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Felt Fedora and Black Tunic Maternity Style


TUNIC- Nordstrom // JEANS- Asos // HAT- Nordstrom // SHOES- Nordstrom // SUNNIES- Forever 21 // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede Signature Silver (large) // WATCH- DIY

This has been a busy week for Nickel & Suede and although I love what we're doing, I have to admit it leaves me feeling burned out for blogging. They say the grass grows where you water it and I can definitely say that is true. On the weeks where I seem like I'm on my A-game blogging wise, I'm probably not doing as much work on Nickel & Suede. And if it seems like I'm MIA over here and my posts are lame, I've likely been stretching my creative muscles and putting in long hours at N&S. It really bothers me to feel so split because I want to do my best and grow in both places, but there is only so much me to go around. Thank you so much for your support here and there- and for understanding when I have nothing cool to say.

As far as today's outfit, I'm a big fan of tunics at this point in pregnancy and this non-maternity tunic drapes perfectly over a six month pregnant belly. It comes in multiple colors and I just can't say enough good things about it. I'll be especially happy when it cools back down to the 80's next week and I can get more wear out of it!

Have a great Thursday and I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with my August beauty picks laid out for you!

GAME DAY with Nickel & Suede

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Happy September friends! It still feels like Summer for most of us, but our brains can all start thinking happy Fall thoughts. Today I'm so excited to share our latest project at Nickel & Suede- our GAME DAY Leather Earrings. 
Since starting sports with Easton this year, I've come to appreciate the need for stylish spirit wear. In the past dressing up for his games or for a professional sports team game was a challenge because I'm not naturally drawn to the bright and obnoxious colors that sports often require. They just don't exist in my closet! And the more I thought about it, I realized that most women likely have the same problem- and that shouldn't be the case! We got to work and began looking for just the right leather in all of the right colors for women to wear to support their teams.

Today in our GAME DAY section, you can find our TEAM Leather Earrings in almost every team color out there. We still have a few to add, but for now- most teams should be covered. This athletic looking leather is perfect for any sports or spirit occasion. Meant to be noticed, these colors only come in size medium and you can even buy them by the dozen for a discount. 

What teams are you cheering for this Fall? Do you have a little one playing soccer or football? Or are you going to local college games?

Lace and Flares: Maternity Style


TOP- H&M (similar) (love this non-maternity one) // JEANS- Express (non maternity!) // SHOES- TJ MAXX (similar) // EARRINGS- N&S Olive Suede (large) // CUFF- N&S // CUFF- Stitch Fix // SUNNIES- J Crew Factory
If there is one thing that you can accuse me of and I won't deny it- it's jumping in on Fall too early. I don't care that it's still August (only one more day!) and that I've been talking about Fall style since July. I just have been, I always do and I know it's cliche.  Deep in my bones I'm an Autumn girl and Fall style, Fall colors and Fall temps are my idea way for living life. So sue me. And I know if we're honest we are all looking for an excuse to start the season early. It's not like it's Christmas! I mean I'm all about keep Christmas to the real Christmas season- not starting it in October. But I feel like August is the right month to just ease into Fall. And if it means I'm sweating because I'm in an extra layer or I'm in boots- so be it. I'd rather sweat a little because I broke out my cooler weather clothing early than be sweating by the pool with my swollen ankles and flip flops. 
So today's Fall topic? Trends for Fall 2015. There are lots of them that we could cover, but today I'm going to stick to three. I'll post more trends over the next few weeks- with ideas of how to style them for normal person wear. Because how useless is a trend that normal people can't pull of??
1. Lace. More specifically high-neck lace tops. This Fall the Victorian styles are coming back into high fashion- think lots of lace, high collars, brooches and gloves. And I'm thinking there is no way am I going to pull off a brooch or fancy gloves. BUT I do love the idea of lace- and even a high collar lace blouse. I suggest pairing lace with camel, rust, burgundy, olive, and dark green this Fall. The right lace top will add great texture to any outfit and easily layer or stand on it's own.
2. Flare denim. Flares are back with a vengeance this Fall. This pair from Express is a great pair with tons of stretch- just be aware you'll need to size down. I'm wearing them (non-maternity) in one size up. Flares look best worn with a heel or a platform, but if yours are too long? Try this hack by Shana. (literally!)
3. Olive Green. I'm seeing all shades of olive/military green in stores and magazines this Fall. There is literally not one way that people aren't wearing it. Try olive sneakers, olive jackets, olive sweaters, olive hats, olive bags- or my favorite way Olive Suede Leather Earrings
 What Fall trends are you looking forward too? 

Kimono and Black Maternity Stye


TEE- GAP // KIMONO- Thrifted (Rue 21) // JEANS- Stitch Fix // SHOES- Old Navy // BAG- Freshly Picked // WATCH- Jord // EARRINGS- N&S Signature Silver Accent Earrings (large)

I'm back in black. All black basics + nude accessories (and lips!) + a little pattern and I'm feeling okay about it still being Summer around here. We've had a slight cool down this week, but the weatherman said it will be back up in the high 80's and low 90's very soon. So I guess I'll be putting my Summer clothes to work for a few more weeks. However- here on the blog you can expect upcoming Fall style inspiration. I've been putting together some Fall looks for you and they can't be contained any longer. So just get ready to pin them and save them and we'll be rocking our sweaters in no time. 

