Instafriday- Apples, A's and the Number One


Welcome to Friday! Each Friday I post pics of our happenings and you’ll see it all through an Instagram filter. Last week ended with some unexpected and very enjoyable visits from old friends. Soren’s old roommate and his wife and baby drove through town and stayed overnight. We stayed up way too late catching up with them, but I really loved getting to know them better. I LOVE having guests stay so please, please stay with us if you are passing through! Friday afternoon I was able to pick up my best friend from high school and hold her captive for a few hours before her college roommate reunion kicked off. We just got to chat with minimal interruptions and it was wonderful to catch up. Isn’t she gorgeous?   

On Saturday I made good on my promise and went to the shooting range with Soren. He has been wanting to take me for ages and we finally went as part of our anniversary. It was a quick trip, but enough for me. I have almost never shot a gun before and I couldn’t have expected how it would feel. I am super sensitive to noise anyways, so just being in the shooting range was stressin’ me out! I think with more experience it will be less nervous-sweat inducing.
The boys and I broke out the Halloween and fall box. I only put up a few fall decorations, but the costumes were irresistible to a few little boys I know.
Our co-op preschool started this week. Four other moms and I are taking turns teaching for the year and for some crazy reason I volunteered to go first. Who knew how stressful teaching preschool could be?? I mean, I should say it has been really fun and gone mostly well. But its tough. I teach for 2 weeks straight, twice a week and then I don’t teach again until January. I think it will be good, but I’m definitely still adjusting.
The themes this week were apples, A’s and the number one. Kesler and Easton helped make the snack each morning. The first day it was apple sandwiches and animal crackers. On Thursday it was applesauce and Ants on a Log.
Kesler helped by stuffing handfuls of chocolate chips in his mouth while I chopped apples.
Apples, peanut butter, and three chocolate chips. It was actually pretty good.
So we have a old schoolhouse chalkboard in our kitchen. I didn’t know I would actually be using it to teach with when we got it, but man is it handy.
Best Buds.

I just returned home from a birthday dinner for a friend. Like so many things as a Mom, it was so hard to get out the door. So stressful to make dinner for everyone else, wait for the husband to be late get home, pick an outfit, clean up, blah blah blah. BUT it was a really refreshing night out with a few very fun ladies. I’m so glad and grateful I was able to go.
Happy Birthday Katrina!
Have a photo worthy weekend!
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WKWW- What Kids Wore Wednesday

Welcome to WKWW! This is the place for all you stylish Mommas to show off your kids.
Having worked in children’s fashion, I KNOW how much you mommas love to dress up your little ones. You love to shop for them, sew for them, thrift for them, and take millions of pictures of them. So blog about it and link up - we all want to see what your kids wore! (Mom and kids style posts are great too!)

Starting off WKWW with a little fashion inspiration for your little guy from ONE little BELT. I love this basic, but great looking outfit for any toddler boy.

Fall for your Little Guy

On to what my kids wore…

Its funny to see my kids in photos like this every week. They consistently show their true colors. Kesler is my little guy with an attitude. He has so much emotion, both positive and negative. I will have to document his exuberant side next week, but the little guy complains so much I am not surprised I get a pout in every planned photo.
Can I say how happy I was to find these moccasins for him? They are the coolest thing he owns-…or I own for him…anyways LOVE.

IMG_6238bShirt- The Children’s Place, Pants- Old Navy, Mocs- Thrifted
And then there is this guy. Mr. Happy, Obedient, Helpful older brother. So glad you came first Easton.
Shirt- Thrifted (The Children’s Place), Shorts-GAP, Shoes-Saucony, Belt- ONE little BELT
More attitude. Frustrated he can’t climb like his older brother. Tired after church. Whine.

IMG_6329bShirt-Babies’R’Us, Pants-GAP, Attitude-Priceless
Easton has started taking Kesler to his class at church and picking him up. Soren follows behind, but Easton will hold Kesler’s hand and walk him to his class. It is adorable. I love watching Easton emerging into his role as the oldest brother.
IMG_6331Shirt-GAP, Pants-GAP, Belt-ONE little BELT, Tie-Little Gentleman’s Closet, Shoes-Stride Rite

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2. please only link kids' outfit related posts. no giveaways or unrelated crafts.
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WIWW-Desert Wedge Boots

