Everyday Style- Camo and More Camo


White v-neck, fedora, and camo pants
Tee: Hane's Men's V-Neck
Pants: TJ Maxx
Shoes: TOMS
Hat: H&M 
Earrings: OLM 

stripes, navy camo, converse
Tee: Thrifted (F21)
Pants: GAP
Shoes: Thrifted (Converse)
Earrings: OLM 

camo tee, dark denim and converse
Tee: F21
Pants: Lucky Brand
Shoes: Thrifted (Converse)
Earrings: OLM
Cuff: F21

This week a friend mentioned that she didn't know anyone who wore as much camo as I do. That tells me I might have a problem, but I'd argue it's a good one to have. Usually my Everyday Style round ups don't have quite so distinctive of a theme, but apparently camo has been on my mind a lot lately. If you are new to OLM, several times a month I recap my everyday outfits from my Instagram. I hate the phone pictures, but they are an easy and practical way for me to share more style and outfit ideas with you. 

So... camo. I have to admit I was on board right away with this trend. I bought camo pants while pregnant last year and I've been wearing camo in all forms ever since. I treat camo like a neutral in my closet, much like I treat leopard print. They are both are neutral prints that I wear with everything. I think camo used to be seen as edgy, but it is becoming more and more mainstream so don't feel like it is out of reach!

If you are hesitant to try this trend, there are so many ways to wear it. My favorite colors and fabrics to pair with camo are gray, black, orange/red, citron, chambray, white, beige, and even radiant orchid. I have several pairs of camo pants (green and navy), a camo tee, and camo ballet flats. I've also seen cool camo vests, jackets and causal bags. Oh and I have to mention our Camo Leather Earrings- those are a great way to wear the print too! In honor of today's post- our Camo earrings are on sale this weekend. Grab a pair for only $12 and add some of this fun trend to your closet!

Leather camo earrings from ONE little MOMMA

For more ideas about styling camo you can click here. Have you added any camo to you wardrobe? How do you wear it?

What I Wore - Denim Vest. Leopard Sneakers and Jamberry Nails


Cuffed black denim + leopard sneakers

Denim vest, gray tee, black denim and leopard sneakers

Jamberry nail wraps

gray tee, black denim and leopard sneakers

Denim vest, gray tee, black denim and leopard sneakers

I feel like I need to first just say thank you for taking my reader survey this week. I was nervous no one would take it because, honestly, surveys are a pain. But thanks for sticking it out for me and I'm sorry if you hated any of it or I could have done it a better way. Clearly I'm still learning here. The feedback was overwhelming to say the least. It was a bit like getting 1000 valuable and insightful blog comments all in one day- which is a blogger's dream come true! I'm so taken back by all of the really, really nice things you had to say. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And I'm trying to be a big girl and be receptive to all of the great, insightful and honest criticism you sent as well. I know I'll be better for it.

And even aside from all of those things, I loved hearing from you. It is so, so, so nice to know that my words and work and images aren't just going out there to nowhere land. I always hope that something I say or do will inspire, or entertain or hold at least a little value to someone on a daily basis. I was planning on posting a more formal or at least more comprehensive response to the survey next week after I have mulled it over a bit more. Would you be interested in that? Do you care to know more about the overall answers?

This outfit fits more in my Everyday Style category as it is one I wear pretty regularly. If you have been around for a while you will have noticed I have a thing for gray tees, vests and black denim. I just like to change up my shoes or in today's case, my nails to make these basics more interesting. I've included a round up of leopard sneakers below. If you follow me on IG you know how much I wear mine and although I got mine at H&M, you can find similar ones at all price points.

On my nails I'm wearing a black floral print week thanks to Jamberry nail wraps. Elizabeth from Jamberry offered to send me over some printed nail wraps a few weeks back and I jumped at the chance to try them. I've been wanting to test out Jamberry nails for months so I was excited to give them a go. So far I love how they look and I am really interested to see how long they stay on. I applied them on Saturday and I think I will need more practice with them before they work perfectly.  I plan to try another set next week and see if I can't get the tricks figured out.

Have you tried Jamberry Nails? Would you be interested in a video tutorial on applying them?

