. Practice makes perfect when it comes to distressing, so feel free to try these techniques on any other old jeans before you start on your favorite pair.

How to distress white denim- easy tutorial for modest distressed jeans
Outfit details here

Have you ever tried distressing denim? What are your favorite tips and tricks?

Why We Don't Road Trip and a $300 Giveaway So You Can

Memorial Day is here and even though it seems like spring just showed up, now summer can begin! Our family has a lot packed into the next three weeks, and after that we plan on just relaxing poolside. One of our upcoming calendar items is a trip to Tuscon for my brother-in-law's wedding. Initially we weren't sure if we were all going to go or how long we could go, but what we did know right away was that we were not driving. Not a chance.

I grew up in Missouri and every summer we would road trip to Utah to visit family. I have fun memories of the long drives and I actually really like road trips... or at least I did until I was the mother of three small children. The last and only long (20+ hours) road trip we have taken as a family was two summers ago. We drove from KC, Missouri to St. George, Utah to Salt Lake, Utah and then home again over a two week period. It was insane.

Why have we sworn off road trips, you ask? Well, a week before we left on that trip, Kesler burned his shin on the tailpipe of my mom's van. We didn't have it checked out, but looking back on it I'm pretty sure it was a third degree burn. He was only 20 months and even back then, he was our emotional one. He seemed okay before we left and we tried to drive throughout the night so the kids would sleep, but of course Kesler would have nothing to do with it. His leg ended up getting infected on the drive and he pretty much cried all night. I tried to sleep, but couldn't because of Kesler, and so I was too sleep deprived to even take a turn driving. Soren drove the entire night and I held Kesler. I think there were instances of peeing in bottles so as not to wake the kids by stopping and spilled smoothies in the van -but it's all a hazy memory. We recovered a little in the morning, but somehow still had like eight hours to go. It was the longest drive ever. When we finally got to St. George, it was a relief, but I woke up with the worst migraine of my life the next day from the strain of the drive. It was awful. So awful. On the way home we did a little better by stopping overnight in Cheyenne and getting a hotel, but during that return trip, Soren came down with an ear infection that landed him in the hospital for two days the day after we got back. I've never seen him screaming in pain or even heard of someone going to the ER for an ear infection before. I think that there were special circumstances to make it harder than it had to be, but it was certainly bad enough that Soren won't even consider a long road trip again. I mean, would you?

So it has been decided - we are not driving the 20 hours to Tuscon, and we will all be flying. I look forward to road trips in years ahead with older kids or just me and my hubby, but for now we'll pass. We really are excited for our upcoming trip and after road trips like we've had, a few hours on a plane should be a breeze. 

Summer Roadtrip Giveaway

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Sunday Style - The Boyfriend Maxi

Black boyfriend maxi, striped scarf, brown sandals

Black boyfriend maxi, striped scarf, brown sandals

Black boyfriend maxi, striped scarf, brown sandals

Black boyfriend maxi, striped scarf, brown sandals

I've been finding myself a little anxious lately. Surprise, surprise - as you know, we have a lot of things going on. I'm juggling a lot right now between filling orders and blogging to working to launch our new brand. Then there are church activities, the end of the school year events, and our summer plans. Add to that being in charge of planning my high school class's ten-year high school reunion for this fall, and I'm ready to be committed. Okay not quite, but still.

So I'm betting you can relate - I'm busy. Aren't we all? Well, I think there is a healthy level of busy and working hard and then there is a dangerous level. Based on my emotions this last month, I'm feeling a little closer to danger than I'd like. Part of me loves working really hard in any spare second I have, but what I don't like is that my selfish side has come out in full force as a result. I think I'm still hanging on to my house and mom duties all right, and my kids are doing well, but, I've not been looking for any extra opportunities to help anyone else. I'm a little consumed with my stuff. If I talk with a friend, I can barely keep myself from just spilling my guts about how stressed I am and what I have going on. I rarely have the thought to ask them how they are doing or offer to help. Yikes.

I definitely believe that the more we think about others and work to help them or care about them, the smaller our problems seem and the happier we are. Serving and loving other people is central to my faith. What I need to do is start acting like it. I want to start looking for and taking opportunities to serve my family, my friends, and God. I know I'll feel more at peace and healthier in my own life as I try to look outside myself more often.

Do you ever struggle with this? How do you take time to serve more?