If you are new to WIWW, each week I post what I wore throughout the previous week. It’s a fun way to motivate me to ‘style’ my outfits everyday, share outfit ideas, and give a few style tips.
Be sure to stop by WKWW- What Kids Wore Wednesday today too!
I am LOVING looking forward to dressing for fall! I haven’t busted out my boots yet, but I have been crafting my fall wardrobe wish list and spending my birthday money wisely. I feel like I have a lot of the basics for fall already and so I have been focused on what trends are coming for fall and affordable ways to create those looks. Ankle boots are a very strong trend that will be in full force and they are such a great way to bridge summer and fall. J Crew’s MacAlister wedge boot has been at the top of my list. I have been haunting eBay to find my size at a reasonable price but it just wasn’t happening. This just isn’t my time in life to have the real thing…BUT guess what I found at Target on Saturday??? The perfect imitation!
IMG_6312bTop- Old Navy, Skirt- Thrifted, Shoes-Target, Necklace-eBay
I LOVE them and can’t wait to show off a million more looks for this boot. I’m seeing boyfriend jeans, cuffed skinnies, flares, pencil skirts, colored denim, and ooohhhh corduroys!
In other news, this is what I wore for my birthday overnight away from the kids. I was SO glad that I wore this without even knowing we would be headed to a hotel for our getaway. I felt dressy, but comfortable. The sparkly shoes didn’t hurt either.
IMG_6133bBlazer-Target, Jeans- Downeast Basics, Shoes- Thrifted (Steve Madden), Watch/Necklace- ONE little MOMMA
I am in love these floral pants and definitely wore them more than once this week. They are gray, black and brown so they really go with everything. Am I the only one who wears their newest thing everyday for like a week after? Hence only 4 outfit photos this week. The others would just be repeats.
IMG_6156bHat-Charlotte Russe, Shirt- Eddie Bauer, Jeans- Target, Shoes- GAP, Jewelry- Forever 21
Still wearing the leopard pants weekly. They are such a surprisingly great neutral. Have you seen the snow leopard print pants Target has right now??? Do it!
IMG_6260bShirt-GAP, Jeans-Target, Shoes-TOMS, Watch-Boutique
If you missed it, check out my Loose Waves Hair Tutorial from yesterday.
How are you prepping for fall???
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Have a wonderful wardrobe week!

Loose Curls for Short Hair- Tutorial


How to Curl Loose Waves with a flat iron on short hair

This is my go-to hair on days when I don’t have time to wash and style my hair. I will also do it when I didn’t get my hair blow dried before it dried or if I took a shower and slept on wet hair. It always turns out a little different, but you can never go wrong with it. Here is a step-by-step photo tutorial for loose curls on short hair.

Product/Supply List:
1. 1” Flat Iron- Mine is a Chi
2. Fine Tooth comb for back combing/ Hair clip
3. Dry Shampoo- Suave is shown, but I prefer Big Sexy Brand because it gives more volume.
4. Styling Spray- Matrix Sleek Look Iron Smoother works well when I straighten my hair and for this look.
5. Volumizing Hair Spray- Big Sexy Spray and Play Volumizing Hair Spray
6. Shine Spray- Redken Shine Flash 02
To Begin….
Since my hair is usually dirty or just very flat and slick when I start, I will spray in some dry shampoo. I prefer Big Sexy brand dry shampoo because it adds so much volume from the starts. Just beware not to overdose on the dry shampoo because it will determine how well your hair holds it’s curl later.

Start with dry, dirty hair Apply dry shampoo

After applying dry shampoo backcomb your roots for some extra lift. I just comb two or three sections in the front and middle of my head on both sides of my part. I will also work on the crown of my head with maybe four sections. Then smooth the top layer with the comb and clip up 2/3 of your hair.

tease hairseperate hair into layers

Apply your styling spray to each layer prior to curling it starting with the bottom third of your hair. Brush it through with your fingers a little bit and start to section off about 1-1.5 inch pieces of hair starting closest to your face.

Wrap the hair around the straightening iron being sure to curl it away from my face. Pull the curl through two thirds of the piece, leaving the bottom third basically straight. Pulling all the way through the curl will create too tight of a curled lock.

Apply styling spray to layers curl hair away from the face

Work your way around front to back on both sides. Let down the second section of hair, apply the styling spray, and work your way around to the back again. At this point still curl all of the sections away from the face.

Because my hair is so short in the back, I just curl it under in the very back.

curl half way continue curling 2

Let down the top layer of hair. Apply the spray and begin curling. Vary the sizes of hair pieces at this point. Be sure to only curl halfway or two thirds of the piece of hair.

