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InstaFriday: Three Nickels Boys

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The first thing most people say when they see or hear that I have three boys now is, "Wow, you are going to be busy!" I can tell ya now that it is already the truth. Especially since Soren has been home on paternity leave- making it four boys at home! Kesler and Easton have been loving having Dad home so much lately and definitely been his little shadows. 

I can't express how funny Kesler looked as he 'mowed' the lawn the other evening. With his socks pulled up and sneakers on- plus a little pot belly, he was totally looked like a little grandpa. He is always so expressive too so for whatever reason he had his game face on too. Tough lawn mowing grandpa style. 

Dad has been the inventor of many games these last few weeks- one of which was to hang a climbing rope from the ceiling in the boy's room. I have my fears, but no injuries yet and the boys LOVE it. 

We finally tried out making our own chalk paint. Can I just say that this is one of my favorite toddler activities ever??? It was so easy and the colors were so vibrant. I used this recipe and we used neon and regular food coloring. There was a question of whether it would wash off because of how much food coloring I used and thankfully it did. It stained fingers, but not the driveway.

Dad has been bonding with the newest little guy too- I love this photo of both of them.

I think that 80% of my "extra" energy right now is spent on keeping the house in some kind of order. I can't handle sitting on the couch nursing while I watch the house be torn apart- oh wait, but that is exactly what happens. See below. 

 I'm so proud of Easton and the great big brother he is becoming. He asked me to take his picture with his bike and I happily obliged. 

I'm not a big swimmer, but I do love to go to the pool in a suit and get a tan. Knox has yet to get in yet, but he knows how to sport cute pool duds and relax poolside. 

Have a photo worthy weekend!  Linking up to Instafriday at Life Rearranged.


Trend Spotting: Red, White and Blue

Trend Spotting- Red, White, and Blue

The Fourth of July is almost upon us and although it is fun to wear patriotic colors on the holiday, I have been crushing on red, white and blue all summer. I love the American flag motif that is showing up on clothing, scarves, bags and more. I really think these colors will be fun and fresh to wear all summer. I just bought myself this flag scarf and can't wait to style it up!

How are you wearing this trend?? Check out yesterday's post to see one way that I am wearing it!


What Kids Wore Wednesday Link Party

Welcome to What Kids Wore Wednesday- the link party for kid, toddler and baby style! There are plenty of parties for mom's to share their own style, but not enough for kids! This is the place to link up your cute kids and share their style.

What did my kids wear?

We are mostly in jammies and comfy clothes over here right now- even my older ones have been stuck in their jammies all day lately. Oops. Although I love to get out and do things, it has been nice to be forced to just slow down and live low key for a while. Knox has been a great baby and the boys are so far adjusting very well.

WKWW Link Party

WKWW Link Party

WKWW Link Party
Hat: Little Hip Squeaks, Onesie: Old Navy, Pants: Carters

Our feature for the week is from Mend and Make New. Can you believe how lucky little Isabelle is? Her Nana knitted this darling hat and coat for her! It looks so soft and will be perfect for this fall and winter! Thanks for linking up!

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WIWW- Getting Back to Being Me


Hello tank, chambray shirt, white jeans

Hello tank, chambray shirt, white jeans

red, white and blue summer outfit from ONE little MOMMA
Shirt: Thrifted (Miley Cyrus), Tank: Hello Apparel, Pants: Old Navy Maternity, Shoes: Old Navy

Ok, lets be honest. I have not gotten dressed and put on full make up since these photos were taken last week. I have been down and out with the craziest fever/chills combo for DAYS and finally found out that I have a lovely UTI. So I'm totally not back to being me- like at all. But I'm working on it. I at least showered and blow dried my hair today. 

I am loving this new tank from Hello Apparel. They created these OK tanks and donated the proceeds benefit the victims of the recent tornados in Oklahoma. I have a cousin who lives there and  had to take her family to a shelter multiple times during these tornados. Thankfully they were safe, but I know there are so many other families that weren't so lucky. 


postpartum style, cobalt and khaki

postpartum style, cobalt and khaki

postpartum style, cobalt and khaki
Shirt: Thrifted, Skirt: Target, Shoes: Thrifted (Target), Watch: ONE little MOMMA

Making it back to church has been somewhat successful. I would rather go than stay home so I tried going on Father's day. I opted for a loose blouse which hid things nicely and kept me cool. I came home exhausted- 90% of which I attribute to my choice in shoes. Guess I need to work back into my wedges....

Linking up this week to...Color Blind- Thrifters Anonymous and The Pleated Poppy.

Faux Wood Patterned Crib Sheets: Nursery Decor DIY

faux-bois-crib-sheets1 title

The faux bois or fake wood grain pattern has been trending for at least a year now. I really love it and as I have been decorating my rustic/Western nursery- it only made sense for me to include it. At first I considered drawing the wood grain on one of the walls and then I realized that was crazy. I opted for a much smaller and more manageable surface- the crib sheets.

I bought some basic beige cotton sheets at Target and looked up some faux wood patterns as examples.

Then I took my wide tipped black Sharpie and got to work.

The trick I found was not being too careful or deliberate. It was actually pretty hard to be loose and almost sloppy, but the longer I worked on it the more I got the hang of it.

I love how it turned out! It was so much easier than doing a whole wall, but still added a lot of pattern to the room.




And if that wasn’t enough wood grain for one crib, I found this fabric at JoAnns and covered an extra pillow with it. It was pretty boring until I added some felt arrows. I think it pulled the black in from the sheets really well! 


