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I don't know about you, but once December hits, I'm feeling festive. My typical tendency for gray, black, and more black subsides and I pull out all things red, green, plaid, sparkly, and furry. I can't even help it. But alas, every day in December is not one holiday party after another in my lifeit's more like twice as many errands and everyday mom stuff. 

So what to do? I don't know about you, but I vote to still dress festive, but make it comfortable. How to do that? I've teamed up with Nordstrom to share a few ways take everyday style from fine to festive this season.

1. All Things Plaid. One of my go-to outfits is anything flannel and plaid. Usually this means a shirt, but I do love a pretty plaid scarf as well. This plaid top is one of my favorite festive shirts from Nordstrom this season, and I also am living in this one. Plaid tops can be dressed up or down, and the flannel ones really do keep you warmer!

 2. Sparkles. There aren't too many ways that I'll throw sparkles into my everyday style, but these shoes are definitely one of them. And wow, these Keds are amazing. I've always worn Vans, but now that I've tried Keds, I'm a believer. They are so comfortable, and nothing says holiday like sparkly shoes. You could also go with a sparkly bag (yes, even in the daytime) or some sparkly jewelryjust be sure to tone it down with basics in the rest of your outfit. 

3. Fur. I'm a believer in sticking to no more than two of these elements in one outfit, so I omitted the fur here, but oh, how I love faux fur in the winter. I love tiny doses of fur like this key chain or this clutch, or bigger doses like this vest or this coat. Just keep the rest of the outfit neutral, and you'll be set. 

I've linked my favorites from Nordstrom in these categories below. The best part about these elements is that you can wear them every day, so they will get a lot of use, but you can also use them when you dress up. You have to hit at least one holiday party or date night this year!




Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinons, recommendations and thoughts are my own.

Sometimes You Catch A Break


Every year after Christmas I say that I'm going go buy a beautiful pre-lit tree on sale so that we finally have a "nice tree". But every year I abandon that idea because all of the money has been spent and who wants to spend more on a Christmas tree AFTER Christmas? I regret it a little, but when Thanksgiving comes around I'm so glad that I didn't go buy a fake tree because we're able to go hunt for a real one.

For the last four years we've headed to a local tree farm to get our tree and it's such a fun tradition. This year we tried a new one that was a little farther away and boy, was it worth it! This farm was called Pumpkins and Pines and it was just dreamy. Not only was the farm dreamy, but everyone was in a good mood, well rested, and happy! HUGE WIN. It was really busy at the farm that day, but the weather was perfect and all the kids wore what I asked them to wear and we got lots of smiles. 

These pics will forever be some of my favorites because of the love, the fun and the tradition they capture. Some days you just catch a break and things go better than you hoped! We all need those days every once and a while right? (Knock on wood. Might have just jinxed tomorrow.)

Do you have a real tree or a fake one? How many trees do you decorate at your house? (I'm still sticking with one at our house. #easy)

Light the World


 GREEN SET // RED SET  (All boxed sets are Buy One Get One 50% off)

When I was three years old, my family moved from Utah to Kansas City. We left all of our extended family and moved to the Midwest for my dad to take a job with Hallmark Cards. 

He has worked at Hallmark for over 25 years now, and I've always been proud to tell people that my dad is an artist. I have fond memories of going to work with him on Take Your Child to Work Day, and as kids we never had a shortage of art supplies to be creative with. I love finding his cards in the greeting card aisles, and I especially love sharing his Christmas artwork. For the last few years my dad has been specifically working on Nativity-themed greeting cards, and his artwork is so beautiful. This year Hallmark also had him create other artwork in the same collection, like figurines and framed art to decorate your home with for Christmas. 

And the best part? Hallmark has finally created a way to search by artist on their website. I shared some of my Dad's holiday cards a few years ago, and it was so frustrating that I couldn't point any of my readers to a place on the Internet to look at his things. But now you can! If you go to and search "Matt Kesler," his collection shows up. You can order cards or artwork online and even pick it up in store. 

I'm so proud of the beauty and the faith that this collection shares. It perfectly aligns with how I want my kids to understand and cherish Christmas. I'm thankful for my dad's example and for the light that these images share with the world. 

I've posted and linked some of my favorites below!


Have a wonderful Monday!

Everyday Style December

BOMBER (similar) // TEE // JEANS // SHOES (similar) // EARRINGS // SUNNIES





JEANS // SHOES (similar)


Happy Saturday friends! Today I'm posting a round up of all of my recent Instagram outfits. If you don't want to sign up for +LIKEtoKNOW.IT , or for some reason it never works for you- this post is for you! Also if you want to know where something is from before I get it posted on in a blog post- there are other places that you can get the links. The first is in my blog footer. All of my linked photos drop into my footer and all you have to do is click a pic for the linked items to show. No sign up necessary! I've also started sharing more and more links on my Facebook page. If you follow me over there you can get easy shoppable links to most of my outfits as well. 

We're off to help clean our church building this morning and then heading to basketball practice. I bought some fresh chestnuts at the grocery store the other day so I think we'll try our hand at roasting them sometime this weekend. It should be interesting! Have you ever roasted them before?

Have a good weekend and see you Monday!