WOLBWW- What ONE little BELT Wore Wednesday


Your little guy can watch the Olympics in style. I love these vintage Olympic tees from Gap Kids and the green colored jeans. Our black belt pulls this causal oufit together for a really great look.
Little Olympian

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WIWW-Photo Op

If you are new to WWIW, each week I post what I wore throughout the previous week. It’s a fun way to motivate me to ‘style’ my outfits everyday, share outfit ideas, and give a few style tips.
This week started with Ladies Night with my Book Club which was a great excuse to dress up. We drove down to the Plaza and ate at Brio (best steak salad of my life). My J Crew inspired bubble necklace had just arrived that week so it was the perfect outing to wear it. Yes, I know EVERYONE is buying one right now, BUT I have never actually seen anyone wearing one around these parts, so I can feel like an original- in Liberty, Missouri.
 If you read my About page you know about my passion for old people’s garage sales. This blue top ($1) and my clutch (.50) came from one. We ended up at H&M (yay!) and I had a great time voicing opinions on everyone’s selections. I fortunately or unfortunately did not find anything I NEEDED.
019b   020b   021b   
Top: Garage sale, Necklace: Ebay, Jeans: GAP, Shoes: Banana Republic, Clutch: Garage Sale
This is my typical pool attire. I always throw on a fun belt with this otherwise shapeless maxi dress, a bracelet and some great earrings. This hair day also called for the fedora.
Dress: Forever 21, Belt: ONE little BELT, Hat: Charlotte Russe, Flops: Old Navy, Jewelry: Paparazzi.
I wasn’t convinced about this top until I styled it with these jeans. The print is hard to see, but it’s a purple, neon orange, and pink Ikat print. Then I wasn’t sure which shoes I liked better…purple seemed too matchy-matchy, but then I do like the look of the flats with the look.
Which do you prefer?
                  IMG_4281b    IMG_4284b
Top: Eddie Bauer, Jeans:Target, Ballet Flats:JC Penny, Sandals: Garage sale (Payless)
I am sure you aren’t surprised to see my Chambray shirt again. In fact, I bought another one thrifting last night. Some things are “in” for a reason and I am running with it. This is something I wore running errands and such with the kiddos.
Top:American Eagle, Pants: GAP, Shoes: TOMS, Sunnies: Forever 21, Bag: Garage sale
All week I struggled with posing for photos and who knew all I had to do was to have my 3 year old take the pictures? His photos are so much more artistic! And here is yet another errands outfit.                
            IMG_4308b     IMG_4311b
Top: Old Navy, Jeans: GAP, Shoes: DSW, Bag: Garage Sale luggage, Cuff and Sunnies: Forever 21 Kesler’s Top: Thrifted
Have a great wardrobe week!!

The Moderately Eclectic Gallery Wall

I love a good gallery wall and this wall has been begging for a transformation for a while. We had company coming in this past weekend and that motivated me to finally print the family photos and get them up!

I considered just going to Michaels or Target with a few coupons and forking over a decent ammount of money for new frames. I opted to check my local dive of a thrift store one more time before spending the big bucks and boy, did it pay off.  I picked up nine frames for $16 and all but two had the glass intact. I already had my empty frames and the oranate one at home. And I snagged one more for free at a garage sale on the way home. MY KIND OF SHOPPING.

The biggest challenge was finding a good looking frame a the thrift store for the largest, central family photo. I wanted a 16x20 photo, but settled for a 16x20 frame with no glass for $1. I THE headed to Micheals to find some glass. It couldn't have been easier. They sell pre-sized glass and backing for around $10 and a nice mat cost me around $5 with a coupon.
I knew I would need to paint some of the frames when I bought them. I just picked ones that were interesting, and had good and varied shapes.
I picked my photos for each frame and placed and order through MPix. Then decided which frames were to be painted. I went with black for 4 of the frames.

I also printed up our family monogram and 'est. 2006' on our laser printer and added those to the unusually shaped frames.

Choosing the layout for the photo gallery was definitely the hardest part. I couldn't find any examples of anything similar that I liked, so I just started arranging and rearranging. I focused on seperating the similar colored and shaped frames and creating invisible diagonal lines with the layout. The lines make the composition asthetically pleasing without your eyes immediately picking up on why.