// Outfit Details //
Dress: c/o Wild Souls
Scarf: Made by me
Shoes: Thrifted
Jewelry: ONE little MOMMA

What I Wore - The Kimono


Neutral, solid kimono paired with stripes, dark denim and ankle boots

Neutral, solid kimono paired with stripes, dark denim and ankle boots

Neutral, solid kimono paired with stripes, dark denim and ankle boots

Neutral, solid kimono paired with stripes, dark denim and ankle boots

Neutral, solid kimono paired with stripes, dark denim and ankle boots

I have to admit the kimono trend took me by surprise. My initial response was, "Um, not for me." They often look like a silky robe, and the floor length ones are a little over the top. Or a lot. Either way - they didn't look mom-chic to me. But since then, I've warmed up to them a bit. It turns out there are more options out there than printed silk and lace. This solid, neutral, light-weight kimono is my new at-home go-to sweater. I get cold in the evenings when I'm working and the AC is blasting, so this is the perfect sweater to throw on. I had a hard time finding similar ones to link up below, but I really think this is a great spring option to replace my over-sized Aztec sweaters that I wear constantly all winter. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of this style in the future, so keep an eye out if this sounds like a win for you. 

 What do you think of the kimono? Have you worn one or seen others that you liked?

// Outfit Details//
Kimono - c/o Groop Dealz
Shirt - GAP
Pants - Lucky Brand
Shoes - Old Navy
Jewelry - ONE little MOMMA

What I Wore - Date Night Attire and I'm Not Fun


Ivory tunic blouse, black ponte pants, nude heels and clutch

Ivory tunic blouse, black ponte pants, nude heels and clutch

Ivory tunic blouse, black ponte pants, nude heels and clutch

Ivory tunic blouse, black ponte pants, nude heels and clutch

Ivory tunic blouse, black ponte pants, nude heels and clutch

Ivory tunic blouse, black ponte pants, nude heels and clutch

It's not often that we get out on date nights around here. We try when we can, but there are a lot of barriers that make it easier just not to go. I always freak out about finding someone to watch the kids, and we often have a baby, so things are always changing as far as what is required of a sitter. Running a business outside of my husband's day job means that we work together a lot in the evenings and on the weekends, so working together often takes priority.

But the biggest reason that we don't go on real dates very often is that until the last few months, dates just haven't been really fun. I often have had my expectations too high, and that never ends well. When my husband was late or ate just before we left for dinner, I was too frustrated to have fun. We would just end up fighting, and I couldn't get over it, so we'd go home even worse off than if we hadn't gone. I have a natural tendency to be un-fun, so dates with my thrill-loving hubby don't always work out. For example, even on Valentine's Day of this year, we again had a mess of a date. I got a sitter ahead of time and planned on going out for dinner - quiet, easy, low key - my kind of date. When we left the house (late), Soren decided to first take me driving in his recently purchased Volvo S60R. The purpose was to show me how fast his car can go (um - really, really fast) and to make me drive it (NO WAY). I really, really don't like fast cars, fast roller coasters, or anything like it - but Soren loves those kind of things. Well honestly, I was a terrible sport about his car that night. (I haven't admitted that to him yet.) I was so mad at him for pushing me out of my comfort zone and making me drive his speedy car and sweating me out. He knows I hate that stuff - and I know he loves that stuff- so I guess neither of us was looking to be a good sport that night. We ended up going to Red Robin afterwards, but I was too close to angry tears to even be seated. We went home hungry and I ate cold cereal for dinner. Ugh.

BUT last weekend we had a small victory. Or a huge one. For the first time that either of us can remember we got a sitter, went out to dinner, and just enjoyed talking about our plans and dreams for a couple of hours. We didn't fight, argue, have hurt feelings, or stress about the kids. We ate dinner, took home dessert, and hung out. It was simple but it felt so good. It felt like progress. In so many ways we are such a great team because we are such opposites. But we really still struggle with getting along and communicating even after almost eight years of marriage.

I get frustrated and I get naggy, but I'm grateful when I can see such simple and happy signs of progress. Marriage is tough, but I think we are tough enough to handle it.

How do you make date night happen? What are your best tips for making it go smoothly? ;)

// Outfit Details //
Top - Stitch Fix
Pants - c/o Boden
Shoes - Old Navy
Clutch - c/o Jane
Jewelry - ONE little MOMMA

Build Your Basic Closet - Essential Jeans and Pants


In the last month or two, I have had several friends approach me about putting together outfits for them for upcoming events. I LOVE when people ask me for help with this - even if it's text messaging me photos - so I jumped at the chance to help them. What surprised me was that I ended up recommending that each of my friends purchase very basic items to update their closets. For one friend, it was a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, and for another it was a denim jacket and strappy brown flat sandals. They had a lot of cute clothes, but there were too many basics missing to make complete, updated, and chic outfits!

