Shop Update- Birch and Leather Earring Holder

My favorite accessories are earrings. I would choose dangly earrings over any other piece of jewelry anytime and thus own many pairs. Since this collection started, my earrings have always been in a constant state of chaos- mostly in Ziplock bags. Ziplocks aren’t exactly my style, but I have looked for other solutions and always come up short.
The earring/jewelry stands don’t work for me because they always take up precious counter space which I need for my overflowing hair and makeup supplies. A few years ago I made a picture frame/wire screen earring holder and it worked alright. It displayed the earrings, but the hook backs always hit against the wall and pushed the earring out of the screen material and onto the floor. Eventually the earrings all migrated back to the bathroom counter and their baggies.
Well, lucky for me, my husband loves to make things. He also loves to solve problems, so for Christmas he made me a new earring holder! He designed this leather and wood earring holder himself and not only does it work fabulously, it also could not be any cooler looking. (He knows how much aesthetics matter to me!)
The earring holder is crafted out of birch plywood (like our growth charts) and full grain leather (like our belts) There are angled slots across the length of the wood which are filled in with strips of leather. The leather has been punched with evenly spaced holes across the entire length making an infinite number of holes for earrings. The leather really grabs the earring post as it is inserted and prevents them from falling back out on their own. Genius!
The slots of the top of the board are closer together for studs and very small earrings. Farther down the wood, the slots are farther apart for all of my dangly earrings. I love that I can pick anywhere to hang my earrings and that I am not limited by the number of holes or where the holes are for the earrings to hook into. It makes it really easy to display my jewelry like tiny pieces of art. Speaking of art, doesn’t this earring holder have such and Anthropologie feel to it?? Totally my style.
We have talked about putting these earring holders in the ONE little MOMMA* shop this year. We could easily offer different sizes or stains. Thoughts? I’d love to hear if there is any interest!
*Yes, I know the shop has been empty for a while now. We will have more of our Chain Statement Watches in the near future. And I have a few other fun plans up my sleeve… you know since we aren’t busy enough!
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  1. what a smart idea! it's functional AND looks great. hubby did a great job!

  2. Love this! Keeps little fingers from touching them too... My boys are always into my jewelry!

  3. YES! PLEASE-OH-PLEASE PUT THIS IN YOUR SHOP! I desperately need something like this, and I'm currently a Ziploc baggie user! HaHa

  4. Very Anthro and I think these would be great sellers as well :) I love anything woodworking related so maybe I'm biased ;) I am actually in the process of getting a shop off the ground with two family members doing all wood items. Can't wait for it all to finally come together.

  5. Way to go Soren. Seriously, I couldn't love this or want it any more than I do. So awesome. If you don't sell them in the shop, then I'm privately commissioning him to make me one!