Outfit Details:
Shirt- Everlane
Jeans- Liverpool
Shoes- H&M
Vest- thrifted and DIY'd

Honest - I'm Late Everywhere I Go


There are all kinds of people and mommas out there, but I'm a goer. I love to get out and get things done. When my babies are born, I always over do it because I hate staying home. While the new baby sleeps in his covered car seat, I am happy to run errands, shop, and just get out. As you know, besides the kids and my husband, I have been running a business from home for the past four years and blogging for the past two years. All of those things makes life full and enjoyable. The problem that I find about being busy and having my plate so full is that I'm late - EVERYWHERE. I've never been a super strict and punctual person, but I do love to be prepared and it feels great to be on time or even early. Unfortunately, I almost never get that feeling. I try to blame it on my phase of life, but if you invite me anywhere, just allow an extra 20 minutes. I'm very punctual with a 20 minute late arrival time - THAT you can count on.

Reasons We Are Currently Late - In General

1. A napping baby. I don't mess with Knox's naps. He isn't on a super strict schedule, but if he is napping, we stay put until he is done. Naptime is money to me and I definitely believe that the better rested the baby, the happier the family.

2. Blog (or business) related activities. I often snap some kind of outfit pic before we leave the house, which takes time. And if I'm home, I usually have a project out and orders in the works. Every spare minute gets used around here, and I usually try to stretch them too far.

3. My husband. I did not marry a man who can stick to a schedule. He does amazing things, but he needs unlimited time to do so. And he does things his own way. Like on Sunday when he did the dishes for me with Knox's help. The dishes got done and even Knox got washed - but it took a LONG time.

4. Small children related messes. Poopy diapers, peed underwear, spilled milk or juice, dumped toy boxes, lost toys, shoes in puddles, muddy clothes, and any other number of "are you kidding me?!?" events that for some reason always happen right before we leave the house. You never know what will happen next with kids!

The place that I hate being late to the most is church. Everything else in my life is pretty flexible - but church starts on time. And it's a large quiet-ish meeting. Everyone notices when you walk in late and up to the front where the only empty pews are. The number of bags you are carrying, the disposition of your children, and the higher heeled shoes that you are desperately trying to walk in are all on display as you interrupt the meeting. We have been late for church for years, but EVERY single week I vow to get up earlier and leave sooner. It is really exhausting to put so much effort into a 2-3 minute window of arrival time. (You know we aren't showing up 20 minutes early!) For months, every week I was arriving at church so angry and so short and so dang frustrated with my entire family - especially my husband. It took the whole meeting for me to get over it and by then I had practically missed the whole point of church! Talk about starting off church on the wrong foot.

A few weeks ago as we were starting off the same scenario of running late and rushing to get ready. I could feel the irritation building, and then I had the feeling to just let it go. I just decided to let go of the schedule. Trying to make it for the 9am meeting wasn't going to happen anyway, and what was ruining Sunday mornings wasn't us being late for church, it was my attitude about being late. We were already late and being mean and mad about it didn't make it more okay to be late. It was almost as if I thought being grouchy made me less guilty of the lateness - because I was blaming everyone else and making them pay for it with my bad attitude. I just let go of the frustration and kindly kept getting us ready to go. I stayed calm, helped the kids and waited for my husband. We were 45 minutes late. We missed almost the entire first meeting. In fact we just sat in the hall for the last ten minutes of it - BUT we were happy. We were all feeling good and glad to be there. Mom hadn't lost her mind and everyone had kept the peace. It was an eye opening morning.

And we are still late almost every week. And I still try to get us there on time every week. But I don't get angry anymore. It's never anyone's fault and I swear we are late for a different reason every week. But I am grateful to have figured out how to be a better example to my kids about what I believe and why we go to church. I am trying harder not to put the schedule above how I treat my family, even if it means missing half of church.

Are you as late as I am? Where do you dread arriving late? Or have you figured out the whole concept of being punctual? I'd love to hear your secrets for being on time!

PS- Did you get a chance to take my survey yet? If so, thank you so much! If not you can do so here and be entered to win the massage gift card and other fun beauty products!

You Tell Me + a Giveaway

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As you know I was at a blog conference a few weeks back and although it overwhelmed me a bit, I came home with a lot of work to do and a notebook full of ways to improve ONE little MOMMA. One of the first things on my list requires your help!

