Welcome to ONE little MOMMA! This is the blog (the family, the style, the diy’s- essentially the life!) behind ONE little BELT. Here you will find shop updates, momma style, and a peek into our life aside from our business.
I am a SAHM of two awesome boys and also the owner of ONE little BELT. My husband works full time while helping me with our business. As if those basics don’t keep us busy enough, I also always have a decorating, sewing, or photographing project also in the works. This is a place where I'll share tutorials for my projects, style tips, and trends I’m spotting.
I love fashion, design, originality and creativity. I love using that creativity and working hard as we grow our business. I also love attempting to be a fabulous mom, wife, and homemaker. Balancing it all is always a struggle and definitely a work in progress. You can find out more about us on our “About” page.
Feel free to comment, ask questions and give opinions! Feedback is welcome- as long as you aren’t married to me. ;)
You can also find me on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Polyvore, and Etsy.
Thanks! Hope to see you soon!



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