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The Lie I Tell Myself


SWEATER- Forever 21 // TRENCH- Eddie Bauer // JEANS- GAP // SHOES- Thrifted // CLUTCH- Thrifted // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede
Photo Credit- Sarah Sweeney

Let's talk about running three brands at once. And wearing the hats of Mom, Wife, Sunday School teacher, friend and homeowner. It's a big struggle. 

Some days I feel like I'm doing great, but most days I feel like I'm doing the bare minimum in every category. I know that what you put your time into is what succeeds- so it's really hard when there are many things that I need to succeed and only so much time. 

We still own ONE little BELT and I try to put a little effort in each month to OLB's FB page, IG and obviously selling belts.

I really want ONE little MOMMA to be the best that it can be and definitely put time into blogging each week. OLM is crucial to spreading the word about Nickel & Suede- but it's also my creative outlet. I let a few too many comparision thoughts go through my head about other blogs and never take into account what else I'm up to besides blogging.

And there there is Nickel & Suede. You know, our full time job that we need to push and grow as fast and furious as we can? We have big dreams for N&S and I feel guilty when I'm not eating, sleeping, and thinking Nickel & Suede. (Although many days I am!) 

Then the most important parts of life- my kids, my husband, church and my friends. When do I do stuff for them? I mean obviously I do things for them daily and they come first- so yeah. I guess I'm back to talking about balance. 

I've got this belief running through my head that I need to be a totally haggard, stressed out, one-track-mind entrepreneur to be successful. I'm pretty sure it's a lie that I'm telling myself which constantly makes me feel like I'm not giving my best at the right thing and basically never allows me to feel successful. I'm happy with the track that things are on, but I always wonder- could we be doing better if I just were X, Y, Z? Am I not working hard enough? 

I don't have answers about all of that today. Partly I just want to let you know that I'm not perfect and neither is ANYTHING I'm doing. And I just want to be real about the struggle of the day to day around here. Thanks for sticking around here and supporting our family in any way that you do. 

Where We Live


SWEATSHIRT- Forever 21 // JEANS- TJ Maxx (Lucky Brand) // SHOES- GAP // CLUTCH- Local Boutique // CUFF- Nickel & Suede // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede // SUNNIES- Local

As trivial as it is to talk weather- we all know it deeply impacts our day to day life. This Winter has been especially cloudy here in Missouri and it has made this a particularly difficult past few months. Usually Missouri winters are cold, but sunny. This winter- no sun. And the sun makes a difference!

When we lived in Seattle after college, I'm convinced I was seasonally depressed in a bad way. I wish we had invested in fake-sun lights and all of that, but I didn't really believe in it at the time. We just struggled on living away from friends and family in a dark and wet climate. Thankfully we had the chance to make a change and ended up here in KC. I know Seattle sounds so much more appealing than Kansas City, Missouri- but it wasn't right for our family. At least not then.

Besides the bugs and the lack of mountains (hubby's main complaint), we love living here. Our community is so family friendly and religious. The area is growing and creative and the perfect place to raise a big family and start a business. Not to mention we have my family here too! We've had so much local support for our business and I'm so thankful for our Liberty and Kansas City community.

Thankfully Spring weather is on it's way- at least for a few days- so we're settling in to enjoy it. Soon we'll be enjoying warm weather, green grass and a real Spring. I can't wait!

I'd love to know where you live and why you love it! Let's hear it in the comments!

Nickel & Suede Spring 2015


I'm so excited to share our new Nickel and Suede Spring products with you today! Talk about Happy Monday! If you are like me- March couldn't come soon enough. Spring is officially arriving this month so I can officially justify any and all Spring wardrobe purchases in the next few weeks. They gotta arrive in time for March 20th right?!

This is a smaller release than in January- but we have something amazing up our sleeves that is still on its way! Head over to to see the new arrivals, check out March's Color of the Month and fill up your cart.

And I didn't forget the really fun stuff- of course I'm hosting a giveaway today! Enter below to win a $75 credit to Nickel & Suede to spend on anything you like- from a new Heather Black tee to a new slit cuff. I can't wait to hear what you think!

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Sunday Style- Denim Jacket and Faux Leather


SHIRT- Forever 21 // JACKET- Thrifted (A&F) // SKIRT- Nu-Mod (similar) // SHOES- Old Navy (similar) // BAG- Lily Jade c/o // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede (Pebbled Black L)

Over the weekend I spend some time on a plane and for a rare couple of hours I got to read a book. We checked into our flight too late to sit next to each other so Soren and I both bought some reading material and had some alone time. I bought Unbroken, which has been on my list to read since Natalia recommended it to me last September. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I knew enough of the plot to know I would like it. 

And whoa. Like it? Yes. Overwhelmed by it? A little bit of that too. When we landed in Kansas City I had a really hard time adjusting back to where I was and what I was doing. I felt like I had just been adrift in the Pacific and then in prison on an Asian island somewhere. The book really sucks you in and so much of it is just mind boggling. The intense conditions that the main character and really so many of the people at that time in the world suffered through are just so foreign to me. I haven't finished it yet, but already it has been affecting my daily thoughts. I live such a comfortable life with so many blessings that I take for granted. I fuss about a headache here or there or a sick kid, but reading about the suffering of others makes me feel so bad for complaining about anything. I'm almost ashamed at what I whine about and ask God for help with compared to what His other children go through all over the world. I'm not saying He doesn't care, but I am saying He probably expects me to get through it being a little tougher than I am. There are so many more things to be thankful for than there are to stress or complain about. 

I'm definitely planning to readjust my lens of what tough looks like and say thank you quite a bit more often. If you haven't ready the book- I'd recommend it. But really just trying to think about what life would look like without almost everything you have (like drinking water- or food for that matter), might make you think a little more thankfully too. 

