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All White for Labor Day + Sales

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SWEATER (Ivory color, free shipping on all orders) // SHIRT // JEANS // SHOES (45% off!) // BAG  (similar) // EARRINGS (free shipping!) // SUNNIES

Happy Labor Day! Hopefully you've had a great weekend and you might even have today off to get a few more things done before the work week. Our brick and mortar store is open today so I know we'll be busy with that today, but I am hoping to get a few more things done. The sales are crazy this weekend so I may be doing a little online shopping, but I'm also hoping to pick up some paint for my bathroom and the boy's room today too. It's never easy to pick a color, especially a shade of gray which is my goal, but I'm hoping to make it happen.

I've got a round up of the Labor Day online sales for you today, at least the ones I have my eyes on. Today is a great day to get a few more things for the kids for Fall or for yourself. We have family pics to look forward to as well, so if you are in the same boat, you might find some coordinating outfit pieces in today's sales too. Have a great day and happy shopping!

Nickel & Suede: Free shipping on all US orders.

Sole Society: 60% off some styles
Nordstrom: End of Summer clearance sale.J.Crew: 30% off your order of $200+ or 25% off your order of $125+. Use code SHOPMORE. Online only. Exclusions apply.
Madewell: Extra 30% right now picks and all sale styles in-store and online. Use code: DOUBLEUP.
Free People: Additional 30% off on all sale styles through Monday, 9/5.
Urban Outfitters: Buy one, get one half off on tanks and tees. In stores and online through 9/5.
Anthropologie: Additional 40% off sale items.
H&M: 60% off select styles.
Forever 21: Buy one, get one free on all sale items with code BOGOFREE. Exclusions apply. Free shipping.
Old Navy: 50% off all jeans, dresses, and tees.
Gap: 40% off your purchase. Use code: PARTY. Exclusions apply.
Banana Republic: 40% off almost everything with code: FALL40. Exclusions apply. 

Oh Hey, September


Photo Credit- Sarah Sweeney

Happy weekend everyone! Now that school is in session, the weekends mean something around here. I swear the summer was just one long blur where the days were all the same except for Sunday. I love the structure that school creates since we are self-employed and the work week never really ends. Today I thought I'd share a few random things I'm loving or looking forward to. 

1. This weekend I'm really looking forward to attending one of my best friends from high school's baby shower. This is her first little one, and it hasn't been an easy road to pregnancy for her. I don't get to see her often because she lives out of state, but luckily her sister lives here, so she's coming to town to celebrate. It feels like such a long time since I had my first baby shower, so I'm excited to relive that fun with her!

2. We launched a big part of our Nickel and Suede fall collection yesterday, and while that is always a lot of work, it's so much fun. I love seeing customers' responses to our hard work with styling and photography. I'm really, really happy with how it came together and was definitely pinching myself all day, as we had our best new product release day ever. 

3. We also had a crazy week because we got new carpet. Which is "YAY!" and also "HELP!" because it requires a lot of moving things and basically turning the house upside down. Actually if we could turn the house literally upside down, that would help. The guys just finished, and it looks great. We just went with a dark, soft, cushy carpet that won't show dirt. Plus it feels good! And boy is it an upgrade from the builder's grade stuff. I'm also taking this opportunity to dump anything and everything in the basement that I don't want cluttering the upstairs. It feels AWESOME, until I go down to the basement and see what I've done. 

4. I'm currently on the hunt for military green skinnies, and I'm hoping these ones that I ordered work well. I actually tried them last week, but they fit REALLY small so I had to order a size up. Fingers crossed. Also we have a fancy event to attend in September, and of course I have nothing fancy to wear. (I'm not fancy.) But I have heard good things about this dress, so I ordered it in two sizes hoping to get a little more length without drowning in width. We shall see. 

5. Other current favorites: this sweater from Madewell. This dark polish from Ulta that I've been wearing on repeat. I REALLY want these boots, but I haven't found an excuse to buy them. The calf hair makes them pricey, but so pretty. 

6. I got my wedding ring back! Soren stole it a few days before our anniversary and sent it off for cleaning, re-plating, and some "improvements." We picked it up Wednesday and it's beautiful! I've never had a huge ring, but he surprised me by upping the diamond size (just a little) and adding a second wedding band on the other side. It really couldn't be any prettier in my opinion. (When I have my nails looking presentable, I'll post a pic.)

