Everyday Style - Everyday Mom-Friendly Outfits

Boyfriend cardigan, dark bootcut denim and nude flats
Cardigan: Old Navy
Shirt: GAP
Jeans: GAP
Shoes: TJ Maxx

Aztec cardigan, destroyed denim, ankle boots
 Cardigan: Forever 21
Pants: GAP
Shoes: Old Navy

Cowl scarf, gray cardigan, tan vintage boots
 Cowl: c/o 9th & Elm
Cardigan: Target
Boots: Thrifted (vintage)

Striped sweater, camo pants, ankle boots
Sweater: Forever 21
Pants: TJ Maxx
Boots: Old Navy
Watch and Earrings: ONE little MOMMA

#Everydaystyle is the hashtag I use on Instagram to share what I am wearing on a daily basis. I don't get accessorized and decked out head to toe daily, but I do get ready almost every day. It is important to me and I enjoy feeling put together and stylish on a day-to day-basis, not just whenever I'm taking photos for the blog. If you struggle to feel stylish on a day-to-day basis, then let me help! When I post my everyday style outfits, I'm going to start including some of my suggestions for adding more style and fashion to your everyday look. If you have questions, please ask away and I'll touch on them in future posts or respond right away.

This week's tip is both easy and difficult. It definitely starts at the beginning. I know it is hard for a lot of SAHMs or WAHMs to find the time to get ready everyday, but my tip this week is to put on a bra and change out of your pjs early in the day, every day. Even though I don't leave the house every day, putting on a bra, clothes other than my pajamas, and some make up are almost always a must. I have a hard time getting things done or being motivated when I resemble someone who just woke up. Even if you don't find time to shower, put on deodorant and change! I don't care what you change into, but I can bet it will be cuter and closer to getting dressed than your pajamas. There is just something about taking a few minutes to start to get ready, and then you suddenly find yourself putting on real clothes and some lip gloss - it is a chain reaction!

So what are your biggest hurdles to getting ready every day? Or what secrets do you have to feeling stylish or cute on a daily basis?

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What I Wore - Hooded Fur Vest and Stripes


Fur, stripes and dark denim

Hooded vest and stripes

Hooded vest and stripes, dark denim and black ankle boots

Buckled ankle boots

Hooded fur vests are amazing
Vest: Forever 21
Shirt: GAP
Pants: Levi
Boots: Old Navy
Earrings and Watch: ONE little MOMMA

I'm sure you won't think it's a stretch when I say that fur is one of my favorite trends to come back in a long time. After we first got married, Soren wanted to buy me a really warm winter coat. I had never had a coat that cost more than $30 on sale, so my tech-gear savvy husband decided it was time to get something that would actually keep his new wife warm. He looked and looked for the right coat and I rejected and rejected all of the options he showed me. (That didn't go over well by the way!) I didn't know why at the time, but they all just looked very boring and so not worth the extra cost. Until he found a North Face parka with a giant line of fur along the hood. And that was all it took. The more fur, the better, I say. And I still wear that coat, seven years later! Because of the fur, I will always love it!

This year, fur will still be around and going strong. I expect to see colored fur making a splash and black fur on the rise as well. I've worn this vest in a more casual way before, but because it is fur, it goes great with dressier boots and dark denim too. I know it is so hard to find just the right fur vest right now (get with it retailers!) but pin fur vest inspo for later and you'll be glad you did!


What I Wore - Camo and Gray + the Perfect Backpack

Camo skinnies and gray tee, leather cuff

Leather jacket, Everlane backpack and camo skinnies and ankle boots

Leather jacket, Everlane backpack and camo skinnies and ankle boots

Gray tee, camo skinnies

Wavy short ombre hair

Backpacks are momma's best friends- camo pants and ankle boots too!
Jacket: Thrifted
Shirt: c/o Everlane
Pants: TJ Maxx 
Boots: Old Navy
Backpack: c/o Everlane
Cuff and Earrings: ONE little MOMMA

I wrote a post a few weeks back about my newfound love for backpacks. I love a clutch or a great handbag, but a backpack really is the BEST bag for running errands with kids in tow. I always have my arms full of someone, and I'm always juggling all the things we need as we load and unload the van. Knowing that my purse is securely on my back is a relief and just easier all around. Cute backpacks are a must for mommas. I had a lot of moms email or message me about where to find such a bag after my last post. I've even had someone stop me while I was out requesting a referral. Unfortunately, like most of the things I own, I thrifted the bag I have been using... which means it's impossible to send you somewhere to find it. Until now. I've been wearing Everlane's Snap Backpack for the last week and I am in love. This bag is EXACTLY what I was looking for. The size is perfect, it's comfortable, and I love the price. It costs less than a lot of women pay for a quality handbag, and it will get way more mileage at this time of my life than any bag I own.

