Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday- Deals Start Today

Guess what? We are starting our Cyber Monday deals...TODAY. In honor of Small Business Saturday- now through Monday our entire shop is Buy Two Items, Get One Free! 

Includes all earrings, cuffs, belts, ties and more- Pick any combo, any three and the lowest priced item will be refunded. No code needed.

Thank you so much for supporting small businesses like ours today and all weekend! I love being a part of the handmade and small business community! 

Have a great weekend!!


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to you and yours!
I hope you enjoy your day with family and friends! I am so grateful for each of you. Thank you for reading, commenting, encouraging and sharing! You are the best!


What I Wore: Graphic Tee and Fur


Fur vest, graphic tee and dark denim

Fur vest, graphic tee and dark denim

Fur vest, graphic tee and dark denim

Fur vest, graphic tee and dark denim

Fur vest, graphic tee and dark denim
Vest: Brickyard Buffalo
Jeans: Thrifted (GAP)
Boots: Old Navy
Cuff: ONE little MOMMA
Necklace: Stella and Dot (Online Trunk Show is still happening here.)

I have been on the hunt for the perfect fur vest.. and I think I found it. Unfortunately I can't send you over to buy this one because it sold out SO FAST last week when it was on BB. I happened to be up nursing at oh, 2am and browsing IG when I saw that these vests were back in stock. Talk about shopping in my sleep! Thankfully it was just what I had been looking for when it showed up in the mail. I love the gray brown color of this fur because it makes it really universal to wear with blacks and browns. This is a great laying piece for the holidays and just for winter in general. I'll be sharing more ways to wear a fur vest in the next few weeks, but you can replicate today's look by pairing your vest with a "nice" graphic tee (is that a thing?), dark skinny denim and ankle boots. 

It is FREEZING here this week, but if you live in a warmer climate this look is perfect for November. I'm hoping it warms up a bit here before the really winter stuff hits us/ Because if it doesn't- my out takes will be a whole lot of this. 

Read about the mean face here. 


What Kids Wore Wednesday

Welcome to this week's link up! We are looking forward to the holiday this week and getting together with my family. Do you dress up for Thanksgiving dinner? We don't have a dress code, but I love to dress the boys up a little so I'll share what they wore next week. I can't wait to see what you link up today! 

What did my kids wear? It is sweater weather over here. I don't have time or energy to take glamorous pics of my kids each week, but I do like to snap a pic here or there. This one was before school the other day. I love that Easton wakes up every school day excited and ready to go. I know he won't always feel that way about school so I am cherishing it now. He is such a bright boy and I love to hear his questions and see him learn!

Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Target

This weeks feature is from Tracy at It's Mostly About Fashion. Her daughter Laila proves she is a little fashionista in her chambray and striped leggings. I love her look and frankly wish I had a pair of those leggings myself. Thanks for linking up!

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What I Wore- Stripes and Stella and Dot

Stripes, boyfriend cardigan, black denim and suede ankle boots

Stella and Dot Charm necklace

Wavy ombre short hair

stripes, black and tan
Cardigan: Old Navy
Tee: GAP
Jeans: c/o Liverpool Jeans
Boots: Old Navy
Necklace: c/o Stella and Dot

I am a sucker for trends and thrifted pieces that are a little out there for most people. But most days you can find me pairing my easy basics- stripes, black denim, boyfriend cardis and ankle boots. This neutral outfit makes me feel comfortable, stylish and still reasonably mommish.

Growing up I had a charm bracelet that my Grandmother would send me charms to every year for different occasions or for different places that we went. I love the reminder that each one brings. I love that charm bracelets and necklaces are coming back right now. This charm necklace from Stella and Dot is so sweet to me because it reminds me of the most important things in my life. The 'N' charm is for Nickels, our family name. I chose a faith charm because that is what I try to live by day by day. And then I chose this sweet baby bootie which symbolizes motherhood to me. Aren't charms so wonderful? Which would you choose for yours?

This week and next I am hosting a Stella and Dot Trunk Show online and you are more than invited. I am hoping we can all get a little Christmas shopping done whether it is for a mom, aunt, friend or Grandmother. You can build your own charm necklace, grab a new scarf or snag a great deal from the sale section.  

My favorite pieces are here, here and here. Also their Black Friday deals start today so be sure to check those too!


How To Wear A Leather Cuff


Wear a leather cuff from ONE ltitle BELT as a scarf accessory-

Wear a leather cuff from ONE ltitle BELT as a scarf accessory-

Wide leather cuff, black and white

Wide leather cuff, black and white

I really love leather accessories. I think I have made clear by now, but what I love even more is when I can wear my favorite accessories in multiple ways! Recently I have been wearing my leather cuff in a new way- did you catch it? On my scarf! Did you know that you can accessorize your scarf with our cuffs? It adds a surprising amount of edge and polish to your outfit.

The cuffs easily wrap around the scarf and snap just like on your wrist. Use it to shape your scarf, hold it just so, or just to accessorize. The scarf I am styling is a long scarf which I tied into an infinity scarf- but you really could wear this cuff on your scarf in so many ways. This is our Thin Black Leather Cuff, but the wide cuff works great too!

