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Thrifting Lately


TUNIC- Target // JACKET- Thrifted // SKIRT- Old Navy (sold out) // SHOES- Thrifted // BAG- Sole Society // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede

I love to thrift- I've been thrifting ever since high school. But these days my thrifting has dwindled because of something called a Nickel & Suede. It was easier when I worked less to just pop into Saver's and take a quick look. But now that I work at home as much as I do- and with my husband no less- I shop at stores much less often. I think as a stay at home mom with a husband who goes to work everyday you can "get away" with a few more shopping excursions or hours of TV (that sounds terrible right?!?), but when you work with him at home- suddenly all of your hours are accounted for! It not bad and it's not my favorite- but that's all I'll say about it. ;)

I did happen to stop into the thrift store on a search for something unique the other day and although these shoes didn't work for what I had in mind- they did come home with me. They are Tommy Hilfiger brand and in great shape. I am a sucker for lace ups and espadrilles so these are just fun shoes for me. And they were a deal! 

I'm off to get kids dressed and out the door- so just a quick post this morning.  Have you had any fun thrifting luck lately? When do you find time to shop?

The Perfect Gift for Mother's Day


Being a Mom is the job I love most in life. It's the most rewarding and it's the hardest. It's the most stretching and it's also how I've grown the most. And whether you are a mom,  you want to be a mom, you mother other people's children or you just love your mom- I think we can all agree that Mother's Day is one of the most special holidays of the year. 
For the last few month's we've been working on making Mother's Day special at Nickel & Suede. So many women and their moms love our earrings- we just had to celebrate them and their special day. I'm excited to announce that today we launch our special Mother's Day sets at
This month only we'll be offering Mom and Me sets for Mom's and their daughters. These are so special to me because not only are they adorable- but they are symbolic as well. Each set includes a pair of size Medium Cut Outs and a size Mini that comes out of that Cut Out shape. You can find those sets here
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And Happy Early Mother's Day!!
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Speaking Engagement


CARDIGAN- Forever 21 // TEE- Nu-Mod // JEANS- Old Navy // SHOES- TJ Maxx // BRACELETS- Forever 21 // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede

I picked up this long cardigan in my shopping frenzy to find some items I felt good wearing to Go Blog Social- a blog conference here in Kansas City at the beginning of April. I wasn't sure what look I was going for- especially since I was speaking- but I wanted some fresh things that felt like me and I felt comfortable in. Most of what I bought was sent back, but this lightweight cardi was a keeper. 

I realized I never mentioned how the conference went and since I did end up wearing a version of this out fit to speak in- I guess today is a good day. Overall the conference was awesome. There is nothing like a blog conference because as a blogger you are finally in a room with a bunch of women who truly speak you language. I spoke on the first day of the conference which was a relief because I was all nerves until that was over with. My topic was building a business from a blog and I definitely struggled with writing it until Soren sat down and talked it out with me the night before. He is such a huge part of Nickel & Suede that honestly we should have both spoken together. We ended up rewriting my presentation at 11 pm the night before the conference and although that was exhausting, I think the content was better for it. Next time I'll be bringing him along- the audience deserves to hear from N&S's other half too!

This was my first speaking engagement at a conference and it was the perfect place to gain that experience. All of the local bloggers and the women who planned it were so kind and receptive and warm. Not all bloggers want to build a business from their blog, but I think everyone got something out of my presentation. It was definitely a great learning experience that stretched me. 

My long time blogging mentor Sugar Bee Crafts spoke the next day as well as Lily Jade owners Landon and Meggan. They both did excellent and it was so nice to just enjoy the day on Saturday listening and mingling. And then I went home and slept. For days. 

I've got one more blogging conference I'm planning on attending this year and I think that is all this momma and her family can handle. Busy-ness adds up and family definitely comes first so weekends like GBS make me extra grateful that Soren and I can both work from home and have the blessing of being with our family more than most. 

Do you have any conferences you are attending this year? (Blogging or not) Do you enjoy them or do they stress you out?

PS- THANK YOU to all of you that filled out my reader survey. I can't wait to read through your comments. Our three winners have been emailed so check your inboxes!