Once it was laid out, Soren did the hanging. And I LOVE IT. It is much more my style than store bought Target frames- perfectly moderately eclectic.

To acheive something similar, I would recommend:
-varying the shape, size, color and style of your frames.
-throw in a few interesting empty frames
-add a monogram or words
-create invisible diagonal lines with your frames


Marvelous Magenta and Fab Floral

Between company in town this weekend and prepping for a vendor event next weekend, I finally found time to photograph and list these darling new girl's belts.

I am getting excited for what I call 'belt season' which starts in a few weeks. All of the school shopping, family photos and fall wardrobe shopping starts soon and belts complete the outfits. I love picking out new patterns and styles of girls belts and hopefully will have a few new tie fabrics coming too.

This week we have a new Magenta Skinny Belt. This is available in sizes newborn-4t. $17.

We also now have a Navy Floral Skinny Belt. Also offered in sizes newborn-4T. $17.


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Happy Instafriday! Welcome to the little photo recap of our week.
This week has been a week full of ups and downs. Such a whirlwind.
Poor Soren came down with the ear infection of his life. This man has a higher pain tolerance and endurance level than anyone I have met. But the poor guy was totally blindsided by the kind of pain his ear was in. He ended up driving himself to the ER at 5 in the morning and was at a level 10 amount of pain by the time he got there. FIVE HOURS LATER they finally gave him something strong enough to cut the pain. I didn't even go to the hospital until around 10 am, thinking they would have fixed him up by then. Instead they had admitted him, given him a CAT scan and done nothing for the pain. Needless to say I was a tad bit FURIOUS with the nurses, doctors, staff when I found out and did my share of chewing people out.

Finally he was able to sleep and we took him some chocolate pudding per his request later that night. His hearing still isn't back, but at least things seem to have healed up pretty quickly. The best part about it all was listening to all the CA-RAZY things Soren talked about while on pain killers. He is a very funny drugged out patient.

Easton and Soren picked me up some carnations (my favorite!) while grocery shopping for me. This was an unsual, unexpected and VERY welcome treat!

I am in the middle of gallery wall for our family photos we had taken last fall. Yep, finally got them printed. We have company coming on Sunday so it will be up by then. I'll have more to share about it next week.

After Soren got out of the hospital we had a lot of orders to catch up on- growth charts and belts. This is a shot of him applying our custom stamp to the belt.

My favorite and only living houseplants are succulents. I taught a lesson in church on Sunday about testimony and faith growing from a small seed and this little fella' was my visual aide.

The boys and I made it to the park once this week. We lasted all of 15 minutes in the heat.

A better option was the pool the next day. We love that Grandma has a pool we can use on demand.

Animal crackers are the required snack for the pool. I brought them once and they have stuck as tradition.

In other crazy health news, I got to go to Urgent Care myself this week as well. While on vacation my cuticle started to get infected. I kept Neosporin on it and waited for it to get better. It never did. Three weeks later it still hurts like heck and isn't getting any better. Walgreens' clinic told me I'd have to have it cut open and drained and sent me to Urgent Care.  I was more than a little nervous for them to cut my finger open, but I braved it out and went alone. The good or bad thing was that they didn't have to cut it, but diagnosed it as a Staph infection. I'm on two antibiotics and *hopefully* on the mend.

Hope you all had a great week! Linking up to Instafriday at Life Rearranged.

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Ornate AND Gold Anyone??

I saw this mirror at Ikea about 2 years ago and have been pining for it ever since. I’m a sucker for an ornate frame, especially in a modern color.


When I found this gem garage saling a few months ago, I about fell over. Who gets rid of something like that??!?? Especially for $3. I probably could have even talked them down. Instead I forked over my three bucks and made a beeline for the car before they could change their minds. Pretty close to IKEA wouldn’t you say??


Once I got it home, one thing had to change. I’m all for ornate and I’m even all for gold, but not together- not my style.

So half a can of spray paint later, I was in heaven. It only took me two months to decide on a color.


Ivory it is.

Big Tip: When garage saling or thrifting look for unique items home decor that have great bones. You can always modernize something with a coat of paint. I have done several gallery walls on the cheap by buying cheap, interesting frames and painting them as well.

I also found out the hard way that you MUST buy the appropriate spray paint for the surface you are painting. If it is plastic, buy the paint that adheres to plastic or it will not stick evenly on the surface.

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