And then there are these pants. I've been looking for another pair of skinny/cropped camos since my last pair during pregnancy. I found these at TJ Maxx last week and I would really recommend them if you are in the market.You can find the pants at TJ Maxx online. I don't recommend products often, but this whole look is full of staples in my closet. #notsponsored

What is your go-to bag? Have you succumbed to camo yet?


Easy Winter Beauty Essentials - Bring Out Your Natural Beauty

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser. #CollectiveBias #WalgreensBeauty

Easy Winter Beauty Essentials- Great products for your winter beauty routine

I grew up here in Kansas City, but I moved away to go to college. After I got married, we lived in Seattle for a few years, but in 2011, we moved back to the Midwest to live closer to family. I love living in the Midwest. I love that Missouri has four seasons, but with those seasons, we have humid summers and dry winters. Now that I live here as an adult, I have definitely realized my beauty routine needs to be changed up during the cold months. I love makeup and I have makeup tutorials coming, but today I'm sharing three of my favorite simple winter beauty products.

Easy Winter Beauty Essentials- Great products for your winter beauty routine

First up is my favorite shampoo and conditioner duo: John Frieda Full Repair. Most days I do manage to take a shower, and I wash and condition daily. I just love clean hair! My hair is naturally oily, but because I color, blow dry, and straighten it, I battle dryness and damage. Add in the dry winter months, and I really need the moisture. This stuff makes a huge difference for me without weighing down my hair. 

Easy Winter Beauty Essentials- Great products for your winter beauty routine

Next up: a jar of petroleum jelly, or Vaseline as we call it at our house. I use this stuff for everything in the winter! I use it on my cuticles and hands for deep moisture. I love putting it on my feet with socks before bed. My feet are so soft and moisturized when I wake up. My kids and I have had colds and we rub petroleum jelly on our cheeks and noses when they get sore. What do I use it the most for? My lips! It is my favorite lip gloss for dry winter lips because I have baby cheeks to be smooching!

Easy Winter Beauty Essentials- Great products for your winter beauty routine

I also love to brighten my winter beauty routine with white teeth. Crest Whitestrips are my favorite way to whiten, and I've used them since high school. In the winter, white teeth really boost your smile and make your complexion look more tan. Speaking of tan, yes I love my self tanner too! I shared my self tanner routine and tips this morning if you missed it.

Easy Winter Beauty Essentials- Great products for your winter beauty routine

You know I love affordable products and style, so all of these products can be found at your local drug store. I love to hit up Walgreens and browse their enormous and affordable makeup aisle. You can find all of these products there too.

Easy Winter Beauty Essentials- Great products for your winter beauty routine

Be sure to check out my self tanner tips and stay tuned next week for my everyday hair styling tutorial. What are your favorite winter beauty products? What changes do you make in the winter months?


Sunless Tanning - My Tanning Routine and Self Tanner Tips

Self Tanner Tips from your average momma- this spells it all out!

A few weeks back I posted this picture on Instagram. I shared it to show my love for our Amazon Prime membership. I really love being able to order any beauty item that I need and have it show up within a day or two. (Not sponsored—I just really love Amazon.) But there was a lot of IG chatter about what sunless tanner I use. I am SO not an expert, but I'm happy to share what I do.

Self Tanner Tips from your average momma- this spells it all out!

First, if you really want a self-tanner tutorial, you need to read this. I'm sure the products she lists are amazing, but I've tried the Jergens lotion and wanted something darker. I've also had Fake Bake highly recommended, but I haven't tried it yet.

To be honest, I didn't start using self-tanner until about a year ago. I have always loved having a tan, and growing up, I spent plenty of hours baking on a towel in my backyard (we didn't have a pool). But I really dislike having pale skin in the winter. After reading Maskcara's tutorial, I decided I could try it out. This is me last year before I started using any self tanner.

Self Tanner Tips from your average momma- this spells it all out!

I started out with a really light tanning lotion because I was wary of streaks and orangeness. I started with Jergens Natural Glow. It worked, but it didn't produce immediate results, and it needed to be applied daily if I wanted to keep my "glow."

