Instafriday- Mom's Time Out

This week’s Instafriday edition is a glimpse of my time out- away from the house- at Time Out for Women. Time Out for Women is a religious weekend conference meant to inspire, uplift and renew women. I went last year in KC and decided to make a trip out of it this year when it was in St. Louis.
My Mom, our friend and I drove to St. Louis on Friday. We met another one of our good friends and went to Friday evening’s program. We then spend the night at a hotel and went to more classes all day Saturday. The speakers and music were definitely uplifting, surprisingly hilarious, and so inspiring. I left feeling like I have a lot to improve on, but that I can do it.
One of my favorite things I heard was that “letting our weaknesses show allows others to see the Lord work in us.” (James Ferrell) Sometimes we all try to put on such a perfect front and it looks to others like we can do it all. In reality we can’t do it all and letting other people see that helps them and us.
Another thought I loved was, “Greatness is best measured by how well an individual responds to the happenings in life that appear to be totally unfair, unreasonable, and undeserved.” (Marvin J Ashton) Everyone has hard situations in life and often I find it really hard to respond happily or optimistically to this kind of hard stuff. This quote really rang true though.
The theme for the conference was Choose The Good. One last thought that hit home for me was that, “Good is not always in our comfort zone.” (Emily Watts) I am the first to admit that I LOVE my comfort zone, but its hard to grow there. Its true that we can do a lot of good if we leave our comfort zone and stop thinking about ourselves.
We drove home after the conference and our only complaint was four more hours of sitting in the car. We did a LOT of sitting over the two days. We stopped at a mall to walk around mid-drive and grabbed some smoothies. I was the only one who thought it was awesome that our smoothies matched our outfits. Leave it to the fashion blogger.
Have a photo worthy weekend!

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Trend Spotting: Beauty Favs

This week I want to share a few of my favorite products. This isn’t a sponsored post; I genuinely LOVE all of these products and use them daily.
First up is my favorite lip gloss/lipstick. Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter. This stuff is the best. It comes in many colors and feels like super smooth chapstick when you put it on. I own four colors right now and wear one everyday. My favorites are Tutti Fruitti (perfect orange-red), Creamsicle (peach), Crème Brule (shimmery taupe), and Red Velvet (burgundy). You have got to try it!
I just picked this up this week to try. I don’t buy expensive make-up, but I have been noticing that my foundation/bronzer/blush doesn’t stay on all day. I have to reapply in late afternoon before my hubby gets home (if I get to it). This primer wasn’t too expensive and it really does make my make-up last longer. I love that it reduces shine as well.
I love to paint my nails and toes. You’ll never see me without polish at least on my toes. This base and top coat have been lifesavers. The base coat is called Stickey and it makes my polish stay without chips for at least three extra days. Its amazing. My toes never chip anymore. The top coat is called Super Shiney and it really shines! It looks like I have had my nails done professionally. Well, almost, but you get the picture.  CND Super Shiney Top Coat and Stickey Base Coat.
duo 2
If I need my hair to last another day without showering this is the dry shampoo that I love. It adds a lot of volume as well as soaking up oils. It also works great to get rid of hat hair. If I am feeling cheap, I also use Suave’s dry shampoo, but I really miss the added volume from Big Sexy Hair’s Volumizing Dry Shampoo.
This conditioner has been my favorite for a while now. I’m sure there are others that are more expensive, but this John Frieda Full Repair Conditioner has worked wonders on my over processed and heat styled hair. The shampoo is wonderful too, but at least try the conditioner. Its not heavy either.
Do you have any new or old favorite products to share? I love recommendations!

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WKWW- What Kids Wore Wednesday

Welcome to What Kids Wore Wednesday. Did you have fun with kid style this week? This is the link party to share how you have styled your little one. Maybe you sewed or repurposed something for them too? We'd love to see it!  Maybe it will even motivate you to buy some cute fall clothes or to start sewing something!


Starting off this week with a little bit of fall fashion inspiration for your little girl. I love all of the tortoise accessories out right now so I had to include this little ballet flats. Pair a striped sweater and a complimenting belt with a pair of legging jeans and finish it off with cute flats. This outfit would be perfect for shopping with mom, family photos, or going out to lunch with Mom or Dad.

Sassy Toddler Style

What did my kiddos wear this week?

Well, I would love to take my kids dressed up cute to a field or a grassy meadow for a photo shoot, but life is too crazy right now. So in an effort to be real, we are doing our photo shoot in our driveway for the 10 minutes after church. My little guys are still just as cute and hopefully you all understand the dilemma.

I went to a women’s retreat this weekend and came home to find that my hubby had cut the boys’ hair. He trimmed Kesler’s, but he chopped off all of Easton's! It is growing on me and it does look darling with this military sweater I picked up for him at Target last week.

Shirt: Target, Pants: GAP, Shoes: Stride Rite
A little dancing never hurt.
Kesler- Shirt: The Children’s Place, Pants: Old Navy,  Belt: ONE little BELT, Shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Kesler wasn’t in the mood for photos though. What’s new? Do your kids refuse to cooperate too? I’m bettin’ so.

I picked Kesler up in hopes of cheering him up. We scoped out the new Halloween décor our neighbors put up across the street. Inspired, we marched inside and put up ours.