7. Knox is potty trained! He was required to be trained for preschool starting, and he pulled it off just in the knick of time. He is such an angel boy and really made the process easy. Everyone needs a boy like Knox. They really do. 

8. You can now shop my looks from Instagram here on the blog without signing up for LiketoKnowit! The outfits I post are in the footer here on the blog, and all you have to do is click a picture and the links to all of the items will show up for you. Easy peasy.

9. I've been posting video tutorials on Instagram for the last few months of me doing my hair or makeup. If you don't follow over there, you might enjoy those. And speaking of videos, I've also done quite a few FB live posts on my OLM FB page. Those are usually a tutorial of some kind as well.

10. I've been getting a lot of questions about growing out my hair. I am growing it out of my asymmetrical long pixie, but I'm not planning on growing it very far. I think mid-neck sounds about right, at least as a jumping off point for whatever I want to do next. I LOVED my pixie, but I'd like some other options to do with my hair that a pixie doesn't offer. So we'll see where it goes! If you have any cuts you love, send them my way!

I Can, and I Will



Life is good, guys. Life is so good. Change is in the air with the starting of school and autumn on the horizon. We had a fabulous summer, but I'm so happy to transition out of it. This summer was a different one for our family for a lot of reasons. We opened a store, we had four kids at home full time, and we moved our business out of our home. It was busy, and it was really hard to get the normal things done. It was a summer of fast food and feeling frazzled. 

But FALL. Oh, fall. This is going to be my time. Not like time-for-me time, but time to do all the things. Time to get organized and feel on top of this phase of life. There are always unexpected things that pop up to remind me how not in control I am, but the few days a week or couple of hours in a day that I can feel confident in my planning and my organization are all I need to really feel on top.

The two big boys are in school all day five days a week, and then Knox is in preschool two days a week. But Knox still naps and so does Baker, so there are brief snippets of each day where everyone is either in school or napping. (Like right now, knock on wood.) It's amazing what a little alone time does for your brain and your productivity. I can plan ahead for meals or keep on top of the laundry or draft some blog posts that have been bouncing around in my head. In this phase of life, I've found my productive hours are in the afternoon if everyone or most everyone is napping. Early morning hours are only helpful for getting ready before everyone else and doing social media; after the kids are in bed, I either clean up or do a little more social media and then fall asleep. 

I've never been great at being super scheduled or keeping scheduling habits, but I have high hopes for this year. I think sometimes things have to become essential before they stick, and right now a good schedule is about as essential as it could be. 

What are your goals now that fall is almost here? Do you find yourself organizing or revamping the schedule?

Madewell for Fall

It's the best time of the year, besides maybe Christmas, because Fall collections are starting to arrive. Madewell dropped their's this morning and I was so smitten I just had to share. I'm loving all of the black and white and tan. It's so easy to mix in Fall colors with a basic pieces like these. Check out all of my favorite below and see which one's are on their way to me. 

With a few of these new Madewell arrivals, I'm close to wrapping up my Fall wardrobe. I think I've got my plaid bases covered, but I'd still like to find a few fall florals to add in as well. What pieces are you still looking for this season?

Back To School In Style

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This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of OshKosh B’gosh;

however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

This back to school season, we had three kids to shop for. We had three school supply lists, three haircuts, and three closets that needed a little love. After going through drawers and closets and deciding what clothes were still in good enough condition to wear to school, we ended up with a few things for each boy, but new items were definitely in order. You might think that with three boys, we'd have plenty of hand-me-downs to go around, but their clothes get so hammered! The holes and the stains and all the wear and tear mean that the pile of "play clothes" is huge, and the "allowable school clothes" pile is tiny.

So, school shopping was in order. We dabbled a bit online, and then OshKosh B'Gosh emailed about collaborating just in time to help this momma out. We recently got an OshKosh store in our hometown and hadn't even checked it out yet, but with the clock ticking down quickly to the first day, this week was the perfect time to do it. I knew I could find cute things for at least one of my boys there, even if it was just the toddler who was starting preschool.

But guess what? OshKosh had cute things for ALL of my boys. I was dying over the plaid flannels and the little boots, the dark denim and the graphic tees. So many cute little things. Of course my boys were captured by the ninja tees and the coordinating sportswear, but it really was almost all cute or cool enough that I could get on board with whatever they chose as their favorites. I told them to pick out a pile and we'd decide what worked together.

