WIWW- Big, Big News

Hey all. I'm writing this post sitting next to my piles of folded laundry and guess what my pile(s) consist of? Pajamas. Want to know why?

Its true- BABY #3 is on the way!!! I'm due June 7th and we are definitely excited! I have been sicker this time around than my previous pregnancies and I'm crossing my fingers that a sicker momma = a baby girl. I've had pretty low motivation to get dressed in any stylish way lately but hoping it passes soon. (You have no idea how badly I wanted a 'blog worthy' shot of our family costumes- but really it wasn't feasible at all. Sorry!)

I do have one outfit to share. If you follow us on FB you will remember this top. (And the debate about how to alter it!)

Well I finally got around to it! I ended up taking in the sleeves and the sides for a more fitted look. Honestly my tailoring skills wouldn't have led me much farther.

Anyone else tried the black socks with black shoes look? I kind of love it.
 IMG_9577b   IMG_9561b

Top: Thrifted and altered by me, Skirt: Kohl's, Shoes: Target, Necklace and Watch: ONE little MOMMA

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Have a wonderful wardrobe week!

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WKWW- What Kids Wore Wednesday Link Party

Welcome to What Kids Wore Wednesday Party! This is the place to link up photos of your stylish little ones. I know some of you momma’s don’t like to showcase your closet, but you know your kids are always cute!  Feel free to share what you have styled, thrifted, sewn or repurposed!

This week's style inspiration from ONE little BELT is for your little man. My husband is a flannel and plaid kind of guy so I can totally see my little guys in this handsome little shirt jacket.

Warm Little Man

What did my guys wear this week? Well, I happened to make it down to H&M this week and had a little luck finding some things for the boys. How cool is this blue button up on Easton? He LOVES blue and gets surprisingly excited about new clothes so it was fun to share it with him. We finally made it out to the pumpkin patch, but it was cold! I snapped these shots and then jackets went on. (I’ll share Kesler next week.)


Top: H&M, Pants: GAP, Shoes: Saucony

What did your kids wear this week?

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2. please only link kids' outfit related posts. no giveaways or unrelated crafts.
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4. check out as many links as possible! and comment! we all LOVE a comment!

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Curious George Birthday Party- Simplified

Last week my youngest turned two and we had a little family party with just us and my parents and siblings. I have had a lot going on lately (like a fridge breaking down!) and I wanted to have a cute party, but not fuss too much over it. I decided on a Curious George theme because George is one of Kesler's favorite characters. I did a few Pinterest searches and then searched the stores for anything Curious George. Turns out no one carries anything in that theme right now so I  had to wing it.
I went with red, yellow and blue as my theme and added in a bit of George here and there. Since we had a family dinner I didn’t do much for snacks, but we had chips and dip, no-bake cookies and Curious George cupcakes. Table decorations included bananas, mini-bananas, a Curious George book and of course George himself.
The garland I made out of the leftover images that I had printed for the cupcake toppers. I just strung them on some twine and used our chalkboard as a backdrop.
The cupcakes were just chocolate cupcakes with yellow buttercream frosting. Easton helped me cut out and tape the Curious George heads to popsicle sticks for cupcake toppers. He loved helping! (Can you spot the upside down George?)
PBS Kids website had a lot of cute party ideas including these printable party hats. We printed them on cardstock and made them ourselves for everyone.
For the dinner table d├ęcor I stuck with the primary colors and then used the cups and plates to make ‘yellow hats.’ I wrapped electrical tape around the edge of the cup and easy-peasy just flipped them over.
The party turned out great. My kids were happy, it was just cute enough and it was easy to do! My kind of party.

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Shop Update and Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered last week's giveaway from Blue Bird Bride! The winner is
Ashley Elaine who said:

"favorite on etsy & I love the Tear Drop Faceted Statement Necklace"
This week's shop update is about our Wooden Ruler Growth Charts. Did you know ONE little BELT sells growth charts for your little ones? (That reminds me- we still need to mark Kesler's height since he just had a birthday!)
The charts come in a Golden Pecan or Special Walnut stain.
We have a new stain option available for a limited time- Weathered Oak. This stain looks amazing on this limited time Poplar hardwood growth chart. The gray, weathered look is perfect for the vintage/modern home.
We can often do a custom stain as well! Any stains that you would like to see? I have been contemplating a whitewashed chart…..thoughts??

