Baby Rush's Birth Story

One thing I love and hate about having babies is that no delivery ever goes quite the same as the last. It's hard for mommas like me who like to know what to expect and when to expect it, but it also makes life exciting and no birth story ever the same! This baby is my fifth baby and in my mind that meant this time around "should" have been the same or similar to my other deliveries.  I have always gone into labor on my own. I've always had my babies the day before their due date or sooner. I have never had an epidural or had to be induced. And my labors are all pretty quick. But life has been throwing us curve balls this throughout this entire pregnancy so why should my delivery be any different?  

Today I'm sharing some of the background and the story of Rush's birth. If you are new, you can read this post and this post to catch up on the twists and turns of my somewhat complicated pregnancy. 

Rush's Nursery Reveal

Welcome to Rush's nursery! I'll be honest, finishing a nursery for baby #5 wasn't exactly in the original plans. None of the kids have finished, decorated rooms and I was fine with that staying the case for a while. But after the new year my nesting instinct really started kicking in and one online order lead to another and here we are. Rush has a nursery and the bigger boy's rooms are almost done as well!

He's Here!

He's here! I'm a little late here on the blog, but hopefully most of you follow me somewhere in social media land and you know by now that little man number five has arrived! He's actually three weeks old today and that is how long it's taken me to sit down and push publish on a blog post. That's real new-baby-mom-of-five-business-owner life for you.

Hospital Bag Necessities From a Mom of Five


There is something about having your fifth baby that makes you feel pretty relaxed about the whole hospital process. At 8.5 months pregnant I didn't have a bag packed and I also hadn't given much thought to what to take. But when I went to my 36 week appointment and my doctor told me I was already dilated to a four and I spent the rest of the day contracting- I promptly packed a bag! (Which of course resulted in me staying pregnant for two more weeks. :)
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