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InstaFriday- Life is a Party

I have officially entered a new phase of life. I feel like the last week sums it up nicely. If you are on Instagram you saw it unfold- if not I'm glad you are here to catch up. Make sure you catch next week by following @onelittlemomma.

First indicator of a new phase? I got another year older. Yep, I turned 27 and threw a little party to celebrate. We had family over for a pink pig themed party and although the theme was a bit juvenile, I was gifted with all new baking pans and cookie scoops which are such a mom/adult gifts. I remember as a kid wondering why the heck my mom would want a new blender for Christmas. How not fun is that? Well, now I know why and how actually fun it is. To sum it up, I think I am more of an adult/mom than ever. Soren and I had a lovely discussion about how old I look and if I am old, yadda, yadda. He wasn't really thrilled to be a part of that one. It's the first of many I'm afraid hon.

Another new phase- uh having three kiddos. Under 4. Yes, I have had three kids for a few months now, but until now it has been smooth sailing. You see newborns sleep all of the time so they trick you into thinking that having another kid is NBD. And then they wake up. Knox is waking up a lot more during the day and so I am doing a lot more things one handed. Nothing drains my patience like only having one hand and three whiners instead of two. I remember having to adjust to two kids after Kesler was born and now I'm learning to adjust to three. It feels like someone is slowly sucking your free time away and tangibly stretching your patience. Painful.

But look how cute these guys are. Its all worth it. And it is all a matter of how selfish I am feeling. I'm constantly praying a prayer of selflessness and that seems to fix a lot of things.

Blogging and business has been better than ever lately though. I can say that I love my side job so much and am having the time of my life working to grow and build it. New products are coming this Fall that I can't wait for and I'm loving having the outlet. 

And lastly I'm back to trying some good habits. Going to bed a little earlier, getting up a little earlier and getting in a little exercise has been a good change. After being out of shape for so long now I hope I can start a new phase of working out a little more. I want it for me and I want my kids to see me as a strong mom who values exercise.

Have a great weekend!

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What I Wore- Lace Cut Out Sweater and Boyfriend Jeans

slouchy tee, boyfriend jeans, and platform wedge sandals

slouchy tee, boyfriend jeans, and platform wedge sandals

lace cut out back- cute detail on a basic tee. DIY?

This is an outfit I could wear every day! I love how loose it all fits so that it is comfortable, but  it still dressed up enough to feel cute. I love basic pieces with unexpected details like this tee/sweater with the lace back. From the front it is just a basic cotton slouchy tee, but when you see the back you realize that there is more to it.

Both the top and the pants are loose fitting, but proportionately they work well together. They are similar in looseness, but also somewhat fitted. Usually you wouldn't want to wear two baggy items together, but because the sweater is more fitted in the arms and the pants are still fitted in the bum, they work well together. Boyfriend jeans may be intimidating to you, but you just have to find the right pair. I love them because they have a higher rise (coverage!) and are loose enough for all of the moving I do as a momma. When you shop be sure to look for a slim leg and a slightly fitted bum. I also like a little tear here and there, but that is just my style. 

What I Wore- Floral Poncho and Nude Heels

Chic and sweet summer date outfit- sheer floral poncho, black skinny jeans and nude peep toe heels.

Chic and sweet summer date outfit- sheer floral poncho, black skinny jeans and nude peep toe heels. Love the shoes!!

Chic and sweet summer date outfit- sheer floral poncho, black skinny jeans and nude peep toe heels. Love the shoes!!

Chic and sweet summer date outfit- sheer floral poncho, black skinny jeans and nude peep toe heels. Love the shoes!!
Top: Thrifted (Forever 21)
Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Sofft
Cuff: Forever 21

A few weeks back when Soren was on paternity leave, he did a lot of organizing and projects that he had been wanting to get to. One of those was reorganizing the closet and revamping his work wardrobe. He ordered a few things from Sierra Trading Post and then kept finding more projects that could be solved with items from Sierra Trading Post. They have everything for such great deals! I stopped questioning when a box from them would show up because it was always filled with things for him or the house. 

Well, one night he pulled out the latest box and guess what it was full of? Shoes! He had ordered six pairs of surprisingly amazing shoes and had me try them all on and weigh in on my favorite as an early birthday gift. Um, dream come true!! These nude Sofft heels were the ones I ended up loving the most. They are insanely comfortable and so chic. He really knocked my socks off with his taste in shoes! I waited until my actual birthday to wear them so I have been drooling over them in my closet for weeks now. I can't wait to get some use out of them!

What Kids Wore Wednesday Link Party

Welcome to What Kids Wore Wednesday- the link party for kid, toddler and baby style! With school starting I know you all have photos to share of your kids in their new outfits. Be sure to blog about it and share! You'll be so happy you kept a record of it later down the road!