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Instafriday- Party Time

Happy Friday! Its Instafriday where I share a little about our family’s week through only cell phone photos. We had a week of lots of partying. Let me tell you, it was quite the party Friday night as we tried to figure out what was wrong with our fridge that wouldn’t cool. And it was even better when we thought we had it fixed and it broke again on Saturday night. Luckily, we fixed it on Tuesday.
Saturday we celebrated Kesler’s 2nd birthday with a family party. He loves Curious George so naturally the theme was such and although it was low key, we had fun with it.
The best part of the party was opening gifts. We had adopted two kittens the night before and left them at my Mom’s house for the day. She brought them over for the party and they were “wrapped” in a big box. Kesler and Easton opened the box together and were both so surprised! These kittens have been so much fun.
Soxie is the girl with white feet and Gunner is the dark gray boy.
Kesler had a great time blowing out his candles and eating cupcakes with everyone. He is such a joy to celebrate a birthday with.
We just love these curious kittens.

Have a photo worthy weekend!

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Fall Hydrangea Wreath Tutorial


Fall Hydrangea Wreath tutorial

I fell in love with this wreath on Pinterest months ago. It is very similar to the lavender and lime hydrangea wreath that I use for spring and I pinned it in hopes of buying or making it this fall. Well buying it was out of the question once I tracked it down on Etsy. I started looking for supplies to make it for cheaper.

I ended up being able to make it for cheaper, but not for cheap. Based on the ‘cheaper’ cost, this wreath will be on my door for every Fall until I die, but I LOVE it and am thrilled with how it turned out. Here is a little tutorial of how I made it. (Excuse the poor phone photo quality- I can’t find my zoom lens.)

Fall Hydrangea Wreath Tutorial- ONE little MOMMA

Supplies: Nine Hydrangea Stems (bought mine at Hobby Lobby for 50% off)
              18” wreath form
              1” wide ribbon
              Hot Glue
              Wire Cutters

I started by taking the heads off all of the stems and arranging them in the order I wanted.

Fall Hydrangea Wreath Tutorial- ONE little MOMMA

I then hot glued each flower into place. I put some glue on the stem and shoved it down into the wreath frame for extra security.

Fall Hydrangea Wreath Tutorial- ONE little MOMMA

After the flowers were in place, I cut off about 12 leaves from the leftover stems to glue behind the flowers around the inside and outside of the wreath. I tried to be random and not too perfect when I placed them.

The last piece was to tie the ribbon to the wreath. I used the ribbon as the hanger on my wreath hook and it took several attempts to get a proper bow.

Fall Hydrangea Wreath tutorial

Fall Hydrangea Wreath tutorial

Like I said, I just love how it turned out! It cost me about $40 in supplies to make it and obviously I have leftover ribbon. Do you put up wreaths year round? How do you decorate the outside of your home for Fall?


Five Easy and Chic Ways to Tie a Scarf

I shared this tutorial a few weeks ago at Sugar Bee Crafts where I am the fashion contributor, but I wanted to make sure to share it with you all too!
I love scarves, especially in the Fall. I almost always have one with me because it's like a mini-blanket. They make great accessories and keep me warm. I want to share five ways that I wear my scarves. There are SO many ways to tie a scarf (just search on Pinterest!), but I stick with a few that are tried and true.
1. Looped Once: This is my favorite way to wear a scarf. It's easy, warm and the drape looks great. One tip is to hold opposite corners of the scarf before wrapping it. Then it will drape with angled ends, not straight ones.
2. Infinity Scarf: Instead of buying a specific looped scarf, I tie the ends of my scarves together to create an infinity scarf shape. Just be sure to hide the tails into the body of scarf behind your neck.
3. Halter Vest: I just learned this trick last week from a friend. The scarf creates a draped vest with only one tie.
To get this look, tie your scarf in a large loop. Put it around your neck and both arms through. Tuck the fringe in the front and adjust the drape. Voila!
492b 498b 500b
4. Belted Scarf: You heard me- belt your scarf! I love this look, especially with a pencil skirt . Just tie or buckle a skinny belt around your scarf and pull the top to create a blouson look. Its unexpected and very chic.
5. Twisted Knot: I’m not sure of the technical name for this knot, but it is a basic scarf knot with a twist. It adds a little more volume to the top and the knot.
To get this look, fold your scarf in half. Wrap it around your neck and put one end through the loop you created with your fold. Then twist that loop and pull the other end through the remaining loop. Voila!
Have you been wearing scarves this fall? Which is your favorite look? I challenge you to try a new one!
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