I decided to try something darker and switched to Banana Boat Summer Color in Deep Dark Color. It develops in three hours and definitely works quickly. As you can see below, it also has more room for error. Rookie mistake: I forgot to wash my hands well enough after I applied!

Self Tanner Tips from your average momma- this spells it all out!

But after practicing for the last year, this is the difference!  Looking more like summer, right??

Self Tanner Tips from your average momma- this spells it all out!

My Tanning Routine and Self-Tanner Tips

  1. I apply self-tanner to my whole body twice a week after I shower. I apply tanner to just my face and neck three to four times a week.
  2. I loofah and exfoliate in the shower on the days that I apply. When I get out, I towel off and carefully apply the lotion. I start with the tops of my feet, then move to my legs, torso, arms, neck, and then face. To be honest, often I skip my torso and just do my legs and arms—ya know, the stuff that shows.
  3. To prevent orange marks and streaking, I am just really careful as I apply. I rub it in well and make sure not to leave visible dark spots of lotion anywhere. I also wash my palms and in between my fingers afterwards.
  4. Every few weeks, I notice my tan flaking off and getting a little splotchy as it has built up and worn off irregularly. So I take a few days off and loofah frequently enough to start with a clean slate.
  5. My face and the tops of my hands wear off the fastest, and I find I need to reapply there more often.
  6. As I was learning to apply, the place that the lotion built up the most was the inside of my wrists. I would often get a dark line between my palms and my arm, which wasn't cute. Just be aware as you apply that it might happen.

Self Tanner Tips from your average momma- this spells it all out!

And that is it! I really love having darker skin without the sun damage. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them! Like I said, this works well for me, but I'm sure there are many other products that work well too!

Do you use a sunless tanner? If so, what is your favorite? If not, why not?


InstaFriday - The Best Part of My Week + Thrifting Finds

This week, a huge blogger conference is happening out west. I didn't have plans to go and I'm needed at home with my boys and my baby right now. But it has been tough to see and feel like everyone is there but me. Social media is great until it bombards you with how much FUN everyone seems to be having without you. I'm looking forward to a conference that I am scheduled to go to and to other vacations and events this year, but when I really think about it, there is no where else I'd rather be than home right now. What am I looking forward to? Um, tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be great! I wake up every day excited to get going and happy to do what I'm doing. I've had years of my life where the opposite was true, so this is time of life is particularly sweet and worth savoring.

This week has been particularly great for an unexpected reason. Monday morning, Soren woke me up at 6:30 to see if I wanted to work out with him. I was in the deepest of deep sleep and did not budge. That is until he whisper-shouted, "I need help, Kilee!" I stumbled out of bed to find him trying to drag our new elliptical down the stairs - on his own - without taking it apart. We both struggled and maneuvered it downstairs, but I swear I was still asleep. I was certainly in no condition to be moving a heavy object - much worse than intoxicated or on drugs. I was literally sleep walking.

But once we got it down there and I perked up a bit, we had an awesome morning. Soren and I love to watch The Bachelor together, but haven't been able to find time to start this new season. Every morning from 6:45-7:30, we have been working out together while watching part of the recent episodes. I definitely have not been working up a sweat everyday, but just being together, talking, stretching, and moving before the kids wake up has been the best part of my week. Worth dragging myself out of bed for for sure.

Easton snuck down to find us one morning in his pjs and snow boots. He was barely awake and I was cracking up at his outfit. Kids are hilarious.

What is not hilarious, but IS awesome is this guy! Knox has been sleeping through the night this week and I am over the moon about it. Every baby is so different so I can't say what really worked. He just kind of did it himself. Just one more reason to love this happy baby.

Kesler and I snuck off to the doughnut store during Easton's preschool this week. I found out yesterday that it is almost time to register Easton for kindergarten, and the anxiety is already setting in. I'm not ready for him to start school, and I know it will be even harder for Kesler to have Easton gone all day everyday. Ugh - I can't even type about it anymore. Moving on.

Our wild cats caused a stir this week. I was feeding the boys dinner while Soren worked late and felt something brush across my foot. I looked down expecting to see the cats, but instead saw a giant, furry mouse on steroids running under my chair. It was a surprise to say the least. When did they bring it in? How? I have no idea, but Soxie was content to play with it while it scurried around our kitchen. I grabbed a plastic mixing bowl and a book and scooped the poor giant thing up before they could kill it. The rodent got tossed outside and the cats went off to find it. 

