WKWW- What Kids Wore Wednesday

Welcome to What Kids Wore Wednesday! This is the link party to share your child's style- whether you dressed them or they did. Feel free to share anything you have sewn, crafted, thrifted, refashion, or styled. I can't wait to see what they have been wearing!

What have my kids been wearing?
Graphic tees, athletic shorts and rain boots. Can you tell it is finally Spring around here? I am still working on their summer wardrobes, although honestly this is what they will be in most of the time. Next week I'll have them in a few of my recent thrifting finds for them and hopefully have made some progress on their wardrobes. I CAN say that I have been working on the baby's wardrobe and that is just so much more fun to put together!

This week's feature is little Roman from Super Miss Fits in his little stripes and moccs. I love a baby in stripes- isn't he adorable with his momma?

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SNAP Day 2: Outfits and Lessons Learned (Monetizing, Brand Collaboration and Branding)


Top: Target Maternity, Sweater: Old Navy, Pants: GAP, Shoes and Bag: Thrifted


Shirt and Shoes: Thrifted, Pants: Old Navy Maternity, Blazer: Half of Half

The second day at SNAP was a whirlwind! My 33 week pregnant self was exhausted! I did make it through the entire day in wedges and with plenty of water, caffeine and Tylenol. So many of my dreams came true as I met my blog and business idols (Hello Lisa Leonard!) and worked on getting out of my comfort zone.

(I realize that if you don’t blog or own a handmade business then the class info that I will be sharing this week won’t too applicable. But I’ll have an outfit post each day so feel free to skip the info and just pin the outfit.) 

Monetize Your Blog (Beckie Farrant)
*Your sidebar is premium space. Don’t fill it up with any extras like buttons or other clutter.
*It is better to pay for a sponsored post than to buy sidebar button space on other blogs.
*If you plan to monetize your blog, start now.
*To find an ad network first stop creating and devote time to figuring it out. Ask around and Google search for networks that fit your blog. Don’t be afraid to try a new network.

Collaborating with Brands (Mandi, Kate, Melissa)
*There are many ways to work with brands and sponsors. (Sponsored posts, product review, contractual partnerships, guest blogging, and attending events.)
*Look for brands that are the right fit for you and your readers. Be sure they are brands you love and are relative to your readers. Be sure you really LOVE anything you post about.
*If you take the sponsor out of a sponsored post, would the post still hold it’s own? Be sure to always create valuable content for your readers.
*Start a sponsored post with a story- no one wants to read a commercial.

Branding (Becki and Lisa Bacon)
*Build your brand with consistent fonts, colors and style.
*Connect emotionally with your readers/customers.
*Don’t brand yourself with trends because those change. Brand yourself with logo, patterns, colors or images that really are true to you.
*Where do you envision your logo ending up in the end game? On clothing tags? On a bill board or on packaging? Plan for that.

Check out more info about my classes at SNAP!

Monetize Your Blog, Collaborating with Brands, and Branding


SNAP Day 1: Outfit and Lessons Learned (Google + and Pinterest)



Shirt, Jacket and Shoes: Thrifted, Pants: Old Navy Maternity

The first day of my first blog conference was a bit nerve wracking, but thankfully it was filled to the brim with classes and events so there wasn't too much time to feel awkward or think too much about things.

(I realize that if you don’t blog or own a handmade business then the class info that I will be sharing this week won’t too applicable. But I’ll have an outfit post each day so feel free to skip the info and just pin the outfit.)

Google + (Carolina Moore)
* Why be on Google +? To be more findable on the internet. Anytime someone in your circle +1’s you it counts as a vote or a seal of approval from them. Google + also hasn’t exploded yet so now is the time to start creating your space there.
*Everything you share on Google + will be seen by whichever circles you share it to. It doesn’t discriminate what your friends see like Facebook does.
*Hash tags work on Google + just like on Instagram and Twitter.
*Google + has many different services like photos, hangouts, event pages, and circles. You don’t need to use all of them but some of them can really benefit everyone.
*Video chats on Google + are a great way to easily publish to You Tube without all of the post production work.
*The best way to grow a following on Google + is to be active, post about trending topics, use trending hash tags and join communities.

