OLM Anniversary Sale- The Best Under $50 plus a giveaway!

The reason for all of the Anniversary Sale hype is pretty simple. You can buy the new Fall items at a big discount. So things that you normally really want, but can't always afford, are suddenly in a much more manageable price bracket. If you have Early Access you have likely been shopping this week, and if you don't, the sale opens to the public on Friday! I've got a post in mind to share the best of what is still in stock, but I think most things at the ends of today's post will be!
PS-  I've got a giveaway at the end of today's post- so go enter!

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Kansas City: Things to Do, Places to Eat and Stores to Shop

Well, the Summer may be half over, but our bucket list sure isn't! There are still quite a few things I want to do with the kids and many of those are visiting places around town. We have friends visiting from out of town this week and so we've been brainstorming all of the fun things to go see and do and eat in Kansas City. It's easy to think your hometown doesn't have much to offer, but Kansas City really does have a lot of fun and unique things do. Today I'm sharing the list that we've come up with so far and hopefully it will help you as you spend your Summer here or plan your visit to Kansas City!

OLM Anniversary Sale- Baby Rush's Picks

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OLM Anniversary Sale- Activewear

Happy Saturday! This weekend we are prepping for company next week and that means it's time to hustle. I may not actually hit the gym today or tomorrow, but active wear will still be in full force! I grabbed some new workout clothes last week at the Anniversary Sale and I wanted to share those deets before things continue to sell out. I've listed style, size and my insights below. Shop all Anniversary Sale activewear here. 

Black camo leggings! These aren't in the active wear category but for lifting and less cardio I think they work! Fit TTS.
Size: S
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