I'd love for you to take five minutes to fill out this reader survey that I have put together. It will help me know a little more about  you and what you love or want out of the blog. To thank you for taking the survey you will be entered to win a $50 Massage Envy gift card + $50 in beauty products (Stila liquid eyeliner, Covergirl Lucky Penny nail polish and Jouer lipstick in Sophia). The massage alone is worth your five minutes!

I so, so, so appreciate your feedback and if there is anything you have ever said, "I wish she would post more of this" or "I wish she would post less of that" this is your chance to say it! Thanks again!

The giveaway winner will be announced 4/22/14. Good luck!

Click here to take survey

Shop Update - Cut Out Earrings and New Leather

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Cut-out leather earrings from ONE little MOMMA. Super light weight and so gorgeous!

I'm so excited to announce that there are new earring colors and styles in the shop this week! These new colors and styles are some of my favorite right now, and I know you'll love them too! The cut out earrings that I designed to wear to KC Fashion Week are finally here! You can get them in the Cognac Leather, Antique Brass and Textured Black. The cognac pair is one that I wear several times a week!

Lilac, radiant orchid, cognac and nude leather earrings from ONE little MOMMA

Other new leather to the shop is the Lilac Leather (top right) and the Nude Leather (bottom right). You can find all of the colors in both the three- and two-inch sizes. Some of our bestsellers are still available, while other colors are sold out, so check out this month's selection and use code NEWCROP to get 10% off your order today only! We'll be changing out our colors and styles every 4-6 weeks, so if you don't see a color you wanted, keep checking back for when it restocks. And if you love these colors or styles as much as I do, grab them before they are sold out!

Which is your favorite new color? What color would you love to see next?

New Places, New People, and No New Clothes

Gray tee, cargo vest, fringed scarf and leopard sneaks

Gray tee, cargo vest, fringed scarf and leopard sneaks
Shirt: Target
Vest: DIY
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Shoes: H&M
Purse: Thrifted
Scarf: Daily Charms

I'm not sure if it happens to you too, but whenever I have a big event coming up, I tend to over analyze what I'm going to wear. I try to plan too much, I try too hard, and I usually end up just buying something new to wear to feel better about it all. My husband always tells me that I get it wrong when I try too hard and that I shouldn't stress about it, no matter the event. But it's hard! Big events like holiday parties, conferences, or trips just seem to call for new clothes. In new clothes, you feel the confidence of something fresh and new to you. You can't help but feel cute in a new top or new jeans.

As I was prepping for last weekend's blog conference, I knew that the clothes were going to get me. I was going to a two-day event with people I didn't know, and not only that, a lot of other fashion bloggers. The insecurities of how to fit in and stand out started creeping in. As I thought about it, I remembered a blog post that I had read a few months back. I was so impressed when I read it the first time, and the truth of it had really stuck to my heart. So I decided this was my weekend to try it for myself. I was not going to buy anything new for my conference. While there were probably people attending who really did need to pick up a few new things to wear, I definitely didn't. My closet is full of more than adequate options. And I knew that subconsciously trying to be best dressed would be a losing game. I had to think, what was I trying to get out of the weekend anyway? A best dressed award? Or connections with people, new information, and personal growth? I could get all of those things no matter what I was wearing.

So I went for it. I wore my old favorites mixed in with some recently thrifted pieces. If anything was new-ish, I had bought it for other reasons - not for the weekend. I picked out my outfits the night before/morning of and just went with them. I was comfortable in my choices, but I was going as just me. It was surprisingly difficult and also awesome. 

Because what I was wearing hadn't been my focus, I didn't feel self conscious. I barely thought about my clothes and actually got what I wanted out of the weekend. I had a great time with old friends and made new friends. It was such a fun break away from the house and the kids. As someone who loves learning, I soaked up the classes and asked a lot of questions. And guess what? There really were so many beautiful and well dressed women there. Winning best dressed would have been truly an impossible task. I'm so grateful that I went in with the right mindset. I did my best to stand out by being myself, not by looking a certain way, which was and has been my first reaction to new places and people. 

I'm not sure I'll hold this as a new standard for myself, but it did feel good to prove to myself the value in it. As a reserved and often naturally insecure person, I pushed past some of that and came out stronger for it. Win, win, win in my book. 

Do you struggle with what to wear to events? How does it affect the actual event for you? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

How To Wear a Tulle Skirt - 3 Ways I Wear Mine and More

How to wear a tulle skirt- change your accessories!