Easton went straight to the basketball gear. He picked out the jacket and the matching shirt and the matching shorts and the matching pants. It was all orange and navy, and it had to be his. I was really hoping he would go for the blue flannel button-up I pulled off the rack, but it was insanely adorable to see him love his choices so much. We took home all of the coordinating things, and if nothing else, I know he loves the clothes, he'll wear them, and he can pair them himself. His favorite piece was the jacket, so we made sure we had a few different ways he could wear it. Isn't he handsome?

Kesler is my dragon, ninja, fire, and skulls kind of kid, so he was drawn to the cool, glow-in-the-dark ninja tee and the skeleton bones shirt. They were the perfect choices for him. We also spent time picking out a new pair of shorts for him, as his denim cutoffs from this summer just weren't going to cut it for school.

Knox lives for diggers and the color orange, and somehow OshKosh had him covered too. He found lots of options with a digger theme and an orange color. He was thrilled with his "I can dig it" shirt and let me tell you, I've already washed it every day since we bought it. I'm sure you can see why. ;)

I don't have many go-to places to shop for my boys, but honestly OshKosh just made the short list from now on. We have family photos in a few weeks, and I'm sure I'll be back in there picking up those flannels and plaids for a mom's choice moment. ;)

If you haven't finished your school shopping yet or you need family photo clothes too, find your store here or shop online and use code OKBG3136 to get 25% off of your OshKosh purchase.

5 Things We Talk to Our Boys About Before School Starts


This week I've got my mom-hat on because it's that time of year—back to school. I've been in full mom mode as I've been cleaning out closets, buying school clothes, and giving back-to-school haircuts. It's a busy and fun time of year, and I really love it. But besides all of the physical school preparations, we've also been trying to do some character preparations around here too. This seems to be a good time of year to talk with the kids and reteach some important values before they reenter (or enter for the first time) those elementary school doors.

I know that my boys will be exposed to so many words and images and other value systems as they leave my house and go out into the public school system. And I'm okay with that; actually, I want it for them. I want them to learn how to make choices and to be their own person and even to get picked on a little bit. I think there is value in all of those lessons. But I also want them to be prepared for what they are facing or might face. And the best thing I can do is to talk with them about it all. So today I'm sharing five things that we talk to our boys about before school starts. They aren't necessarily light topics, but they are super important, and I'd love it if these helped get any kind of discussion started at your house too! 

1. Protecting against pornography. This is a conversation that we are trying to make a common one at our house full of boys. We are against pornography in any way, and we know that the world is increasingly becoming more and more okay with it. We started discussing pornography last year when Easton was six, and we're including Kesler in on it too. We've explained in simplified terms what pornography is (naked people or people without very many clothes on) and what to do if or when you see it. At our house, we're teaching them to call it out when they see it—say, "That's pornography," and then to leave the situation and tell a grown-up. Soren has told the boys that pornography is poison for your brain and that it will make you sick. The ONLY way to get the poison out is to talk about it, meaning to tell us about it. Otherwise it will make you sicker, and you might even want more of it. There is definitely more that goes into this conversation, but those are the basics. It seems like starting at this age has been just right for us because we all understand it and no one is uncomfortable talking about it. 

2. Praying in school. We teach our boys it's okay, in fact more than okay, to pray in school. I don't tell them they need to close their eyes and bow their head and pray, but I want them to know they can pray in their mind at any time and in any place. This is something they should always know and be able to do, but as they are now gone from me all day, it's God that I'm trusting them to. He is the one who can help them in their needs daily. So whether they are scared, nervous, sad, or lonely, I want them to know how to pray for help. 

3. Being a friend to those who need one. So this is actually one that I need to work on too. It's hard to be a friend to people who aren't like you or who don't behave like everyone else. But it's important. I'm trying to teach my boys to pay attention to who needs a friend. That might be the kid who spends his days in the safe seat, or maybe it's the one with a handicap of some kind. I hope my boys are friends to everyone in some way. 

4. Being honest. One of my boys has a really hard time with this already. And it's hard to be patient with! But we had a good discussion the other night about a lot of ways that the kids might be tempted to be dishonest at school. I remember the temptations when I was a kid! Fingers crossed we have better behavior at school than we do at home with this one... ;)

5. Protecting each other. The last thing we always emphasize is the boys' responsibility toward each other. They are responsible to protect and watch out for each other. I don't care if they sit together on the bus, but Easton better know if Kesler is getting picked on by someone. The boys will finally both be in the same school together, and I hope they see each other and wave often. Brothers come before anyone else in this family of boys. 

What do you remind your kids about before school starts? How do you keep it up during the year?