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36 Weeks Maternity Style


SWEATER- H&M // JEANS- Old Navy (old) // SHOES- Free People // CLUTCH- Stitch Fix // EARRINGS- N&S Antique Brass large // CUFF- N&S 
Photo Credit- Sarah Sweeney

Today I'm hitting the 36 week mark. And I can tell I'm in the homestretch. My sleeping has progressively been getting worse- and along with that- my general attitude about life. Those couldn't be connected could they?

I blogged about depression in my first trimester and somehow I think some of it comes back near the end of pregnancy for me. I'm not sure if it's hormonal or exhaustion or what- but to be honest, my generally optimistic attitude has definitely shifted. I have become a whiner and a bit of a grouch.

 I'm sure it's a combination of the pressure of a new baby coming, trying to keep up with life while uncomfortable and not feeling like myself, and the stress of getting things done before baby. And all of those things are legitimate. But I hate feeling ornery and judgy and unmotivated. It doesn't feel nice to not feel nice! I'm trying to take short naps and cut myself some slack. I know four weeks will fly by and then I'll be in a whole new world of tired, overwhelmed and busy. But most of me hopes that we'll just show up at the hospital, have a baby and then get back to life like it ain't no thing. It's not like I haven't done this before right?

So if you know me in real life- or you've seen me in real life- I'm sorry for my general lack of....happy. I'm trying. And I really feel mostly okay. Just not exactly sweet. 

Body Con Dress and Denim Vest Maternity Style


DRESS- Nordstrom // VEST- Old Navy // SHOES- Thrifted (Target) (similar) // CUFF- N&S // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede Black Woven large // WATCH- Jord

One big surprise to me during this pregnancy has been how much I've enjoyed wearing dresses. I've never cared much for dresses in the past, and definitely had never tried wearing snug fitting body con dresses. But I watched Kailee Wright rock body con dresses her whole pregnancy and she convinced me there was no cuter way to dress while preggo. This non-maternity dress from Nordstrom has fit so well that I have it in two colors. I've also loved the dresses that came in my maternity Stitch Fix boxes. Dresses are easy to layer with, easier to get on than pants some days, and can be dressed up or down depending on your shoe choice. The only must is a shaping tank or slip underneath to suck you in and smooth you out. I've linked to some of my favorite dresses below plus the tank I've been wearing non-stop. 

Date Night- Leopard Boots and Cream Tunic Maternity Style


TUNIC- Stitch Fix (similar) // PANTS- A Pea In the Pod // SHOES- Thrifted (similar) // CLUTCH- Stitch Fix // EARRINGS- N&S Signature Gold large // WATCH- Jord c/o
Photo Credit- Sarah Sweeney

It's Friday and holy cow, this week has flown by! Every day has something slated in right now because well, baby comes in less than 5 weeks and our busy season for work is starting. On Monday we had a photo shoot- and we have another tonight. Between the blog and the business, photo shoots have become this weird new normal that sounds really fancy. And they kind of are, because our photographer is amazing and our models are gorgeous, but I'm still not used to the production of putting together a photo shoot being normal. I'm learning a lot and I am constantly so thankful for the help of talented people around me.

On Wednesday I was blessed to have two friends came over and help me paint my master bath and bedroom. And we don't have a big house, but we do have a big bedroom. It was exhausting to say the least. But- it looks so good now. We also spent a day at Ikea this week and another day in meetings for upcoming Nickel and Suede projects. I confess I'm a sucker for the busy and the going-going-going schedule, but my back doesn't love it. I'm thinking things will be easier with this baby out than in- but then I remember how often tiny babies eat- and then I'm much more in favor of telling this little one to stay inside as long as he can.

We haven't squeezed in a lot of date nights lately, but we did go to Taylor Swift's KC concert last week and had a great time. I think we'll have to get one or two more in before my due date. What kind of dates do you go on in the Fall? It seems like there should be a lot more things to do so I'd love to hear your ideas!

The Best Month of the Year

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Photo Credit- Sarah Sweeney

I can hardly believe it's already October. September was such a whirlwind! But by now we are seriously into the Fall season and I'm loving everything about it. This month, as you know, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Each month Nickel & Suede offers an Earring of the Month as a special price and for October we have chosen Azalea Pink Suede

I don't have anyone in my close family or friends that have struggled with Breast Cancer, but we have definitely experienced cancer and the devastating effects that it can have. I'm amazed at how many of our customers are also fighting cancer and it's an honor to hear that our earrings are an accessory that women can not only wear during a chemo treatment, but also during rough days that follow. I hope that this color will brighten this month for you and maybe someone who is struggling this month. I think a pink suede surprise in the mail would be the ultimate pick-me-up- don't you?