I danced ballet for years growing up, and I loved seeing the tulle skirt come in style for the last year. It is such a beautiful piece, and I think every woman secretly wants one. The hard part is finding a place or a way to wear one! After struggling with styling my tulle skirt, I decided I like pairing it with a striped tee best. It adds a print to the fun texture of the skirt and it is a basic that I wear ALL the time. I always default to adding my favorite basics when I'm trying to figure out how to wear something new. What I loved about the tulle and stripe combination is that I could change just the accessories to create a totally different look. I've got a few of my favorites below. 

Stripes and a tulle skirt

Stripes and a tulle skirt with leopard ballet flats
Shirt: GAP
Skirt: Thrifted/DIY by me
Shoes: Target
Clutch: Thrifted
Cuff and Earrings: ONE little MOMMA

First up, I tried dressing down this fancy skirt even more with leopard ballet flats and cognac clutch. I think this is the most casual that a tulle skirt can look and it works. Of course, I always love mixing leopard and stripes for a mixed print combo.

Stripes and a tulle skirt with black perforated heels and gold jewelry

Stripes and a tulle skirt with black perforated heels and gold jewelry
Clutch: H&M
Earrings and Cuff: ONE little MOMMA
Shoes: Thrifted

To dress up the skirt with a hint of edge, I threw on these perforated black peep toe heels. I like the gold clutch and the gold jewelry and could see this more for an evening event. 

Stripes and a tulle skirt with teal and pops of red

Stripes and a tulle skirt with teal and pops of red
Clutch: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted
Cuff: F21
Lipstick: NYX Indie Flick

This was my favorite combination of the three. I love the pop of red and teal with the black and white. This look feels a little French and would be perfect for shopping or a fun lunch date. 

Now, honestly I haven't worn my tulle skirt out and about yet. I think I'll try it at church, but as a momma, I have few chances to wear one. I try to always make things momma friendly and on the causal side around here, and I think I've done that with this skirt. I do think that it is a fun piece to have in my closet, and I definitely want to pull it out when the right even comes around. For more ways to style a tulle skirt check out Merrick's post here - she's a styling genius! I also love Cara's take on it.

The real reason I'm styling this skirt today is because - I MADE it! Well, sort of. I refashioned this skirt out of this dress here....

How to thrift store refashion your own tulle skirt

 I'm sharing how I refashioned this beauty over at Brassy Apple today! You will love how easy it was!

 Have you found the right tulle skirt yet? How do you wear it? Where have you worn it?

What I Wore - Denim Jacket and White Fringed Boots

Fringed white cowgirl boots

Stripes, gray hoodie layered with a denim jacket, black jeans and white ankle boots

Stripes, gray hoodie layered with a denim jacket, black jeans and white ankle boots

Stripes, gray hoodie layered with a denim jacket, black jeans and white ankle boots

Stripes, gray hoodie layered with a denim jacket, black jeans and white ankle boots

You might have seen on Instagram that this past weekend, I was able to attend a local blog conference here in Kansas City called Go Blog Social. It was a Friday and Saturday event full of classes and networking with other bloggers. I'll be sharing more about it later this week, but I really had a great time. Because I put being a mom first in my life, I don't get many days away or opportunities like this, so I really soak it all in when I do. I LOVE the learning element of a conference. I have always been a school nerd at heart, so just taking a class again, especially about something that I am excited about, is thrilling. I loved spending time with friends, answering to no one and even just eating out!

I thrifted these boots a few weeks back and my husband was not a fan. That often happens though, so I pulled them out for the Friday of the conference where I would be gone and away from him. I LOVE the fringe on these boots and the vintage cowgirl appeal they have. Plus, I have a feeling that white ankle boots are an up-and-coming hot item and these fit that bill for me. It took some playing around with what to pair with them because I really didn't want to look like a total cowgirl. That meant that anything aztec, southwest, or turquoise was out. Pairing them with very basic stripes, black denim, and a sweatshirt/jacket combo seemed to work well. The basics calmed down the western vibe of the boots and made for a very wearable everyday outfit.

Do you own cowgirl boots? What do you wear them with so you don't feel like you are in costume?

Shirt: GAP
Sweatshirt: Thrifted (Old Navy)
Jacket: Thrifted (A&F)
Jeans: c/o Liverpool Jeans
Boots: Thrifted
Earrings: ONE little MOMMA