IG Round Up- Post Baby Outfits

Happy Monday friends! Today's post is a round up of some of my favorite posts from Instagram over the last month or so. Many of these pieces are my favorite staples or new Spring pieces that I'll be styling this season. So far I'm still finding myself drawn to plenty of neutrals, just in more lighter shades than darker. I've also been adding lots of light blue, chambray, and always olive. :)


Raising Boys That Help At Home- What Works For Us


In the olden days, people used to have big families because they needed help to run the farm or the family business. And while we may have five kids, five boys in fact, those reasons don't really apply to us. We have a big family, but only because we love kids and all of the fun and memories and love that comes with lots of siblings and kiddos and eventually grand kids.

 One thing I don't love though is the messes and the clutter that a big families creates. There are so many more dishes and laundry piles and smears and piles. Especially right now when all of our kids are under 10. So while our boys may not be out working the fields, I do still need them to help me keep our house and yard and surroundings clean and cared for. I've had some questions about what chores and jobs I have our boys do so today I'm sharing what works for us. We aren't super rigid or consistent or strict, but all of the boys are willing helpers and they do a good job.

Nickel & Suede's Spring Line

Happy April! I'm so excited for warmer weather and the start of a new month. It's been a long winter (actually it's still snowy here) and having a newborn has made it feel even longer! I'm counting on it actually warming up soon and actually getting some sleep soon and who could ask for more than that!? :) 

In January we took a trip to Palm Springs for our Nickel and Suede Spring photo shoot. It was such a great experience and I'm so proud of how it all came together. Over the last year we've added to our creative team and I've had a lot of help in creating even better and better content. It's such a rewarding thing! Today the last of our Spring releases came out online and I want to share them with you. These are some of my favorite products and images from our Spring line. I wish I could source all of the clothes for you (most of them aren't available anymore) but I will source the accessories! :)

EARRINGS (size large)

Newborn and Hospital Photo Ideas

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