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Styling a Lace Blouse in the Winter


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PC: Sarah Sweeney
When it comes to styling clothes, I think its especially admirable when I see someone get creative with basics. Anyone can buy something and make it look cute once, but to re-wear and re-style something over and over in new ways takes a lot of extra work. This year I want to stretch myself in those ways more. I always enjoy thinking outside the box, but this year I want to get my basics in on it. If I can put together fun new-ish ways to style overalls or a basic tee then I want to do it!
Today I'm pulling out one of my favorite lace blouses from the Summer to style in the Winter. I love a lace top or a blouse with a crocheted lace hem like this one, but typically they are easiest to wear in the spring or summer. Most of them are short sleeve and kind of scream sunny weather. But who says you can't wear one in the winter? Today I'm pairing mine with an over sized cardigan (one that covers my bum), my all time favorite leggings and OTK boots. You don't lose the cute hem of the blouse and even some of the front detailing, but you do get enough layers to stay warm and bundled in below freezing temps. 
Another way to style this top might be with a heavy military jacket, skinny jeans and tall boots with a heel like these. My exact top is sold out, but I found this and this that are similar and you'll easily be able to style either of them right into Spring. I'm so glad they restocked this cardigan and now I think I might need it in another color or two. It fits big so I sized down and got an XS. I can't say enough good things about these leggings and they fit TTS. I wear a small and prefer it over the XS. 
Do you have a top like this you can pull back out from Summer? Have you formed any style "resolutions"?


Sweater Weather


PC: Sarah Sweeney
Is it just me or does it seem like this month should be over already? We were in a meeting the other day, and someone asked what day it was. We were all SHOCKED that it was only the 6th. Somehow the holidays are over, but there are still so many things going on. And don't get me wrong; I love it. It's just been a whirlwind. I'm glad for the fact that January hasn't passed me by because dang it, I have more things to get done and improve on this month. 
So to catch you all up on life lately, I thought I'd share a little about what's keeping us busy. I bet you've got your own list you could share too!
- Basketball season is raring to go with Easton's first game this week. He has been in love with basketball since watching High School Musical in first grade. Troy Bolton is pretty much his idol, and I can't help but love it. We've never done basketball in our family, but I am excited for him to give this sport a chance. He loves to shoot hoops in our driveway with my old little iPod shuffle clipped to his shorts and his favorite music in his earbuds. So wish him luck on Saturday!
- Soren and I just got our passports in the mail today! He and I are going to ITALY next month, and until today it didn't seem real. We have some work business to do over therehence the tripbut I'm still pinching myself that our job is allowing us, even requiring us, to go to my dream destination. We'll be there for a week, and I think our plans include Milan and Venice. If you've been to either, tell us where to go and what to do!
- Our house is under construction again! We had our basement finished in the fall, but only the main living area down there. We left the bathroom and a big storage closet unfinished, and I immediately regretted it. Not finishing the bathroom was a mistake. So we had the workers come back. The three big boys have moved to the basement, so it only makes sense for them to have a bathroom to use down thereespecially in the middle of the night. They are almost done down there, and it will be so nice to see it all complete!
- And speaking of redoing parts of the house, I evacuated the boys from their room upstairs so that I could use it for an office. My recent Internet searches have been for office decor, and it's been really fun to see it come together. I still need a few cute supplies like a stapler, notepads, and other odds and ends. So if you have any recommendations for where to buy cute office supplies (besides Target), let me know!
- Nickel & Suede is always keeping me busy. And Soren too. Right now I'm prepping for our Valentine's Day campaign, and I can't wait to share. We ordered this pink couch for the shoot and to have in the store, and that isn't even the best part of it all! I can't say enough how amazing it is that I get to work on these kinds of projects for my career.
- Another reason we are so busy is all of the stuff we're surrounded by. We're still recovering from the influx of new things from Christmas. I feel like I've been picking up and rearranging since December 25. We didn't even buy a crazy amount of gifts, but they all need somewhere to go! I'm holding out for some serious IKEA toy storage solutions once the basement is totally done, and if that doesn't work I don't know what I'll do!
How is your year starting out? Do you feel like things are slowing down and becoming more organized? Or are they just as busy as ever and you're just holding on? ;)

How To DIY Staggered Hem Denim

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One of my favorite pieces of clothing to wear on a daily basis is blue jeans. I rarely wear anything else, so I enjoy having a variety in the styles of denim I wear. Ripped jeans are pretty high on my list of favorite styles, and I've been known to crop a pair of jeans as I walk out the door. I think I've even had Soren cut rips in the knees of jeans I was wearing at that moment! Clearly I don't mind a raw edge on my denim. So when I started seeing staggered hems popping up on my trend radar, my interest was piqued. 

A staggered hem is basically where the front half of your jeans is cut shorter than the back. As you can see in the picture above, the hem in the front is staggered shorter than the back. I've seen this on a lot of different denim cuts, but skinny jeans are still the easiest and safest option to apply this trend to. 

I often like to "try before I buy," so this staggered hem DIY tutorial was born. You too can make your old skinny jeans into fresh, new, staggered hem skinny jeans. And in just a few minutes, too! See below for the full tutorial.