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WIWW- Military Style

Hey there. Welcome to What I Wore Wednesday. While I do write somewhat of a fashion blog, I don’t do outfit posts everyday. On Wednesdays I post almost everything I wore that week. Hopefully it pushes me in my style and inspires you in yours.
This week I have been wearing my military jacket like crazy. Mine is pretty light weight so its perfect for the evening temperatures right now. I have styled it in three different ways.
The first way I wore it was as a third layer on top of a top and a vest. I love the pattern that the vest adds and the red jeggings with tall boots. The army style jacket added another great neutral to the outfit.
IMG_7966b  IMG_7983b  IMG_7978b  
Top: TJ Maxx, Vest: made by me, Jeans: Gap, Boots: American Eagle (OLD!), Jacket: Eddie Bauer
I have been inspired by a lot of looks on Pinterest lately with mustard and stripes paired. This was an easy outfit for everyday mom wear.
IMG_8003b   IMG_8004b
Top: GAP, Jeans: Thrifted, Shoes: TOMS, Bracelet: Target, Earrings: F21
I went to St. Louis for a women’s conference with my mom and some friends this weekend. It was difficult to fit in any good photos throughout the fun. This is what I wore on Saturday. I love the lace ruffled top under the tougher military jacket.
Top: Sew Dang Cute, Jacket: Eddie Bauer, Jeans: TJ Maxx (Lucky Brand), Shoes: Target
Have you been wearing your maxi skirts into fall? I tried to transition this skirt with a chambray shirt and ankle boots. Kesler was my lovely assistant.
IMG_8086b   IMG_8089b
Top: American Eagle, Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Target, Belt: F21
I think this may be my last time wearing these guava colored skinnies until spring. They are so bright! I toned them down with a bunch of neutrals. The striped top, military jacket and leopard print TOMS feel like fall with a pop of color from the jeans.
Top and Jacket: Eddie Bauer, Pants: Target, Jewelry: F21, Shoes: TOMS
Have a wonderful wardrobe week!
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DIY Nautical Scarf Organizer

Closet organizing has recently become a challenge in my life. In probably last three years as I have expanded my style comfort zone, I have also been accumulating more accessory type items. What do I do with all of these boots, hats, purses, clutches and scarves?? I have suddenly amassed more accessories than I know how to store.
IMG_7323b title

Scarves were a big problem. When I only had a couple, I tied them on to my closet rod, but as I purchased more, they began to take up too much space. I considered a basket, but I wanted them hanging so that I could incorporate them as I put together an outfit. I started browsing Pinterest for scarf organization ideas and was drawn to this image. I love the simplicity of it and obviously all of those scarves are amazing.
We had a big blank wall in our walk-in closet that was perfect for this style of scarf organization. The kids and I headed to the local farm store to get some real rope by the foot. I think Lowes or Home Depot has it too. I picked out some rope that wasn't too slick, but also wasn't too rough. I bought about 12 ft. of it.

When Soren got home I showed him my idea. He was able to find some old curtain hooks that we weren't using and some red fishing line. We held up the rope together to determine the height and curve of the rope and then he whipped the ends of the rope with fishing line and hung the hooks.
 IMG_7306b IMG_7308b
Then we hung them all up. I love that I don’t have to tie them on, they just lay over the rope. They also add some décor to our closet and a slight nautical feel. If you have an empty closet wall, I highly recommend it. Dress up your closet with the cute scarves you already own!

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Headband Curls: Tutorial


Headband Curls can work for short hair too- How To Make Them Work For You!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had tried headband curls on my short hair. I saw this how-to and decided that I would try it, even though I’ve only seen it on medium to long hair.

Supplies: Headband (elastic or cotton, no grips)
              Straightening iron

To give you an idea, this is my starting point and a shot of my haircut. I blew dry my clean hair until it was 90% dry in the morning. I have also done this at night and let it air dry 90%, wrapped it and then slept on it.


Place the headband on top of your hair around the crown as pictured. If you have bangs, place it under your bangs.I tried to create a little volume on top with the headband to prevent the roots from gluing to my head.

           IMG_7447b   IMG_7450b

Starting with the front section of hair, wrap it over and around the band, pulling it through. I’d recommend a one inch section to start. The smaller the sections, the tighter and more curls there will be. Wrap the hair loosely.

Then add another section of hair to the first piece that was pulled through. Pull the whole section through another time. Continue around the head, adding more hair each time you wrap.

          IMG_7452b   IMG_7454b

When you get to the back continue to wrap the whole piece around the band until it is all wrapped. Then start on the other side in the front and work your way back with the other half of your hair.


This is how it will look when you are all finished. Because my hair is the back is so short, my hair doesn’t fill the whole band. The more hair you have, obviously the fuller it will be.

             IMG_7462b   IMG_7463b

Now wait. I left mine in for 2.5 hours while I did things around the house and friends came over for playgroup (I’m sure they were wondering about my new do!).  Sleeping on it works too, but the top of your hair will have some bedhead to deal with.

Once you have waited a few hours, start in the back and slowly uncurl each section from the band. You can see in the second shot what it looks like right after taking the band out. (Including the line on my forehead. It will go away!)

            IMG_7484b   IMG_7485b

Because of my short hair, I thought the top and back looked too much like helmet head to leave it like that. I went back in with my flat iron and curled the top sections and the back. It only took a few minutes and I finished with hair spray.


Now you are done! You get a loose wave/curl with almost no heat and little effort. The hardest part is waiting! The curls stayed put better than if they had been heat curled, especially when I slept with the band in. I would recommend trying it! It took much less time than my typical curled hair.


Have you tried no-heat headband curls??


I’d love to hear how this works for you!

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