How I Save My Sanity (and the House) When I'm Traveling

TEE- GAP // SWEATER- Forever 21 // PANTS- J Crew Factory // SHOES- Nordstrom // EARRINGS- N&S London Tan Cut Out (large) // BACKPACK- Everlane c/o

As a momma of several little kiddos- and a business owner- I don't often go out of town. Especially on my own. It's hard for the kids to have mom gone, it's hard for Soren to get anything done (like work!) and three kids is a lot of kids to arrange childcare for. I've accepted this fact and I really love my day to day activities. But if I do get the chance to get away- I take it!
Last Fall I went to San Fransisco to visit Stitch Fix for three days and it was amazing. I had the best time meeting other bloggers, learning about Stitch Fix, site seeing in San Fransisco and having some me-time. But after those glorious three days, I came home to a uh....a mess- to put it very lightly. Knox (who was one at the time) got sick while I was gone and my babysitter that I had lined up also got sick and couldn't help. Soren was on his own for three days with the kids and a ton of work to do as we had just started Nickel & Suede. They all survived- but the house almost didn't. I immediately regretted going and what should have been a fun, "Mom's home!" turned into me crying and just being completely overwhelmed by what I came home to clean up. I genuinely do think they did their best while I was gone and to clean up before I got home, but it certainly didn't work for me. 
Why am I bringing this up now? Fast forward to this Summer. In June I made plans to go to Salt Lake for ALT Summit for three days. I really wanted to go and I knew it would be good for the blog and for Nickel & Suede, but I was  hesitant to leave the boys on their own again. I just couldn't handle the thought of coming home to clean up after a tornado. So I took precautionary measures in advance. I felt like they were a little extreme at the time- but I can't even tell you how much they worked! You can find my methods below
1. Tape the kitchen drawers shut. Yes, I took packing tape and I taped the silverware drawer, the kids' cup drawer and all of the plates and cups filled cupboards shut. Then I left orders that they were to stay taped until I returned. Instead the family was allowed to use the copious amounts of disposable plates, cups, and flatware that I left out on the otherwise clutter-free counter. This meant the trash filled up quickly, but the sink and the counters stayed dish free.
2. Pre-order food. I pre-ordered dinner for the family every night I was gone- except one, and that night they were instructed to eat out. The first night Papa John's showed up at 5:30 and the next night Jimmy John's showed up. I selected, paid for and scheduled the food to show up. It saved my husband from stressing about dinner and it saved me from pre-making dinners that they wouldn't eat anyways.
3. Set up babysitters and back up babysitters. When I went to ALT it was during the Summer and so I had a lot more options for scheduling help for Soren during the day. My mom took the kids for some of the time I was gone and then I had one of our regular school-age babysitters come over to our house and play with the kids while Knox napped and Soren worked. I also had a few friends in the reserves in case something happened and I needed a back up. AND I  also left instructions for our teenage babysitter to have the boys clean up their toys and put laundry in baskets before she left each day.
4. Stock the fringe and pantry with snacks, cereal and sandwich ingredients. If all else fails, we are a cereal and sandwich family. The kids can get their own cereal and make their own sandwiches so having plenty of bread, milk, peanut butter and jelly means there are easy options for food. I also stocked the house with squeezy yogurt, grapes, string cheese, snap peas and other healthy snack options.
5. Write a schedule that has very few musts. Any schedule I make rarely happens without me there. So before I left, I did write a schedule and post it on the fridge- but it had very few musts. I made it pretty simple and so that if no one looked at it, no one was any worse off. But if they did need to know something like when a babysitter or food was showing up- they could find it. 
I came home from my trip with low expectations, but I was blown away. The house was picked up! Laundry was in baskets, the sink was basically empty and the drawers had stayed shut. Because I had limited the food prep and the dirty dishes, Soren was able to keep up with picking up and the rest of what needed to happen. It was such a nice thing to come home to! I know that every family is different and maybe your husband is the one that has an easy time keeping up with laundry, dishes, dinner and kids- but if you are more like us- these tips might help!
What tips do you have for going out of town? How do you help things run smoothly while you are gone?

The Denim Skirt Trend


TEE- GAP // SKIRT- Thrifted // BAG- Sole Society // SHOES- Converse // CUFF- N&S // EARRINGS- N&S Signature Silver Accent Earrings (large) // JACKET- Target
Photo Credit- Sarah Sweeney

I've delayed posting this outfit because I am VERY on the fence about the denim skirt trend that is reappearing. I'm already freaked out about hitting middle aged mom status and I feel like this oufit kinda seals the deal. (You can't win them all right? Sometimes an outfit just doesn't come together like you think it will!)

If you know me, you know I love denim. I LOVE DENIM. But denim skirts are not easy for me to accept back into my life. I think the denim jumpsuit and even the denim dresses trends are super cute. But the denim skirt....? Meh. Three things that might change my mind about this denim skirt ensemble?

1. If I wasn't pregnant. I'm thinking a baby bump and a denim skirt just don't equal cool. The bump says MOM and the skirt says SKIRT = MOM SKIRT.

2. A different style of denim skirt. I think a button front denim skirt, in possibly a looser, longer cut could be more my jam. 

3. If I wasn't me. I think I love this trend on other women, but not me yet. Maybe with longer hair, strappy sandals, my pre-prego figure and a graphic tee?

Anyways- what are your denim skirt thoughts? Are you on board with this trend? Have you been dying for it to come back? Or are you as nervous about it as I am?

PS- These photos are from back in July. I'm clearly more pregnant than this now.