See other projects from this nursery below.


Design Your Own Applique - {Guest Post}

Hey y'all! I am so very excited to be here at One Little Momma to chat-it-up about babies and tiny things for babies. We all know Kilee is on a baby kick right now, and it's no wonder with her new little snuggly Knox in her arms (who arrived just a few short weeks ago) I am going to show you how I make unique applique shirts and onesies (like I create custom in my shop).  

I am Ashley from Apples By Ashley. I am a creative wife, novice mother, handy crafter and strong woman---pretty much, I'm just like you. I love to share my projects, and maybe inspire a few other strong women in the process. I enjoy blogging about sewing, DIY, fashion, paper crafting, jewelry and creatively thrifting along with some easy recipes and party planning. Feel free to hop over and learn more about me, and my blog, after soaking up cute baby themed posts here at One Little Momma.

Speaking of babies...
Do you know anyone expecting a baby? (of course you do!) This project makes a fun, unique gift for Baby Showers, etc. AND it can be super simple to make and practically take no time at all.

To make a unique applique onesie of t-shirt, you will need:
  • Onesie/t-shirt/article of clothing
  • Cotton fabric of your choice (cotton launders the best, as far as appliques goes)
  • Iron-on adhesive (lite or no-sew strength is up to you)/ iron and ironing board
  • Scissors/pen or pencil
  • Sewing machine/thread (if needed-I’ll explain more about this later)
 -------Okay, here we go!
1.       First, set up your ironing board and plug in you iron. The iron will then be hot after you complete the next step.
2.       Grab a blank onesie, t-shirt, or other article of clothing. Decide what your applique will be (i.e. tie, turtle, skull, star, etc.) Use a piece of paper and draw out the applique, adjusting the size of the design according to the size of your onesie/t-shirt/article of clothing.

3.       Now that your iron is hot, lay out your cotton fabric (right side down) onto your ironing board. Pull out a sheet of iron-on adhesive and cut off a piece that is about ¼” larger (all around) than your desired applique design– use the pattern you made in the previous step to determine size.

4.       Once you have a smaller piece of iron-on adhesive, place it directly onto your fabric with the paper printed side up (see the adhesive backing in the picture above contains part of the brand’s logo). Carefully press the iron over the paper backing until the adhesive melts onto the cotton fabric – you will know this has happened when the paper backing no longer slides on top of the fabric.

5.       Then trace your chosen applique design onto the paper backing. Use sharp scissors (but not your fabric scissors-this could dull the blade) to cut out the shape. Flip the shape over, and admire  your work thus far ;) *hint: if your design should be symmetrical, cut one side of the design first, fold the fabric in half (along the center axis of the design) and then use the first side as a template for the second side - notice the middle crease in the tie below? Yep, this trick works great!

6.       Now lay your article of clothing flat on your ironing board. Sometimes I have to iron the onesie/t-shirt before applying the applique, so that the applique can adhere to a flat surface.

7.       Peel the paper backing off your applique and place the design onto your article of clothing. It will not adhere until heat is applied, so feel free to reposition the applique until you determine exactly where you would like it on the garment. Then apply heat by pressing the iron directly over the cotton fabric design (do not rub or slide the iron on this step, or it could shift the applique and cause adhesive to be exposed and the applique to no longer be where you want it).

**If you are using a ‘no-sew’ fabric adhesive, then you may be done. Yay! Or, if you used a 'lite' bond adhesive, you will need to sew the design down so it can withstand the washing machine. I machine stitch my 'no-sew' adhesive as well, it gives the garment a more polished look. To continue adding details to your applique, following instructions below.

8.       You can create designs that include more than one kind of fabric. In this example, I used strips cut from another cotton fabric print to create stripes at the bottom of the tie. Repeat steps #3-7 or, if you are using smaller pieces of cotton fabric and are securing the fabric with machine stitching, you can use fabric glue to adhere the additional layers to your applique.

9.       Once all fabric is adhered to the article of clothing, you can then turn on your sewing machine and stitch around the applique. Generally I use a straight stitch, or sometimes a zigzag, around the edge of my designs, but you can go as fancy as your imagination (and sewing machine) allows. These are the fancy stitches on my sewing machine:

I used #22 and #17 on the layered stripes, and a regular straight stitch (#1) around the edge of the tie.


10.   Clip all the strings (from your stop and start points of stitching). Remember to flip the garment inside out to clip the strings left by the bobbin as well.

11.   Flip the garment right-side-out, and press again with an iron if needed.
You are finished!
And, if this is a gift, the garment is now ready to be wrapped up pretty and tied with a bow – perfect for that Baby Shower you have on your calendar for next month J
If I was wrapping the present, this is what I'd matter if it was for a boy or girl! You can't go wrong with black and white houndstooth ;)

Here are a few more examples of different applique designs that I have created...
Now you are armed with the ability to spontaneously create a unique item of clothing for someone near and dear to you...or for just about anyone on the street! Since these are so easy and quick to make, you just might not stop :) Wahoo! Now you can design your own applique children's clothing!
Thanks again, Kilee, for inviting me to guest post while you are enjoying the sweet addition to your family!
I'd be over the moon if you would drop by my blog and check out more fun projects like: how-to tailor your jeans to fit your body, peplum top for a preschooler, whimsical mini rosette necklaces or to learn more about an awesome Blog Hop Monthly Challenge for the month of June. You can also find me on Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Pinterest * Google +
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