Pinterest (Jamielyn Nye and Heather Thoming)
*Ways to hook Pinterest browsers quickly: use vertical photos, rename your photos, use great descriptions, put your website in your caption, use a call to action, and be sure your photos are clean while using negative space well.
*Build your brand on Pinterest by building your boards full of pins that fit your brand. Be sure people can trust what you are pinning.
*Stick with three fonts and a similar graphic design style for all of your project photos. This will allow you to be recognizable.
*Name your Pinterest boards with obvious, not creative, names. Also use the descriptions of your boards to stick in all of the key words that make up that board’s topic.
*Always be the original pinner. Don’t repin. Go to the source and pin from there.
*The best times to pin are 7-11 am EST and 7-11 pm EST on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Saturday morning also does well.
*Putting the price in the description of a product makes it 33% more likely to sell.

This week you will be reading info on the rest of my classes. I'll update these links as the posts go live this week.

Google + and Pinterest


Queen Bee Market Giveaway- $200 Worth of Handmade Prizes!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have been spammed to death with photos of the Queen Bee Market last Friday. The Queen Bee Market is a darling vendor event for handmade items of all kinds. I captured every detail on Instagram because I was in a contest for the evening. (Whoever posted the most photos won. 88 photos and some swollen ankles later- I won!) Here are a few of the pics I snapped of the market.

This gathering of handmade goodness is fun to browse through... and even more fun to shop at! I partnered BlogPrizes.com and some of my blogging friends to give YOU a chance to win some of the hottest items at the Queen Bee Market. And I really mean HOTTEST. Several of these items were sold out before the show was over, and a couple sold out very shortly after it started!

  win 200 of handmade awesome from the queen bee market

One winner will be getting a box filled with all of this!
Be Kind Sign - Evie Ivy Engraved Cutting Board - Alexis Mattox Design Camera Strap - August Blossoms Cupcake liners, straws, and cookie cutter - Bake it Pretty Aqua Bracelet - Hoop-la Crochet Rose - Made by Jewls 3 Bars Handmade Soap - Karol's Handmade Soap White Flower Earrings - Love Stitched Heart Necklace - The r House Couture Moustache Covered Notebook - Ameroonie Designs Leather and Fabric iPad Case - Sage & Harper 3 Lip Balms - Kustom Kissers

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget found below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


InstaFriday: Mom Leaves Town

The preparations for a mom to leave town are unbelievable  By now you know that I was out of town for a four day trip to Salt Lake City for a blogging conference last weekend. I was so excited to go and so were all of the other attendees. Reading the forums and on Instagram about everyone else’s preparations put the pressure on! Not only did the meals and babysitting and general life arrangements need to be made- but perfect outfits and business cards and roommate gifts had to be planned too!

I tried to stay away from the pressure, but admit I caved a few times as I bought a few new items of clothing, a cute notebook and THREE pairs of shoes! I went into the thrift store looking for a pair of black flat sandals and came home with all of these babies! I couldn't say no to any of them! Could you???


Soren was on Dad duty while I was gone and he always has so much fun with the boys. This is before I left, but a great example of quality Dad time. He had both kiddos out in work gloves, harnesses, ropes, and other climbing equipment. They were learning to work together and help each other climb the rocky lots near our house. How darling are they??


Right before I left we celebrated my brother Logan’s 15th birthday. I can’t say enough how fabulous it is to live near family. My boys were pretty excited to help him sing, blow out candles and open all of his gifts.



And here we have the moments leading up to me walking out the door. One of these doesn't belong…could it be the enormous industrial suitcase next to the two cute vintage ones? I knew we would be bringing back a lot of extra items from our trip so that huge suitcase has a smaller one packed inside along with all of my belongings. Next week I’ll be posting all about what I wore to SNAP! and tidbits of what I learned. I can’t wait to share!