What did my kids wear this week? Knox and I dressed a little bit country this week- he in his overalls and me in my cowgirl boots and a summer dress I thrifted last week. This last week or so he has really started to try and communicate more with us and his little coos are just to die for. What a lovey little baby!

ombre bob, angled cut

denim vest, sun dress and cowgirl boots

denim vest, sun dress and cowgirl boots

denim vest, sun dress and cowgirl boots

denim vest, sun dress and cowgirl boots
Knox: Overalls- Old Navy
Bandana- H&M
Me: Vest- Garage Sale
Dress- Thrifted
Boots- Thrifted (Wrangler)

Our feature this week is from D-Isis.  I am loving this boots paired with a summer dress.... it looks like she and I were thinking alike this week! What a sweet summer outfit! Thanks for linking up!

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What I Wore- Aztec Blue Printed Denim

Geometric blue toned jeans are a fresh take on printed pants- pair with white tee and basic flat sandals

Geometric blue toned jeans are a fresh take on printed pants- pair with white tee and basic flat sandals

Geometric blue toned jeans are a fresh take on printed pants- pair with white tee and basic flat sandals

Geometric blue toned jeans are a fresh take on printed pants- pair with white tee and basic flat sandals
Shirt: GAP
Pants: Kohls
Shoes: Thrifted
Earrings: American Eagle

I don't have much of a story to share except that I almost made the tragic mistake of returning these jeans. I loved them on the rack and then didn't even try them on. Once I got home I did try them and I loved how they fit and how soft and stretchy there were. But did I love the print for the price? They sat out for a few days, staring me down from a chair in my room. They called to me and I slipped them on with a basic white tee and these tribal earrings. And I was sold. They are fab and I can't believe I even questioned them.

Back to School Play Group Party with Disney Planes and Cars


Disney Planes Play Group Party #shop #WorldofCars

I have been in charge of running our play group for the last few years and I'm at it again this year. We had a fun end of Summer pool day a few weeks back, but I thought it would be fun to do something for the little kids to kick off play group once school started back up. My family saw the new movie Disney Planes last weekend and my boys loved it! They are huge Cars the movie fans and talked about Planes the movie nonstop after we saw it. Our playgroup is mostly boys and after seeing the movie I knew that throwing a Planes/Cars party for back to school would be a great idea.

Disney Planes Play Group Party #shop #WorldofCars

I headed to Walmart for our party supplies and decorations and they did not disappoint. They had so many Disney Pixar Cars decorations to choose from and a little bit went a long way! One of my favorite decorations was the Hanging Centerpiece with Banners. It really filled up the room and made it feel like a party!

Disney Cars and Disney Planes party decor #shop #WorldofCars

We have playgroup on Wednesday mornings so I knew that I, and the other moms, would want healthy snacks and minimal treats at that time of day for the kids. Walmart had great premmade trays of fruits and veggies and meat and cheese that made party prep so easy.

Disney Cars and Disney Planes party decor #shop #WorldofCars

How cute are these snack cake planes? Ashley at Apples by Ashley put them together using a Swiss Roll, a Sara Lee Cake, a pretzel, and waffle cones. They were the perfect Planes themed treat!

Swiss Roll airplanes for a Planes themed party #shop #WorldofCars

It was so fun and easy to have a party for the new movie Disney Planes and the other Disney Pixar Cars movies. My kids and the other preschoolers already love Cars, so they loved seeing new Disney Planes characters and hearing about the new movie from my kids. It was a cinch to mix and match movie decorations and easy to find them in one place at Walmart.

Disney Planes party food and table decor. #shop #WorldofCars

The food and snacks were a hit. The kids were sneaking them even before we all ate. Finger foods worked really well for the age group we had. As you can see, Kesler and Easton both wore their Car's shirts in honor of the party.

Disney Planes party food and table decor. #shop #WorldofCars

And like I said, decorating was so easy. I bought some streamers in red and yellow Disney Pixar Cars colors and hung them around. The Disney Pixar Car's party decor packs had cardboard decor to hang up as well.

Disney Planes party food and table decor. #shop #WorldofCars

Tablescape for Planes and Cars the Movie Party- #shop #WorldofCars

Tablescape for Planes and Cars the Movie Party- #shop #WorldofCars

We already own quite the collection of toys from Disney Pixar Cars the movie, but before the party I shopped for some of the Disney Pixar Cars toys and Disney Planes toys that just came out. My boys and all of the kids at the party were so excited to play with the die cast planes and the aircraft carrier from Disney Planes. They were definitely the hit of the party!

Fun new toys from the Disney Planes movie- #shop #WorldofCars

The boys all crowed around and played with the Planes toys for the entire party. It was hard to pull them away and I loved seeing them get along so well together.