Happy October!

Military Jacket and Desert Boots Maternity Style

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TEE- GAP // JACKET- Gray Monroe (similar) // JEANS- Stitch Fix // SHOES- Hush Puppies c/o // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede Leopard Suede large // BAG- Lily Jade c/o (on sale!)
Photo credit- Sarah Sweeney
Today I thought I'd share a few things I'm loving (and looking forward to) right now- because those are the things I love remembering and the things that make me happy!
1. Kesler is starting Tae Kwon Do this week. Kesler is my second boy and he and I have a unique connection. We both have a LOT of feelings and creativity and fiesty-ness inside of us. Soren and I joke about Kesler having my insides. He's a little me. And he has struggled a bit with trying to keep up with his older brother. Easton is super athletic in every way and Kesler has more specialized talents. Kesler has been a great younger brother, supporting Easton in baseball and soccer this last year and now it is his turn. He has decided to try Tae Kwon Do and I think it will be a good fit for him. I'm so excited to see him try something new and hopefully watch his confidence grow even more though out the process. 
2. Decorating our master bedroom. Our room has been the dumping ground in our house for years. We have few dumping grounds, but somehow our room is always one of them. And it just doesn't feel good. This last month, with the help of a friend, I've been putting my bedroom on the priority list and we are finally making something of it. And I'm so excited about how it is turning out! It is really starting to feel more like me, like us and like a place I want to keep clean and relax in. Not dump in. You can see a sneak peek here on Instagram. But I'm definitely planning on blogging the final look once it all comes together. 
3. Shopping for small things for baby. This baby is definitely getting spoiled more than my other kiddos were. He is getting the softest blankets, the tiniest moccs, and the cutest newborn sized outfits. It really is true- the youngest always get spoiled. I can't even help it. 
4. Breaking in the new Meggan bag from Lily Jade. This bag is the biggest diaper bag I've had yet and oh, how I love a big bag. I've been using it as my mom bag this last month and it has definitely come through in situations where I need to be hands-free (hello backpack!) and in situations where I need to keep my stuff organized inside (hello pockets!). I'm confident this bag will fit all of baby's essentials, as well as toddler, five year old, six year old and mom essentials when the time comes. Thank goodness!
5. Planning the next big steps for Nickel & Suede. I am the first one to hate on vague posts and non-specific comments from businesses and bloggers about upcoming excitement, but it won't stop me from inflicting the same on you. We really have some tremendously exciting and big things coming down the pipeline for N&S. I'm loving seeing God's plans unfold and getting to be a part of how they happen.
What are you loving or looking forward to right now? 

Sunday Style- Pencil Skirt and Lace Maternity Style

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SWEATER- Nordstrom // SKIRT- GAP // SHOES- Forever 21 (similar) // EARRINGS- N&S Signature Silver large // WATCH- Daniel Wellington
Happy Sunday! I hope you are enjoying some gorgeous Fall weather and this fabulous time of year. We spent time as a family outside raking leaves, barbecuing and riding bikes and although it heated up in the afternoons, we can't complain about our weather.

On Saturday night I attended General Women's Conference and let me tell you how nice was to attend a church meeting without kids! Granted I love taking my kids to church, but this meeting was for women all over the world to hear messages from our church leaders. I love that their messages were specifically directed toward women and I feel like I really got what I needed out of the meeting. 

Lately I've been struggling with being really critical of other people and with focusing too much on unimportant and minor frustrations on a daily basis. Basically I walk around on edge and avoiding people all day long. Okay- not quite, but it feels like it! I was reminded in meetings this weekend that a good friend is willing to see your good qualities and ignore your weak ones. And its true- the people who treat me that way are my favorite people. I can choose do that for people too! It's amazing how much it all comes back to what we choose to focus on in life. Do I focus on the wonders and miracles of life? Or do I choose to ignore them? God created us to have joy and if we trust in Him and have faith in his perspective, he'll help us to notice the good in life and in other people. I highly recommend the meeting- all of the messages were super uplifting and you can watch them all here. 

Next weekend is our General Conference for the entire world, when our family will be tuning in to hear more messages from the prophet and apostles all weekend. I always look forward to the messages we hear and the chance to talk with and teach my kids more about Christ and the scriptures. I'd definitely invite you to watch, listen or read the messages that will be broadcast next Saturday and Sunday- I promise you'll take away something that will make you feel better and want to be better. I always do.