Have a photo worthy weekend!  Linking up to Instafriday at Life Rearranged.

Chambray Dress- Maternity Style

This dress was given to me for review, but all opinions and statements are my own.

When I picked this dress out from eShakti for Spring I couldn't wait to style it. It is such a blank slate- a dress with great bones. This chambray dress can go from Spring to Summer to Fall with a few different accessories and a simple change of shoes.






Dress:eShakti, Shoes and Clutch: Thrifted, Belt: Forever 21

I love my other dress from eShakti- they have been so great to work with while pregnant. Each dress I have ordered has been custom sized for my measurements and fits perfectly. These are few of my other favorite styles from eShakti this Spring- I'd love to style all of them!

Their styles are always changing, so it is always fun to browse their site. If you have a party or an event or just need a new dress- check out eShakti!

Plus-sign up with eShakti and get $25 off your first purchase!


What I Wore Wednesday- Lace, Plaid and a Wide Leg




IMG_7087bTop: Eddie Bauer, Jacket: Thrifted, Pants and Shoes: Old Navy, Clutch: Garage Sale

If you haven't already noticed, I like to make a lot of non-maternity items work while pregnant. My jean jacket is one you have seen often. Denim jackets are perfect while pregnant or not and you don’t have to go buy a maternity one. My gray lace top also isn’t maternity because I bought it in a size (or two!) up. With a maternity basic tee underneath it fits great. I did buy a pair of white maternity denim, although as a mom I don’t wear them everyday. And then nude heels and a color pop clutch pull it all together. I love how pulled together this look is and that it only requires really one or two actual maternity pieces.



short-ombre-hairShirt: Motherhood Maternity, Cardigan: GAP (altered here), Pants and Shoes: Old Navy

This top is one of the few that I own from Motherhood and it is one of my favorite maternity tops. The plaid and the cut are a little retro and remind me of summer. I don't think it looks maternity and I am sure that there are similar non-maternity shirts out there with the same look and cut to work well during pregnancy. 



Jacket: Thrifted, Shirt: Downeast Basics, Pants: Thrifted (GAP), Shoes: DSW, Watch: ONE little MOMMA

And yet another outfit of non-maternity items. I am bringing back the wide leg chino with these 2005 GAP chinos that I bought at the Goodwill Outlet. They are a larger size than I normally wear and so comfy. I love the muted orange paired with my trusty jean jacket and a basic fitted white tee. Thoughts on a wide leg?


WKWW-What Kids Wore Wednesday

Welcome to What Kids Wore Wednesday- the link party for kid, toddler and baby style! There are plenty of parties for mom's to share their own style, but not enough for kids! This is the place to link up your cute kids and share their style.

This week's style inspiration from ONE little BELT is cool and casual. I don't know about where you are, but it has been pretty wet and cool around here. At least a sweatshirt and some kind of shoe have been required. This is the perfect way to wear mocs into Spring and still dress in light layers. 
Keeping It Cool- Toddler Style

What did my kid's wear?

I bought the boys blue oxford shirts to wear for Easter this year. Usually they wear a white shirt every Sunday like Dad with a ONE little BELT tie, but I’m getting a little tired of the same old. Can I tell you how excited I was about blue shirts?!? Seriously as a mom of boys- it is the little things that are a big deal because there are such fewer options for boys! Unfortunately we were sick Easter Sunday and didn’t get to wear them until later. I know this is pretty basic, but a crisp blue oxford shirt with a belt and some dressy jeans is hard to beat. Classic.



Shirts and Jeans: GAP, Kesler shoes: Target, Easton shoes: GAP, Belts: ONE little BELT

This week's feature is from Mi Pancita. I love this darling printed poppy tunic with basic gray leggings. What a doll!


Want to link up? Here are some guidelines…
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2. please only link kids' outfit related posts. no giveaways or unrelated crafts.
3. feel free to link back here to me so that WKWW makes sense to your readers. grab a button from the sidebar (see the code box?).
4. check out as many links as possible! and comment! we all LOVE a comment!

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