Fun new toys from the Disney Planes movie- #shop #WorldofCars

As a party activity I bought Disney Planes stickers and colored paper for the kids to make and decorate paper airplanes.

Make and decorate paper airplanes at a Planes themed party- #shop #WorldofCars

We had fun trying to fly them, but I think this is where the Dads would have come in handy. I'm pretty sure the quality of paper airplanes would have gone up tremendously with a few adult males present.

Make and decorate paper airplanes at a Planes themed party- #shop #WorldofCars

The snacks and treats were happily eaten. Kesler especially liked the Swiss Roll airplanes.

Snack time at a play group back to school Cars and Planes party- #shop #WorldofCars

After snack/lunch the kids all got to decorate a sugar cookie with red, yellow and blue icing and sprinkles. I wanted to make plane shaped sugar cookies, but time and energy ran out before I could make them. Luckily the pre-made ones from Walmart did the job for me. I bought cheesecake for the mommas to enjoy while the little ones went to town decorating cookies. And that was a good decision!

Snack time at a play group back to school Cars and Planes party- #shop #WorldofCars

The kids and moms all had a great time. We all commented on how fun it was to have an unexpected party rather than waiting for a birthday or holiday. The boys and girls loved the Disney Pixar Cars decorations and fun Disney Planes toys to play with. We just might have to make this back to school play group party a tradition!

InstaFriday- A Week to Celebrate

We have been partying it up this week! I swear everyone else has been too- what is it with August birthdays and anniversaries??? It's InstaFriday and I'm here to share a little bit of what we've had going on. You can follow along daily on IG @onelittlemomma.

My mom and I have birthdays that are a week apart so we both love this month. Her's is the 13th so on her birthday I got a babysitter and we went shopping together in the afternoon. She does pretty well at thrift stores herself so we thrifted a little as well as going to Kohl's and Target. Of course I had more luck than she did, but we had a great time getting out. Check out this vintage horse print that I found for the nursery! I had been scouring Etsy and ebay for the right one and just about given up hope. When I least expected it I found it for a steal at Savers. I think it is perfect although Soren is not quite on board yet.

We also went to brunch with my family for my momma's birthday. I didn't get any good photos from lunch, but we ate at the coolest French crepe restaurant downtown. Afterwards we shopped at some boutiques and guess what I found in the toy store? The tinniest pig in this line up. He joined the others on my kitchen widow sill. I hate doing dishes so this pleasant scene cheers me up while I plug through the washing. (Ok, well the spider webs in between the screen and the glass are pretty un-pleasant, but I'll get to those eventually...)

You can blame this next one on Soren. The rope tying Knox on is just too much.

Easton started his last year of preschool this week. We do a co-op of moms as our preschool. I wish there were more kids participating, but there are three of us who do it together. We each teach for two weeks and then trade around. This year is more kindergarten prep than last year so the pressure is on. (Sort of.) Apparently so far the biggest hit is that they get to bring their lunches and eat together. Easton was definitely ready for school to start back up. Doesn't he look like 15? I just love and hate his growing up all at the same time.

Speaking of growing up...check out this chubs! He is a tiny giant wearing 3-6 months clothes. I am so blessed to have a happy, predictable and good baby.

So my birthday was this week too! We are officially celebrating on Sunday with my family, but I was still spoiled on Tuesday, the actual day. Soren watched the kids and made me birthday cards with them while I went running in the morning. I received an email from him with an e-gift certificate for a massage that morning too. While Easton was at school, another friend watched Kesler and I was able to do some shopping semi-alone. (Just with Knox.) Saver's had all of their Summer wear half off for a one day sale so it was like my own personal birthday sale! I found some killer things and had a good time. Not to mention I arrived home just in time to have my favorite Sonic shake dropped off at my door by another good friend. I felt totally loved and celebrated.

I'm sure you know by now that Kesler doesn't go anywhere without that cape. It is his uniform for sure.

Another gift from a friend this week. I LOVE it.

I said we had been partying right? Well we really have because it was also our seven year wedding anniversary on Thursday. For some reason I thought it would be cool to have our anniversary and my birthday close together, but now I realize that was crazy. The celebrations just stack on top of each other! We don't usually do much by way of gifts for each other, but Soren managed to find the perfect one this year. We got a Willow tree figurine of us dancing as a gift at our wedding. After we had Easton and Kesler we added to the bookshelf family by getting the two little boys. Well, Knox's arrival meant we needed to update again. Soren surprised me with a new figurine of a mom, a dad and a baby. I just love how complete our family looks with the baby added. It was such a thoughtful gift.

I'll share more about the birthday festivities next week. I hope you have a great weekend!

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