I follow a lot of bloggers on Instagram, and I love to follow people who really inspire me. Several that I follow are great cooks, and on Sunday, I felt inspired to make something new. I tried out a recipe for bread bowls and made chicken noodle soup to go in them. I probably shouldn't have subbed in wheat flour and agave syrup in the bread, but they still turned out pretty well. I felt accomplished just for trying!

After Sunday dinner, we went out on a walk because it was 60 degrees!! Of course now it is back down to 12 degrees, but what a wonderful relief that warm day was. It felt amazing to get outside without a coat!

One more high for the week? Monday was not only a holiday, but it was 50% off day at Savers. I was able to go thrift for an hour and, despite having a baby with me, found some great stuff.

I am the queen of shopping ahead, so some of these skirts are definitely feeling like spring, but I can't wait to wear the gray wool skirt and my new fur collars. Believe me, fur isn't going anywhere, so if you find some while thrifting or on sale, scoop it up. You will be glad when fall and winter roll around again!

I hope you had a great week! Did you have any great thrifting finds this week? What was the best part of your week?


How to Wear 2014's Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

Color is one of the only things in life that I am a perfectionist about. I cannot stand a poor color choice, and I won't buy something, no matter how nice it is, unless the color works for me. (This drives my husband crazy! Color is the LAST thing he considers.) Because I love color so much, I love finding out what Pantone's Color of the Year will be. I'm sure you have heard by now, but Pantone's color for 2014 is Radiant Orchid. It is a color that surprised a lot of people, and although I've already seen it showing up in stores, you might not have much in your closet yet. I thought it would be fun to suggest a few easy ways to start wearing Radiant Orchid this year. 

Radiant Orchid is similar to lavender, but as you can see in the image above, there are many shades of the color, which I think makes it much easier to wear. The first way that I have been wearing it is on my nails. This drugstore polish is a brighter shade of Radiant Orchid. I love the pop of color on my nails during this dreary month!

Wet 'n' Wild Megalast- 208B Through the Grapevine

Another fun way to wear this color is in your accessories. Our leather earrings from ONE little BELT are an awesome way to add some color and fun to more than one outfit. I wear mine all the time and get so many compliments.

I've compiled a selection of great Radiant Orchid pieces below. If you are feeling bold, go for the purple lip or the Converse. I usually stick to nude lips, but I could see myself trying out a purple shade this spring. If you are on the fence, stick with a scarf or a cute watch. 

This family of purple/orchid colors goes great with so many other fun colors. I think you could pair Radiant Orchid with coral, red, navy, white, mint green, teal, and yellow. It really is easier than you think to add this color, and you can find a shade that works for all complexions!

So what do you think of this year's color? Love it? Hate it? Meh?


What I Wore - Leopard Scarf and Basic Black


leopard scarf, black sweater, strappy flats

leopard scarf, black sweater, strappy flats

leopard scarf, black sweater, strappy flats

leopard scarf, black sweater, strappy flats

leopard scarf, black sweater, strappy flats
Shirt: Target
Scarf: Amazon
Pants: TJ Maxx (Lucky Brand)

I'm turning 28 this year, and for the first time in my life, I feel like I understand what it means to become a grown up. Aside from the haze of motherhood brain and the early stages of wrinkles, I feel like I'm a getting a little wiser, too.

When I was younger, I just wished for the day to arrive when I would suddenly be a really good person or have a lot of great friends or be more outgoing and brave. I was always so down on myself about where I was in life and about my imperfections. My one little word this year is 'content,' and only one month into the year, I am amazed to see how perfect it is for me. Already I'm learning that being content with slow and small progress is the way to make big changes happen.

I'm accepting that during this time in my life, I can just focus on getting things in order at the right pace. I don't need to rush or panic or be something that I'm not. I am where I am, and I am who I am. I love the peace that comes from realizing that God is patient with me and that small changes that are repeated every day make a difference. I've talked plenty about my weakness for comparing myself to others, but I've recently realized that I also compare my current self to the person I expected to be at this point in life. Thinking I should be to a certain place in my life by now is such a negative and made-up thing. How can I be happy or content if I'm constantly comparing my real self to a made-up self?

My life is definitely not what I thought it would be and neither am I. But honestly, I'm so glad for it! How amazing is it that I am the lucky mom to three fantastic little boys? That I have a husband who loves me and who can work not only his day job, but the second one I created for him at nights? I never expected to have made a "career" for myself that includes writing and sharing my passions with an audience who cares. I could never have planned such wonderful things - I am so glad I'm not in charge! Focusing on those things is what makes me happy and gives me the courage to try a little more each day. Who knows where it will take me?

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