Did you read the book? What were your thoughts? (No spoilers please-I'm not done yet!)

Date Night- Monochromatic and Leather Leggings

Black monochromatic date night look with leather leggings

Black monochromatic date night look with leather leggings

Black monochromatic date night look with leather leggings

Black monochromatic date night look with leather leggings

Black monochromatic date night look with leather leggings
SHIRT- Nu-Mod // LEGGINGS- Old Navy (sold out) // SHOES- Forever 21 // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede // BAG- Stitch Fix

Holy cow- it's date night. Not only date night, but it's getaway time. We get a date, in another state,  for 24 hours kid free. I can't wait. I've mentioned before that Soren surprised me with tickets to Maroon 5 in Nashville for Valentine's Day and it's already here. Kudo's to him for keeping the surprise a secret for so long because I haven't had to wait long at all to cash in my gift. I didn't buy anything specific for the trip- don't really need too- but I have been having a hard time deciding what to wear that isn't all black. Or all gray and black. Kind of like today's outfit.

If you are going all black or dark monochromatic (which I love) be sure to try and mix up your textures. This blouse has chiffon pieced on the sleeves and hem and guess what I'm wearing on the bottom? My second pair of faux leather leggings- which is adds a great smooth texture. These are from Old Navy and are not lined. I love that they have less of a sheen, but they are thinner and feel like more of a legging than my fleece lined pair. (Hence the very long shirt!)

We're off to catch a plane! Keep up with our trip on IG and feel free to send your last minute travel recommendations our way! Enjoy your weekend!

PS- Did you catch the makeup tutorial I posted for this date night look yesterday?
PSS- New Spring product drops Monday at Nickel & Suede so stay tuned here for updates and maybe even a giveaway...

Dramatic Eye Makeup Tutorial for the Red Carpet or a Night Out


With the Oscar's last weekend and our upcoming getaway to see Maroon 5, I thought it would be fun to share a dressed up makeup look with you. I've been trying to put together more makeup tutorials so today I'm sharing a dramatic, smokey eye that you can recreate for any upcoming night out or fun event. This is my husband's favorite makeup that I wear and definitely my go-to if I am dressing up for an evening out.

To start- you'll need to gather your tools and supplies. For this look I used my favorite brow pencil, brow power, shimmery eye palette, eyeliner and eyelid primer. You'll also need a base shadow brush, crease brush, brow brush and Q-tips Precision Tips. These new Q-tip cotton swabs have tapered ends which make them a great tool for eye makeup application and touch ups. They are also soft and flexible which is perfect for eye makeup application.

(Fair warning- this tutorial is picture heavy. I feel like with a photo tutorial, more is more, so bare with me.)

This tutorial starts after you have applied your base- foundation, bronzer, concealer and blush. (Next week I'll share all about how I apply my base so stay tuned.) After you have applied your base, apply your primer to your eyelid. I always spread a little on my brows as well. Less than a pea sizes amount will do.

Next you'll draw in your brows. You may only need to fill yours in a little, but I need to add quite a bit to make a substantial eyebrow. I start with a well sharpened pencil and carefully draw my arches and fill them in lightly.

As you can see filling in sparce brows can make quite a difference! Afterwards I'll go back with my brow brush and a light brown brow powder to really fill in my brows and set them.

Sometimes my pencil or my powder will wander a bit when I am doing my eyebrow makeup. Precision Q-tips are a great tool for going back in to remove any excess and clean up the arches. The tapered end allows for a really nice clean line on the arch of my eyebrow.

After you draw and fill in your eyebrows, you'll be moving onto the shadow. I love a light, shimmery highlighting shadow for everyday and evening wear. You can see below that I chose the lightest in my palette and I apply it to my brow bone as well as the inner corner of my eyes. This highlight really brightens up the eye and the whole face.

Next I need a mid-tone shadow for the base of my eyelids. I chose this gray/brown shadow and used my base brush to apply it across the entire lid.

Next you'll be using the black shadow. I like to use the crease brush to apply this dark color to only the outer crease and outer third of my eyelid in a 'C' shape.  I also use a smaller brush to lightly smudge the black shadow under my eye on the outer half of my lower lash line.

Next you'll want to go back to the lighter side of the palette to apply a ligher, shimmery powder to the inner third of your eyelid. This adds dimension and really makes your lids pop. You can see all of the shadows on the lids below.

Next it's time for the most important part- blending! Grab a clean brush to blend your eye shadow. You don't want any harsh patches or lines or uneven color. Just use your clean brush to blend those away for a flawless eyelid.

You could stop here- but when I go for a dramatic eye- I really go for it. Pull out your eyeliner and line your upper and the outer half of your lower lashes. Also, fill in your waterline with liner. I told you this is dramatic!

Below you can see the left eye has eyeliner and the right does not.

Next it's clean up time. With all of that dark shadow there is bound to be fall out under your eyes. Use a fresh Q-tip cotton swap to clean up the excess powder. Use the other end of the Q-tip cotton swap to smudge your lower liner for a slightly smokey eye effect and to finish off the look.

Almost done! Now add 2-3 coats of your favorite mascara, allowing time for each coat to dry in between. This will allow the lashes to build- you want them to be long!

And the look wouldn't be complete without some lipstick. I grabbed my hubby's favorite coral lipstick and swiped some subtle color across those lips.

And that's it! You've got a dark, smokey eye that is dramatic as you want it to be. 

After using the Q-tips Precision tips for this tutorial, I was really impressed with how easy and useful they were. Get more ideas for how to use them for nails, eyes, lips and more on Q-tips Pinterest Boards.

Let me know in the comments or email me if you have any questions about the tutorial. I can't wait to see your red carpet, hot date, GNO makeup!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.