A New Classic


SHIRT- Gap // JEANS- Old Navy // SHOES- Sole Society // BAG- Sole Society // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede
Photo Credit- Sarah Sweeney
This Spring the white button up has returned to the spotlight. And I think it's a great item to refresh your wardrobe with. However, an item that is white and requires ironing is a little too high maintenance for me at this time of life. I decided to try out the classic blue oxford as a new basic this Spring and I'm loving it. Don't get me wrong- it still requires ironing so I don't wear it that often- but I love having it as an option. It's adds a nice pastel blue to my closet and pairs well with white denim, black denim and regular blue jeans too. 
How do you deal with clothing that needs ironing? Do you just suck it up and do it? Avoid those type of clothing all together? 
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How Did You Decide?

I recently received an email from a momma that really touched me. In fact as soon as I read it I thought, I need to write a post about this. She is also a mother of three boys and wrote about her struggle to decided whether to try again for a girl. Part of her email is below...
I too have three little boys, loooove them dearly! I too struggle with the weight gain of pregnancy and the aftermath it leaves on your body. My youngest just turned three and I feel like I'm finally where I want to be physically. I've always been "naturally" thin but now I run and do T25 so I feel strong.... How did you decide to let go of the negative feelings and go for it again? Did you do anything specific to make your chances for a girl higher? Like I said I love my boys dearly,but I'm not sure how I can live my entire life without a daughter. Yes, I know there's a chance Id have four boys and quite honestly that until recently was one of the reasons I didn't want anymore. 

 I know if someone told me you will only gain 25 pounds and have a baby girl I'd get pregnant tomorrow! If someone said you will only gain 25 lbs and have a baby boy, even though I tried alllll the "tricks" to have a girl I know I'd still be happy I did it all again for that one last attempt at a girl AND obviously I'd have another beautiful son and a girl just wasn't in Gods plan for me.My question is: did you feel the same? Or am I crazy? 

Oh- my goodness how I've struggled with all of those things. Every. time. I've been pregnant. I've written about it before and I definitely struggle with the inevitable weight gain that comes with pregnancy. It hasn't even gotten easier for me. Which sounds really hopeless- but honestly I struggle with it daily right now. 

I've also always wanted a girl. I have four younger brothers and never had a sister. My brother is having his first (a boy!) this Summer. And obviously boys are our thing too. I was slightly disappointed when I found out Easton would be a boy, but thrilled that Kesler was. When we had Knox I was sure he was a girl- but wrong again. Each time we've decided to have another baby, I have made sure I was in the mindset that I was ready for another boy. 

BUT the crazy thing is that with each boy that we've had- I become less and less opinionated about what we have next. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have a girl. There is a whole other world that I don't get to play in because I only have boys. I haven't given up on that hope, but I feel like being a mom of 3+ boys puts you into another class of moms. I love having boys and I love watching them all play and interact together. I love that they are friends and although they have their differences, they have so many "boy things" in common. So far I know the 'boy thing' well, so adding a fourth to the mix feels manageable. 

Right now, life is definitely busy and crazy. But as far as my kiddos, I feel like I've got myself back a bit. Knox has been sleeping through the night for months and he is really a dream baby/toddler. When I got pregnant last Fall, it scared me to death. We had just started Nickel & Suede and I felt like I was dealing with a newborn again. But things are slightly more organized now. And I'm somewhat in a groove. That has always been my cue that we can/should have another. It sounds crazy because who doesn't love a groove and being them self? 

What it really comes down to that I decided a long time ago that I wanted to have a big family and that being a mom was the most important thing to me. I come from five kids and my husband is one of seven. We both saw big benefits to having multiple siblings and being parents is one thing we both agree on. After we had Easton, we almost couldn't resist having Kesler very soon after. We both just loved and enjoyed Easton so much. If I think about Knox being our last- I get sad. Our kids are so cool and so fun, I can't imagine not having more. No matter how difficult being a mom is, I can't wait to meet the rest of our kids. They make us laugh, teach us things, and definitely stretch me as a person. 

I really believe that the job of mom has the most lasting, eternal impact of anything else that I can do. Anything that I struggle with about being pregnant or worries that I may have about having more kids- they are temporary. And I believe I can overcome them.

