Trend Spotting: Honeycomb

One trend that I am feeling coming on this year is a return to geometric prints, including the honeycomb. Something about these repeating hexagons really draws me and I can’t wait to see it expressed in homes, fabrics, fashion and art this year.
Trend Spotting: Honey Comb

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WIWW- Thrifting Finds

I’ve had so much luck thrifting in these last few weeks- it has been fun to style my finds. Nothing like having new things to wear as your size is going up and out. This military jacket is my favorite new jacket and couldn’t be more my style. The fur is removable, but it is so cozy right now in the cold! I also found this hooded gray maternity sweater which is so comfortable and I’m sure will be worn a lot this year!
                IMG_4224b  IMG_4258b
Jacket: Thrifted (American Eagle), Shirt: Thrifted (GAP), Pants: GAP, Shoes: Minnetonka
One of my go-to maternity style equations is a fitted tee, a long cardigan or jacket and skinnies. Often I will belt the cardigan or throw on a necklace.
Shirt: Eddie Bauer, Pants: Target, Shoes: Thrifted (LL Bean)
This is a similar outfit with a maxi dress instead. I have on leopard flats too which you can’t see, but black, orange and leopard make a color palette.
Jacket: Target, Dress: F21, Shoes: Target
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Have a wonderful wardrobe week!

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WKWW-What Kids Wore Wednesday

It is What Kids Wore Wednesday! This is the place every week where mommas come together to share their love of children's fashion. Maybe you don't love to show off your own outfits, but everyone loves to brag about their little ones. Feel free to share what you have styled, thrifted, or refashioned for your little one!

This week's style inspiration from ONE little BELT is fun, boyish, and creeping up on Spring. I love this color of chino of boys and it seems only natural to pair it with some other fun brights like teal and orange.
Boyish Brights

What did my kids wear this week? We went bowling with my parents and all sported some awesome bowling shoes. These camo pants are my favorite pants on little Kesler- they are such a great neutral with a print. I feel like they go with anything! Someday I’ll own a pair myself… put that on the thrifting list!


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Kid's Craft- Watercolor Doilies for Valentines' Day

Valentine Watercolor Doilies- ONE little MOMMA
I am a sucker for all things doily. I have used them on my living room pillows and just love any doily repurpose project. When I saw these paper heart doilies in the Target dollar section and I knew we could definitely find a craft for them at home.
While I worked on another project, I pulled out my watercolors and got Easton started painting them. He is used to tempera paint and had a hard time adjusting to using so much water and so little paint, but he did well. He also did NOT want to stick to my suggestion of reds, pinks and purples for Valentine’s Day so we went with it.
When Kesler woke up from his nap he took a turn with a few and I finished them off. The paint would have taken better to the back side of the paper doilies than the slightly glossy front, but it worked well enough. We let them dry on a cookie sheet in a reasonably flat manner.
Once they were dry I strung them through with a piece of twine to make a few banners for the house. We don’t have a lot in the way of Valentine’s Day d├ęcor, but these are definitely my style. They are a little rustic, homemade, and obviously great because they are doilies.
These would have been fun hung vertically in a doorway or a window too. Or just taped to a window. No matter how you display them, they are an inexpensive, easy, holiday craft to do with your kiddos (or yourself!)

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Shop Update: Behind the Scenes

2013 has been a busy year already in the shop. I’ve been busy with orders and thankfully had some help! My Mom started helping me sew ties in December and what a blessing! We can get so much more done together. We snapped a few photos the other day of how things go around here.
We often sew when the kids are sleeping and Easton is at a friend’s house. But if we are *lucky*, we have a few helpers around. (Like the pajamas? They were a gift from my Mom that day so they had to be put on immediately- obviously!)
Does anyone else do their work in their bedroom? Yep, that is where my sewing station is- for now.
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InstaFriday-Kitty Trauma

I am working on checking things off on my long list of pre-baby to-dos. So, I finally took our kittens in to be fixed. Honestly I felt terrible for not taking them in sooner and then I felt terrible for doing it to them. I knew it was the right thing to do, but talk about a traumatic event! I certainly couldn’t have planned for how it went.
I was supposed to take the cats in before 8 am so it was a little bit of a pain to get everyone up and out by then. (We don’t do early around here yet.) I don’t have a cat carrier so I put them both in a cardboard one that we had borrowed from a friend. Well, before we even made it out the neighborhood, Gunner had scratched an opening in the box through the air holes and both kittens escaped into the van. The next thing I knew they were nervously under my feet, on my lap and crawling up my back. Lovely.
So when we got to the vet and I told Easton, “Stay in the car with the kitties. Don’t open the door until I get back.” I went in and filled out two minutes worth of paperwork. Turning around to go get everyone out of the car, I see Easton CHASING Soxie around the parking lot- and sobbing! Aye, aye, aye! I ran out and caught Soxie and basically threw her inside to the vet and went back for Gunner. He happened to be hiding in the rose bushes and its 15 degrees outside. Once I caught him and threw him inside too, I had to deal with my freezing, traumatized three year old. We all got back in the warm van and I found out that Easton had found my missing pot holders in the van and wanted to come and tell me. Soxie just happened to get out when he opened the door. I felt so bad for him! Luckily it wasn’t anything that a little hot chocolate from QT couldn’t fix. 
Both cats are home now and doing great. I was afraid they would hold some type of grudge, but instead they have been crying to be held and petted. I can’t complain about that. We are just glad they are home and I’m especially glad we won’t have to worry about any more kittens in the future. Two is plenty and perfect.
And about the spell check suggests Sexier instead of Soxie….name change in the future??
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My Top 4 Wardrobe Pieces To Bring into 2013

As we look forward to 2013 fashion and prep for Spring, I want to discuss my top four wardrobe staples from the last year. (Yes, four is random, but I wanted to keep it simple!) I cannot see an end in sight for any of these pieces, so keep styling what you already have and feel free to pick up any of these that you have missed!

Wardrobe Stapes

1. Leopard Flat- I have worn the heck out of my Snow Leopard TOMS this last year and just picked up a pair of Target leopard ballet flats because this type of shoe is so versatile! This shoe can go with any of the following wardrobe items, as well as with almost any color. They are a great way to add a punch of print to an outfit.

2. Black Mid-weight Scarf- I love a black scarf for almost all seasons. You can pair it with a nautical stripe or floral print in the spring or tweed and textures in the fall and winter. The easiest way to wear one is to pair it with a print that has some note of black or gray in it.

3. Striped Top- The black and white thin striped top has been hot for the last few years. I still love it, but you can go with a navy or even dark brown  stripe too. This is a great piece for layering and pattern mixing. Once again you can wear it with all of our staples listed here. Like leopard- this pattern goes with every color so it is seasonless!


4. Fitted Jean Jacket- I will always wear a jean jacket, but these came back onto the mainstream fashion scene last year. They are perfect for colored or printed jeans and cords. You’ll see them with maxi dresses and skirts, shorts, and even yep, even sequins again this year. Choose whatever wash you prefer and as long as you keep it fitted you can’t go wrong.


Any favorite staples you’ll keep wearing out this year? If you have been on the edge, don’t be afraid to take the plunge and invest in at least one of these items in 2013!

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