On this top layer curl several small sections of hair toward the face, although not the very front pieces or the very back ones.

let down top layer and curl curl toward face

Once all of your hair is curled, use your fingers to carefully lift at the roots and apply volumizing hair spray all over your head. I will shake out my head after spraying so that it doesn’t dry too stiffly. Leave the flat iron plugged in so you can re-curl any trouble sections after spraying. The hairspray will help really set the touch-ups.

Lightly apply a coat of shine spray to finish the look.

apply volumizing hair spray look for touch ups
And you are done!


Loose Waves for Short Hair


Shop Update- Leopard for Your Little One

This week we have a few new toddler and baby girl belts in the shop. We have our red patent leather belts back in stock. Red is hot, hot, hot this fall so I know you mommas will find lots to pair this cute accessory with. Offered in all sizes.
My favorite belt this fall has got to be the leopard. I could wear leopard everyday and often do in the fall. It looks great with red, chambray, black, gray, white, green, gold, silver, cream- I could go on. Basically it goes with everything and adds a little style to even the most mundane look. Offered in all sizes.
Next Monday be prepared- ONE little MOMMA's shop will be live!! We'll have some VERY trendy and specials items coming just for Mom.
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Instafriday- Perfect


Welcome to Friday! Each Friday I post pics of our happenings and you’ll see it all through an Instagram filter.

I honestly have the best week to report. Sorry for the photo overload today. On Saturday we went out to lunch with my Mom and the family to celebrate her birthday. We ate at a fancy little pizza joint and a unique little ice cream store next door. The food was good, but the ice cream was really fun. I tried fresh corn flavored ice cream. Ca-razy. The cream cheese flavor is what I got though- so good.

After lunch I got dropped off at the Kansas City Art Museum. All through this past spring some artsy friends and I did a figure drawing class on Saturday nights. We are starting up again this fall and to kick it off one of the gals planned a trip to the art museum to help us get inspired. I was about an hour early for the meet-up and although I wasn’t sure how to deal with the alone time at first, I quickly got into the swing of it. It was so relaxing and wonderful to wander the grounds and the modern art exhibit alone.




Lunch before the museum. What a perfect Saturday.


I have been coveting a necklace like this for some time. I had a stroke of genius when I realized we could MAKE one. I grabbed some chain from an old necklace and had Soren pull up a seat with his Leatherman. Within about 20 minutes we had one whipped up. I wish it was a little bigger but we were limited on materials. I’m planning on making a tutorial for one soon. Love it.


Monday was my birthday, but on Sunday evening Soren mentioned to me that we were going to my parents to have some kind of birthday celebration. I wasn’t expecting much and didn’t feel real great after a crummy nap, but I got ready anyways. Ended up wearing my sparkle heels just because I could. (I ended up being very glad later that I had dressed up.)


Soren had me drive myself over to my parents with some excuse for arriving late. I drove myself and the boys over and we waited for Soren. I was slightly annoyed, but thought maybe he had a gift to hide or something. When he got there, my mom ended up surprising me with AMAZING Snicker’s Pie and we blew out lots of candles. Easton and Kesler blew out some too.





We opened gifts and cards next. I got some very clever cards and money from all of my brothers.


And then I opened my floral jeans. “Aaahhhhhh!” I love them so much.


After we opened gifts Soren whispered to Easton that he and Kesler were going to sleep at Grandma’s house that night. Easton quickly relayed the message and didn’t hide his excitement. I then told the kids and everyone goodbye and was whisked away in Soren’s car with no explanation. After driving toward the city for a while, I found out that my mom and dad had the kids for the night and the next day. We drove to a hotel downtown and checked in for our first night away from both of the kids. I was over the moon! What a great, REAL, surprise!

Soren had stayed home to pack my bag and the kids’ bag for the overnight. Once we got to the hotel we examined what he had thought to bring me. He did pretty good except for forgetting about 80% of my make-up. We figured it out though. It was so nice to spend time together and sleep away in a fancy hotel. The best part was not really knowing what was coming and not having to be responsible or plan anything.


The next morning I got to sleep in, do my nails, read e-mail and go shopping. We shopped on the Plaza in Kansas City. I found the PERFECT hat for fall and a great necklace at Forever 21. I picked up some make-up at Victoria’s Secret and tried on the wedge boot I want from J Crew. We ate lunch at Brio and just had fun together.



It was such the perfect birthday/anniversary getaway (Our anniversary was Wednesday). And the kids did pretty well with my parents- which hopefully leaves room for more grandkid sleepovers in the future.

Have a photo worthy weekend!

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