Yes, I hate the idea of gaining weight- and maybe never losing some of it- but I also know that there isn't any feeling in the world that beats holding my brand new newborn. So far I cringe at the idea that the next baby might be my last.

Yes, I'd really love a girl- and this might be a boy. We've never done anything to try for either gender, but at this point I'm okay with either. I just know I'll love this baby as fiercely as my others. PLUS- I don't think we are done. I think we'll have at least one more after this baby- so my chances for a girl aren't gone entirely if this is a boy. 

Yes, being due in November this year is going to be really, really difficult work wise. We will be busier than ever before during that month before Christmas- but that is what we will plan for. We plan to hire more help and I have faith that it will all work out. 

AND the last thing I have to mention is that I have a husband who is entirely on board. He treasures being a dad almost more than I love being a mom. Not only does he have full confidence in me overcoming any struggles of pregnancy or having another baby- he helps me and wants as many kids as I'm willing to have. I know that he is a huge blessing in that way and not all husbands feel that way. 

So how did I decide? Like I said, I truly decided a long time ago. I believe in the divine role of parenthood and that God will help me in motherhood- no matter my worries or struggles. I can see how much I've grown as a person because of motherhood and I know that the difficulties are always rewarded with joy and personal growth. So I'm moving forward that that faith that has brought me this far.

I hope this honest look into our little family helps some one in some way. I know its an extremely personal choice about how many kids to have and I can't begin to tell anyone how to decide. Each child is different and each set of parents is different. Many families don't get a choice about how many kids they have- we certainly didn't factor a miscarriage into our family plan. But these are the reasons we've decided to try for number four. And hopefully number five someday if that is what God has in our plan.  

Crazy Pregnant


SWEATER- Old Navy // JEANS- Nordstrom // SHOES- Thrifted // BAG- Sole Society c/o // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede // BRACELETS- Forever 21 // SUNGLASSES- Grocery store special
The benefit of having been pregnant a few times before is that I understand pregnant-Kilee a little better. No matter how optimistic I start out each pregnancy- normal-Kilee leaves for 9 months (and longer) and pregnant-Kilee replaces her. I'm always hoping to still behave like myself, still feel like myself and just grow a baby on the side. But that growing a baby actually takes over everything and I end up going a little crazy. 

When I was pregnant with Easton I didn't understand those things at all. I didn't understand how much my hormones depress me or stress me out or change my eating habits. So I ended up dying my hair black (bad idea), trying out bangs (also bad idea) and eating everything that sounded good (also bad idea). It took me a while to find myself again after I had Easton. And honestly as soon as I got close to that I was pregnant with Kesler. 

I don't think I have any tangible evidence of crazy during Kesler's pregnancy, but I guess I did coupon like a crazy person during that time. We had more hot chocolate and laundry stain spray than we could ever go through- but I don't count those things as negative. So I did okay.

With Knox I had already started blogging so I can go back and see some of my outfit choices or my hair during that time and feel like 'ugh.' My judgement wasn't very good and I didn't quite see myself exactly as I looked. I mean don't get me wrong, some of my past maternity style I do like, but things only got better after I was done being pregnant. 

So to continue the saga, this last pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage and this one, I was able to tell almost immediately that I was pregnant because my crazy-self started creeping back in. My mood swings are out of control, I am super unmotivated, all food sounds good all of the time and I can't stop eating. I also start hate all of my clothes (they don't fit the same anymore) and can't decide what clothes I do like. Usually I only feel safe in Soren's sweats. Ugh. See what I mean? I'm not myself. I crash at about 8 pm every night and naps need to start being a regular thing. I realize this sounds like classic pregnancy- but why the immediate transformation?? I know Soren is not amused- but he know's crazy-pregnant-Kilee pretty well to so he's on the look out for dark hair dye and outfits that are really off. 

THIS outfit however- I do feel good it. It's baggy in an appropriate way and still feels put together. I'm not one to wear things on repeat, but crazy-Kilee might be. 

Do you feel like a totally different person when you are pregnant? How do you change?

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Hi! Today I'm back with my annual reader survey! Many of you took a similar survey last year here at ONE little MOMMA   and it really helped me to make OLM better for you and for me. I SO appreciate all of the comments and feedback that this survey gives- so thank you in advance for taking it! 
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