ONE little MOMMA: Loose Curls for Short Hair- Tutorial

Loose Curls for Short Hair- Tutorial


How to Curl Loose Waves with a flat iron on short hair

This is my go-to hair on days when I don’t have time to wash and style my hair. I will also do it when I didn’t get my hair blow dried before it dried or if I took a shower and slept on wet hair. It always turns out a little different, but you can never go wrong with it. Here is a step-by-step photo tutorial for loose curls on short hair.

Product/Supply List:
1. 1” Flat Iron- Mine is a Chi
2. Fine Tooth comb for back combing/ Hair clip
3. Dry Shampoo- Suave is shown, but I prefer Big Sexy Brand because it gives more volume.
4. Styling Spray- Matrix Sleek Look Iron Smoother works well when I straighten my hair and for this look.
5. Volumizing Hair Spray- Big Sexy Spray and Play Volumizing Hair Spray
6. Shine Spray- Redken Shine Flash 02
To Begin….
Since my hair is usually dirty or just very flat and slick when I start, I will spray in some dry shampoo. I prefer Big Sexy brand dry shampoo because it adds so much volume from the starts. Just beware not to overdose on the dry shampoo because it will determine how well your hair holds it’s curl later.

Start with dry, dirty hair Apply dry shampoo

After applying dry shampoo backcomb your roots for some extra lift. I just comb two or three sections in the front and middle of my head on both sides of my part. I will also work on the crown of my head with maybe four sections. Then smooth the top layer with the comb and clip up 2/3 of your hair.

tease hairseperate hair into layers

Apply your styling spray to each layer prior to curling it starting with the bottom third of your hair. Brush it through with your fingers a little bit and start to section off about 1-1.5 inch pieces of hair starting closest to your face.

Wrap the hair around the straightening iron being sure to curl it away from my face. Pull the curl through two thirds of the piece, leaving the bottom third basically straight. Pulling all the way through the curl will create too tight of a curled lock.

Apply styling spray to layers curl hair away from the face

Work your way around front to back on both sides. Let down the second section of hair, apply the styling spray, and work your way around to the back again. At this point still curl all of the sections away from the face.

Because my hair is so short in the back, I just curl it under in the very back.

curl half way continue curling 2

Let down the top layer of hair. Apply the spray and begin curling. Vary the sizes of hair pieces at this point. Be sure to only curl halfway or two thirds of the piece of hair.

On this top layer curl several small sections of hair toward the face, although not the very front pieces or the very back ones.

let down top layer and curl curl toward face

Once all of your hair is curled, use your fingers to carefully lift at the roots and apply volumizing hair spray all over your head. I will shake out my head after spraying so that it doesn’t dry too stiffly. Leave the flat iron plugged in so you can re-curl any trouble sections after spraying. The hairspray will help really set the touch-ups.

Lightly apply a coat of shine spray to finish the look.

apply volumizing hair spray look for touch ups
And you are done!


Loose Waves for Short Hair


  1. Thank you so much for putting the time into this post! As one of your readers who requested this, I am most grateful! I am going to try this tomorrow!

  2. I am so glad I found this! I just cut my hair this short, I am loving it too. I am going to give this a try today. Thanks for sharing :)
    New follower,

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this hairstyle...seriously!!!

  4. I just looked at your headband curl tutorial, too. I've been nervous trying curls on my current hairstyle... (not to mention that I don't own a smaller curling iron... my flat iron is my best friend :). Thank you for showing me how to do this!

  5. Just found you through Ain't No Mom Jeans (so in need of help - I'm so lacking style!) Want to try out your vest tutorial, but saw this tutorial, too! I LOVE your haircut! I can't get my hairdresser to get rid of the 'shelf' in the back of my little bob! The cut is great and I am anxious to try your tutorial, but of course, I'm lacking a few tools! The only one I have is the flat iron!

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  7. I am truly blonde :) but when u curl with a flat iron are you just 'bending' a piece at a time or curling like a curling iron?

    1. Jennifer,
      Not a crazy question at all. It is kind of both. You are bending each
      section of hair kind of like when you use a curling iron. You really
      clasp each peice and pull it through the iron while turning it like a
      curling iron....hard to describe. I would search You Tube for a video
      of curling with a flat iron. Once you see it in motion it will make
      sense. :)



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  10. Thanks for the inspiration!! The hair style is very stylish!
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  11. Have almost the same hair cut. Tried curling my hair with a flat iron last night but without all of the other products you mentioned above. My hair came out ok but nowhere close to yours. Going to try with the products next time and see what happens :)
    Oops! Forgot to mention that I love your hair and the look!

  12. i prefer my natural hair natural relaxed hair! lol


  13. I totally want to try this! I always feel like I have no options with my short hair. This is cute.

  14. I have the same cut as you and I struggle with styling it for working out!! Any tips?

  15. Of all curling methods, I like best the curls made by flat iron. Expert. That’s what you are in this art. ;)

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