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Welcome to What Kids Wore Wednesday- the link party for kid, toddler and baby style! There are plenty of parties for mom's to share their own style, but not enough for kids! This is the place to link up your cute kids and share their style.

What did my kids wear?

We went camping with friends over the weekend to Nauvoo, Illinois to visit some historical sites for our church. The kids work basic tees and shorts all weekend and then I got them a little more dressed up for Sunday morning church. Getting dressed for church while camping is difficult, but this is what the boys ended up wearing. Nice Polo's and cargo khakis worked well for church and then they changed their shoes afterwards to go play at the campsite. 

The weekend was so wonderful and we got some great photos that I will share later this week!

What Kids Wore Wednesday Link Up- Polo Style

What Kids Wore Wednesday Link Up- Polo Style

What Kids Wore Wednesday Link Up- Polo Style

This week's feature is from Jennifer at Studio 103. Jennifer is actually a friend of mine and I was hearing about these cute chevron maxi dresses last week while they were in the works! I love pattern mixing of the chevron and polka dots and especially the gray and yellow combo. Great job Jocie!

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What I Wore- Grey, Black and Wedge Sneakers

cropped cardigan, black tee, cropped jeans and wedge sneakers

cropped cardigan, black tee, cropped jeans and wedge sneakers

aviators and wedge sneakers paired with basics

aviators and wedge sneakers paired with basics
Top: Downeast Basics
Cami: Old Navy
Pants: GAP
Shoes: Target
Earrings: Forever 21
Sunnies: Sierra Trading Post

I've noticed myself moving away from the brighter colors lately and sticking to a palette of black, white, denim and gray. Throw in some Army green and I think I could be happy forever in a wardrobe made up of only those colors. I could say that I was going for a monochromatic outfit today by pairing this cardi and basic tee, but really this outfit was all about the shoes- it may be 90 degrees outside, but I am still taking any chance I get to wear them. I was just trying to match my shoes. 

 I wore this last week to a Summer movie with the kids and then to speak at youth night our church. My Mom and I, along with one other woman from church, were invited to sit as a panel of moms for the teenage age girls to ask questions to. We represented different stages in motherhood which was apparent when my mom picked me up and was dressed all cute in black pants, flat sandals, a bright tee and fun jewelry. Then there was me with my edgy hair, wedge sneakers and dressed in grey and black. The first thing she said was, "Well, we look like different kinds of moms don't we?" We laughed and the night went great. It was really fun to answer questions and give my perspective on being a mom of three at 27. I maintain that it is for sure the hardest thing I have ever done, but I am learning more from it than I would from anything else I could be doing with my life right now. It is making me a better person and certainly bringing me joy that can be had no other way. I am so grateful to a mom. Maybe even a cool mom. 

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy, Two Thirty-five Designs, Monday Mingle, and Sunday Style.


Let's Talk Hair

Let's Talk Hair- ONE little MOMMA's hair: front, side and back pics of her cut

Growing up I always had long hair. My Mom was way before her time when she braided and styled my hair everyday in elementary school. Pinterest has nothing on her.  She never let me wear my hair down to school because she didn’t want it in my face or in my way while I did my schoolwork. So naturally I always wanted to wear it down and undone and I never appreciated my braided crowns. I kept my long hair until almost two years ago when I chopped it off into an A-line bob. And I LOVED it. It is the the hair cut meant for me. Who knew I was a short haired kinda girl?

Last Christmas I decided to try and grow it out again, just to my shoulders- but after six months of growing, I was sick of it. So recently I chopped off the back again! My hair is the most commented on topic and the most pinned of anything on my blog so after reading this, I knew keeping it short and edgy was the right thing for me. I love having my hair short as a mom because it ensures that I style my hair everyday and I only have two or three options to choose from. Instead of having to pick my outfit AND how to do my hair, I have eliminated that choice.  I recently had a reader ask me to send her photos of my cut so I thought I may as well share them here too.

These are pics of my growing out stage. The back is slightly angled and the color is ombre from about my ears down.

long bob, ombre

long bob, ombre

long bob, ombre

long bob, ombre

Here are some pics of my most recent cut- quite a bit more dramatic. The back is stacked and I kept as much of the ombre as I could. The left side is also cut longer in the front than the right side for a slightly asymmetrical look.

short ombre hair, stacked

Short ombre hair

Asymetrical ombre bob

If you are wondering how else to style this short of a cut, you can find a few of my hair tutorials below. Each of these styles works great with this hair style or longer.