Mix a thin leather cuff with other bracelets

How else can you wear a cuff? Try wearing our thin leather cuff stacked with your other favorite arm candy.

Wide brown leather cuff and denim

Or wear our wide cuff alone for a comfortable and basic statement piece.

Which is your favorite way to wear one? I don't think I can choose!


InstaFriday- Back In Business

I'm back with an InstaFriday post today- a condensed version of our week and what we have been up to. It feels like everyone is on Instagram- but I forget that they aren't! I have been terrible at keeping up our family blog (do people still have those?) so these posts are a great way to connect with family and friends (that means you too!). I try to always send these post to my brother in Taiwan so that he can read them too-I forget how much he is missing while he is away on his mission! So- here is a quick update!

Knox is our happy baby. We have never had a really grouchy, colicky or sad baby, but I didn't know happy until I met this kid. It is a wonderful quality to have when you are the third child. He brings us so much joy! 

He is almost six months already and as you can see- he is huge! (This photo was taken after blowing out two outfits at church- he finished church in only a diaper.)  He weighs almost 20 lbs and is literally causing me neck and back problems. The chiropractor is my friend right now. I was doing an exercise DVD the other day and lifting some light weights. I did some bicep curls with my right arm and it was tough, but when I got to my left arm, I was breezing through them! Clearly I carry that chunk of a baby in my left arm and its been building a little muscle!

I love that we have all four seasons here in Missouri. We have had Fall showers, changing leaves and waking up to frost. The kids had a great time when I suggested they go out and play in a warm rainstorm we had the other day. At first they were leery of getting wet, but pretty soon they were just soaked to the bone and loving it!

Speaking of changing seasons- I think the change has finally brought our first bout of the cold and flu. Everyone in our family had it at some point and boy is that exhausting. Thankfully I have good friends who will grab the essentials at the store for me!

With the time change it has been so hard to wait for Dad to get home. I feel like it is so late when it is really only 4:30 in the afternoon! I often succumb to letting them watch a show, but sometimes we get creative and a little crafty.

And sometimes I go crazy and make beautiful desserts out of no where. This was a sick day for us and I was SICK of not getting anything on my list done. My kids are always up for helping me bake so we opted to make an apple pie. It was as delicious as it was pretty and it made me think, "Why don't I made these more often?"

This is Easton's first year in primary and he had his first Primary Program last week. The program is when all of the children at our church memorize a few lines and a lot of songs. Then they perform in front of the entire congregation. Easton's line was "Jesus Christ is our Savior" and he did it perfectly. Poor Kesler had Easton's part memorized too and was a great understudy, but he is too young for the program this year. Next year buddy!

Soren had a birthday recently. We had a mini party and the kids helped with all of the fun stuff such as the opening of gifts and the candle blowing. Even Knox joined in.

I took Kesler to the library the other day while Easton was at preschool and we were on a mission to find books about Knights. After I found the nonfiction section we grabbed a few and he was over the moon about them. Since we never wander to that corner of the library, I also had never seen that there is a KIDS NON FICTION section! Who knew? I felt like the lamest mom ever when I saw all of the great books they had. Where the heck have I been? We scooped up as many books as we could manage and headed to check out. The librarians got a kick as we walked out and Kesler exclaimed, "That was FUN!" Dream come true for them and me!

And I had to throw in a shot of real life. This is just one corner of my corner office. It works best for me to have my computer and such in the kitchen so that I can work randomly during the day- but it is such a mess sometimes- okay most of the time. I can only dream about the day when all of this is at least contained in a real office for me, myself and I.

How did your week go? Any fun weekend plans?

Linking up to InstaFriday at Life Rearranged today.


How to Wear a Chambray Shirt- 9 Ways to Wear Chambray This Fall

A chambray shirt is now considered a staple in the modern woman's closet. In a world of colored and patterned denim, it only makes sense that the basic chambray shirt is everywhere. It has become a necessary top to help balance out all of the crazy pants, skirts, shorts and leggings. But, if you have yet to purchase one, or haven't found many ways to wear one yet, you might be looking for ideas. I've put together round up of the many ways I have worn one with you in mind.

Chambray + Army Green Pants + TOMS
Chambray + Army Green Pants + TOMS

Chambray + Floral denim + Ankle Boots
Chambray + Floral denim + Ankle Boots

Chambray + Colored Pencil Skirt + Belt + Nude Heels
Chambray + Colored Pencil Skirt + Belt + Nude Heels

Chambray + Maxi Skirt + Belt
Chambray + Mustard Denim + Ankle Boots

Chambray + Maxi Skirt + Belt
Chambray + Maxi Skirt + Belt

Chambray + Sweatshirt + Black Denim or Ponte Pants
Chambray + Sweatshirt + Black Denim or Ponte Pants
Chambray + Utility Vest + Tall Boots
Chambray + Utility Vest + Tall Boots

Chambray + Full Skirt + Scarf + Ankle Boots
Chambray + Full Skirt + Scarf + Ankle Boots

Chambray + Plaid Skirt + Flats
Chambray + Plaid Skirt + Flats

What is your favorite way to wear chambray? The possibilities are endless!

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