The Anniversary Sale- Now Open To All!

Today is a fun day for me to put my personal shopper hat back on for you guys. Today is the day that the Anniversary Sale opens to the public. Yep, anyone can shop the sale now! New Fall styles, up to 40% off and narrowed down here for you!I love sharing good deals on great style and today is another day that I get to do that. I’m so blessed to be able to “work” in this capacity and I LOVE getting messages from you letting me know that my recommendations helped you! 


The Best Beauty Buys- Anniversary Sale

My favorite things to buy from the Anniversary Sale are shoes, jeans and sweaters. But there are other items I like to sneak in my cart as well. As you know I wear a mix of high and low-end makeup and that’s how my beauty routine is as well. This sale is a great time to try or restock those high end items for a great deal. I’ve got a little round up of my favorite beauty items from the Anniversary Sale below!

Remodel Mode

Well, we survived the move. And it was a beast. Thank you for all of your sweet comments about the house. We have almost finished our remodeling projects, and we've even hung a few things on the walls, so really, we're doing pretty good!

All the Denim- Anniversary Sale Picks

If you ever watch my Instagram stories, you may have heard me talking about premium denim the other day. Last year during the Anniversary Sale was the first time I took a leap into the world of more expensive denim and it was life changing. The jeans that I spent over $100 on last year during the sale (which means they were even more expensive after the sale) still look and feel amazing. They have barely faded, they haven't stretched out and they still suck me in in all the right places. It's amazing. 
(My best denim purchase last year during the Anniversary Sale- almost a YEAR later! Shop this year's version here.)
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