Headband curl how to


Shop Update: Girl's Basic Silver and Black Glitter Belts

Some of our best selling girls belts are coming back in stock this month. This week the silver glitter and black glitter belts are ready for purchase. These two belts are great staples in any little girl's wardrobe. They work in all seasons and are neutral enough to pair with any outfit. Wear them now and then style them for Fall and Winter as well!


InstaFriday- Thrifting Finds and Shop My Closet

It is InstaFriday again- the day when I do a little family blogging about the happenings around here. You can follow us real time and see more photos on Instagram @onelittlemomma.

For some reason I didn't take very many photos of the family this week. We did fun things like swimming, a barbecue and getting together with friends, but must have been having too much fun to capture it. I did get to spend a little time thrifting this week- my favorite past time. I posted this lovely photo of myself in this jacket for my IG followers to weigh in on. I love having instant feedback as I am shopping. This one was a yes!

This is what I ended up getting that day. I bought a second denim vest- it fits more oversized and will work great in the Fall as a layering piece. The jacket will work the same way. I use to make fun of Soren for how many jackets he has- now I have way more than he does!

 I took Kesler in to get his eyes checked on Saturday. He has always been our more clumsy child, but after he walked straight into a bed frame and a wall in one day we thought maybe we should have his eyes checked. This kid will find the only thing in the room to trip over it and do it in a heartbeat! I was somewhat hoping that his eyes were the problem, although I didn't want to deal with glasses on him. Anyway he was the perfect little patient with perfect vision. Even I was surprised with how well he coorperated, but that meant that I could be sure the doctor was right. We just need to work on the coordination, not his vision. Poor kid.

 The last item this week is that I have begun cleaning out my closet. You may have seen me post this on IG and FB, but these are just some of the items that I plan to post in a Shop My Closet section either on the blog or in an IG store. Do you mind weighing in on your preference? If you were to shop, would you rather it be here through the blog or on IG? I'm hoping to get that project started next week. Thanks for your feedback!

Have a great weekend!


Summer Trend: How To Wear Neon

Trends are tricky. They are fun, short lived and they come around again and again. They also require some customization. Anyone can wear any trend, as long as they make it their own. The neon trend this year is one that I find especially tricky for most women, including myself, to translate to real life.

I have never liked neon and like peplum and hi-lo skirts, I thought this would be a trend for me to pass on. But one morning towards the end of pregnancy I woke up with an inexplicable urge to paint my nails neon yellow. The ONLY thing I felt like doing that day was going to get a neon yellow pedicure (yes I am strange like that). Enter my issue with pedicures- they cost too much and I always think I could have done just as good of a job myself. So alas I did not go to the nail salon. I did however go to the grocery store and by some miracle guess what color I found for a mere $3? The neon yellow to make my dreams come true. (Find it here.)

So, I have been turned on to neon. But there are a lot of colors that fall under the neon category. Are they all okay to wear? Not in my book- neon yellow is the safest option. I don't mind a little hot pink or possibly neon orange- but my advice is to stick with yellow. Also when you wear neon either choose one or two small accessories such as nail polish and a belt or one large item like a scarf or jacket.  Very few people can pull off more neon than that in one look!


Neon by onelittlemomma featuring a gold belt

Neon is so bright and shocking that it is easiest to pair it with neutrals. Stick to one other bright color if you want to avoid only neutrals. Emerald green, tomato red, and cobalt blue all pair well with neon yellow. In the collage below all of the clothing items can be mixed and matched to pair well with neon yellow ballet flats. See how easy it can be?

How To Wear Neon

Oufit Pairings
1. Striped b/w tee, white jeans, ballet flats
2. Chambray, white jeans, ballet flats
3. Nude blouse, white jeans, ballet flats
4. Graphic tee, white jeans, ballet flats
5. Chambray, camo, ballet flats
6. Striped b/w tee, camo, ballet flats
7. Nude blouse, camo, ballet flats
8. Graphic tee, camo, ballet flats

So, have you embraced this trend yet?? Are your toes itching for some highlighter yellow polish now too??

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