Last week, I started a series to help you take stock of your closet and now you know why - sometimes there are holes that are easy to fix but we don't know they are there! I am breaking down the basics in my wardrobe and listing out for you what may be missing. If you have updated basics, your current pieces can go farther, all of your clothing will look modern and fresh, and your outfits will mix and match well. Last week, we talked about Tees and Tops, and today I'm going through my basic jeans and pants recommendations. I know summer is coming and pants get hot, but this is my year-round basics list (and I tend to wear pants year-round anyway).

1. Dark, Dark Skinny Jeans - This is my favorite style of pant right now. I love to cuff them, or you can buy them cropped at the ankle. They are slimming on everyone and really hit the refresh button on any tees, tops, shirts, or blouses that you already own. They work well with most shoe types and really can be worn with anything. I especially love these pants to have a little stretch which makes them fit a little bit like a legging. 

2. Black Ponte Knit Pant - These pants are one of my favorites. I wear these instead of leggings and also instead of black jeans. Leggings are just too thin to be considered pants, but I love the look of black leggings with certain outfits. Rather then wear leggings, I will wear these fitted, stretchy black ponte pant under tunics, with boots, and in a lot of other situations. They are thicker than leggings but give the same look. I also like these pants because they stay a crisp black color where black denim will fade. I don't cuff these pants, but to get the cropped look I will sometimes roll the hem of the pant leg under. I have found several pairs at TJ Maxx for a good deal, but I do love the higher quality of my pair from Boden. 

3. Boyfriend Jean - There a lot of days where you don't want to wear skinny jeans, and boyfriend jeans can be a great alternative. They are always worn a little cuffed, and the loose fit means you will wear something slightly more fitted on top. You want to buy boyfriend jeans that are slim legged and still look pretty good from behind. Sometimes they can flatten your bum entirely and drown your legs. While they seem casual, these jeans can be dressed up or down and go with almost any shoe style. 

4. Distressed Denim - Distressed denim comes in all cuts of jeans. I love my skinny and straight leg jeans to have some distressing. I think it adds character to an outfit and also makes the pants more casual. My favorite distressing is ripped out knees with a little distressing on the thighs. I'm also a big fan of a raw hem and have cut off at least half of my jeans into raw edged cropped denim. You can purchase jeans this way, or you can distress your own to get the right look. Distressed denim will help create a casual chic look by adding the casual to heels and a blouse or strappy flats and a cute tee. 

5. Camo Pants (Printed Pants) - Camo is one of my favorite neutral pants and I add it to the list as a 'printed pant'. When I'm tired of blue jeans and I want something more interesting to pair with my basic tops, I will turn to printed pants. I also love floral denim and some geometric prints - even leopard. There are all kinds of printed pants, but you will want to find one that serves as a neutral or goes with many of the other colors in your closet. 

6. Colored Denim - Another way to mix up your basic tops is with colored denim. In the past few years, colored denim has exploded, and I do think things have toned down a bit. You can find jeans in any color, and that can be a good or a bad thing. While I don't have as many colored jeans anymore myself, I do think they have their place. I love the fresh pastel denim that is popular right now and I'm also still a sucker for white. Having one or two colored jeans that fit your style will stretch all of your neutral tops, graphic tees, basic cardigans, and chambray shirts farther. You don't have to wear the white jeans every day, but just having them as an option widens your outfit possibilities. 

There are definitely other cute and great looking pant styles and colors out there, but this list is what I find myself wearing all the time. These are the staples that I keep coming back to and would recommend to most of my friends. If you have a different body shape than I do, you can still find a way to take these recommendations and make them yours by looking at why these pieces make sense. Stay tuned for next time - Basic Dresses and Skirts! 

Do you have any other must-have jeans or pants? What do you wear the most?

What I Wore - Hello Monday


Last year at SNAP, I was able to listen to and meet the amazing Lisa Leonard. You may have read about her on other blogs or seen her jewelry, but she really is as wonderful as people claim. I really look up to her as an entrepreneur and in the things that she stands for. She puts her family first and aims to inspire and uplift in everything that she does. Every Monday, Lisa posts her 'Hello Mondays' and I can't help but do the same today as I wear this sweatshirt. It just seems too appropriate.

Hello library day and new books to read with my boys. We are loving The Magic Tree House series right now.

Hello my last week of teaching Easton's preschool. Sniff.

Hello progress on our new website and making goals reality. Product photos, packaging - it's all coming together.

Hello waking up early and going to bed early too. A girl can dream right?

Hello hubby. I'll try to be nicer this week.

What are your hellos? Any plans for your week?

// Outfit Details //
Sweatshirt - Hello Apparel
Tee - Target
Jeans - H&M  (distressed by me)
Shoes - Thrifted (Converse)