Supplies: A pair of jeans (skinny is preferable, but you can use bootcut, straight, or boyfriend cut as well)

1. Start with your denim of choice. I used these jeans, which I still recommend for fit, price, and rinse.

2. Cut the hem off of the denim all the way around. You could skip this step and keep the hem on the back of your jeans, but I needed to crop my jeans shorter, so my hem had to go.

3. Make sure you cut your hems off straight and evenly. Try on your jeans and make sure you like the length. I always prefer my jeans to hit about two inches above my ankle. 

4. Lay your jeans flat and measure and mark along the seams 1.5-2" from the bottom. Start with 1.5" and see what you prefer. I cut mine to 1.5", but I own these jeans, and the difference between the back and the front is 2". Either way looks good!

5. Cut the 1.5" -2" section of your jeans out by cutting up from the bottom and then cutting straight across. (I borrowed my son's ruler for this tutorial, and it's marked with "KIDS" so that he knows how long to cut the string he uses for his bracelet business. ;) ) 

6. Cut the second leg and make sure they match. Try them on and check the overall leg length again as well as the cropped section. 

7. Next use the edge of the scissor blade to rough up the edges of the raw denim. Then throw them in the washer and the dryer to really help them fray. You'll want to cut the long excess strings, but a worn-in raw edge is preferable to a fresh cut.

(See the full outfit here.)

And that's it! So easy, right? If you are nervous about getting the cuts right, it's always better to start by cutting less and then cutting more after trying them on. You can do it!

I'd love to hear how this DIY staggered hem tutorial works for you! Let me know on social or feel free to leave a comment. Enjoy!

PS: If the DIY option isn't for you, I've linked several staggered hem jean options below. 

Post-Holiday Plaid and My Goals This Year


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Hey guys! Welcome to 2017! I'm excited for the fresh start of a new year and everything that a new year brings. I'm a big believer in always having new goals and trying new things year-round, but there is nothing like the motivation of the first few weeks of the year to kick my rear in gear.
That being said, I actually only have two main goals this year, and they are pretty basic. I've been listening to podcasts lately about being productive, and one theme that I've been mulling over is the power of changing just one thing. Not only is it hard to make a lot of changes at once, but it's also not necessary. Focusing on one goal can really provide a lot of benefits. If you only have one focus, you are more likely to make a new habit and actually accomplish the goal, but also, one consistent change in your life can have a rippling effectwithout any more effort! 
This year my health focus is to drink more water. Like a lot more. I'm sure this one will have a rippling effect to change my skin, my energy, and even the food choices I make. It's something I've been needing to do for a long time, and I really want to make drinking water a habit.
My second goal is to read the scriptures every day. This was a habit I used to have, before kids, and it's been a long time since I was consistent at it. We read as a family, and I read to get my Sunday School lesson ready, but I really want to make my own study of the Bible and the Book of Mormon a priority in my life. I know this goal will also have a rippling effect in my lifefrom easing my daily stress to giving me patience with my kids. There is really nothing that this won't help in my life. 
And aside from those two main goals, I have a whole long list of things I want to do better at. I bought a big stack of books that I want to slowly work through, I'm trying to wash my face every night, and I've got goals for work and for this blog. But those are just good things that I hope to use to continue moving forward. For now I'm content and very proud of myself if I check off my number one and number two goals every day. 
This week I have another new tutorial coming your way: how to DIY these staggered hem jeans! This look is definitely trending right now, and I made this pair myself. Come back Wednesday for the full EASY tutorial!
What goals are you making this year? How do you approach making resolutions?

December Everyday Style






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Well, this is the last Everyday Style post of 2016. It's been an eventful year for us and I can't imagine what next year holds! The year 2016 has brought so many changes to my blog, social media and Nickel and Suede. And it's been so good!

This year I have blogged less, but I've tried to share my heart more. Its been a big balancing act of how to work, be a mom and fit in blogging as well. But I love it all and I'm so thankful to have so many good things I can spend my time on. This next year I plan to continue to focus on quality over quantity and get some consistency in my work schedule. Heaven knows I need more consistency! My blog will always be home base, but I've been exploring how to use each of my social media channels in the best and more unique ways. I'll continue to share outfits and sales and shopping tips more over on the One Little Momma Blog FB page. If you don't want to sign up for you can almost always find direct links to items I wear over on my Facebook page. This year I've also enjoyed doing tutorials on FB Live and I'd like to do more of those! Instagram has changed a lot this year for everyone and for me it has become a bit of a mini-blog where I share daily outfits, sales and my kiddos. I also started sharing hair and makeup videos there and those have been really fun! And  recently I've been trying out using IG Stories to share more behind the scenes, real life stuff we are doing day to day. Phew- that's a lot of sharing right?!

Thank you for all of your support, your comments, your emails and your prayers. I'm so thankful to do what I love to do and I hope I can continue to use that as a force for good. All I can do is wonder at how far this blog and our business have come and pray to keep moving forward next year. Happy New Year's! Have a wonderful holiday!