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Spring Overalls and Self-Love


Valentine's Day may be over, but I still think of February as the month of love. And I don't think it's just about being in love or having a valentine. A huge part of love is loving yourself. Loving yourself for who you are and who you know you can be is critical in being able to show love to othersand to receive it!

Self-love is a battle that I fought hard for a long time. I was always self-conscious in junior high and high school, and I dealt with an eating disorder for many years. I've been to all kinds of counselingpersonal counseling, eating disorder treatment, marriage counseling, the works. And so many of those issues stemmed from having trouble loving myself. I didn't really intend to go this deep about this topic, but it really can be a deep issue. I could blog all day about a lot of the things I just briefly mentioned, but today I want to touch on a couple of easy things to boost self-love. None of these things is an end-all fix-all, but I think they help on a daily basis to boost self-confidence and to get in the habit of treating yourself better.

1. Stop weighing yourself. I haven't weighed myself since I can't remember. At least before Baker was born. When I was in outpatient treatment for an eating disorder, my counselor told me to throw my scale away. And I did. We have one now because Soren likes to keep tabs on himself (and they are useful for weighing things like luggage!), but I don't use it. I don't like how it makes me feel. Whether it makes me feel better or worse about myself, neither is really a good thing to attach to a number. I go off of how my clothes are fitting, and I avoid knowing my weight if I can.

2. Start taking some extra vitamins. Add a hair and nail supplement and vitamin D to your everyday regimen. These things are just good for you. You can give yourself a pat on the back for maintaining a good habit, and if you are low on anything you may notice you start feeling better. This one is just too easy not to do!

3. Add an extra exercise habit into your day, like calf raises or squats while you brush your teeth. I struggle with finding time to exercise regularly. Instead it's much better for me to include a lot of movement into everything I do. I'm mentally healthier if I don't attach being good/bad, good looking/not good looking to whether I've exercised. So I just try to move a lot. And with four boys, that isn't too hard hard. It's easy to throw in some extra movement during the day if I'm thinking about it. 

4. Go through your closet. Get rid of things that don't make you feel great. Don't hold onto things you think you should wear or that you think you should fit into. Spend a little bit of time weeding out the confidence suckers in your closet and focusing on the winners. Add a few more winners to that pile as your budget allows.

5. Journal things that you are grateful for about your body. Journaling was a big part of my overcoming my eating disorder and my negative body image. I started journaling about how I was feeling instead of keeping a log of what I was or wasn't eating. Once I learned to notice my feelings and how they affected my behavior, I could process things better. I started to remove food from feelings, and journaling helped put those feelings in the right place. Gratitude is another part of finding love, so if we can find things we love about our bodies and our minds and how they help us, we can come to know ourselves better. And we just may find more awesome things about ourselves than we knew we had!

I hope these tips give you one or two good ideas, and I'd love to hear yours! What do you do to increase your self-love?

Grayed Out

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PC: Sarah Sweeney

Lately I've really been gravitating toward muted neutral pastels. I described them the other day as any pastel color with gray added to it. Tone down pink to blush, green to a pastel olive, and purple to a grayed out lavender. While I love color, I don't wear a whole lot of it. But muted tones are really a great way to mix up a mostly neutral wardrobe without committing to brights and a wide color palette. Some of my favorite Nickel & Suede earrings are also muted neutrals, like Sterling, Lip Gloss, Luxe Linen, and Gala Gold
You may have also noticed that I've been styling a lot of clothes from Abercrombie lately, like these pants. I don't know about you, but I tend to really like a certain brand during one season and then move to another one depending on what their collections look like. Abercrombie has been a fun new place to browse and shop lately, especially their spring collection. I love their color palette for spring, and I like so many of their sweaters and jeans. I think they have done a great job at reviving their brand by making it less sexual and immodest, while still keeping their cool, effortless vibe and keeping the price points reachable. I'm excited to see how their brand continues to move forward. 
Soren and I are in Italy as you are reading this, and hopefully I survived the flight and we arrived okay. It's a 13-hour flight to get there, and I'm hoping I can find a way to sleep, relax, and enjoy the time! Be sure to check in on us on Instagram and our Instagram stories to see live updates from the trip! Happy Monday!

Everyday Style Early Spring

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I hope you have had a great week so far! I'm excited it's Friday although it feels like there is a lot to do before I'm ready for Sunday. Soren and I are leaving for Italy on Sunday and even as I type it it doesn't seem real. I think once we are packed and on the plane I'll start to really take it in. The stress is real though and there are a lot of reasons for it. Mostly I'm nervous about leaving my boys, but I've been doing a ton of prep work so that they and my MIL can have a fun time while we're gone. We'll be gone a week which seems like a long time but I know it will fly by! I'm thankful that we have good people to leave our kids and our business with and I feel confident that everything will go just fine while we're gone.

The weather here in KC has been crazy warm and wonderful so I've had every excuse to start dressing for Spring. It is weird to be leaving this warm weather in exchange for cooler weather though. It will only be around 45-55 degrees in Italy so everything I'm packing is black, long sleeved and Winter-ish. I hope to have a couple of blog posts go up next week while we are gone, but you can always check in on us on Instagram and my IG story. I'll try to share a lot of what we are doing while we are over there! Have a fabulous Friday and I'll see you next week!

Well That's Slightly Embarrassing



I think you guys know me well enough that you can appreciate when I share embarrassing things, right? I swear when I was younger, embarrassing things happened to me all of the time. Thankfully as I've gotten older, they seem to have become a little fewer and farther between. I'm guessing that is a result of me caring less and not me actually doing fewer ridiculous things, because I still do.

So on to the story (stories, really). Yesterday I got out of the shower and was drying off. Typically post shower, I apply some kind of tanning product at least a few days a week. I almost always put one on my face, but I'll go days between applications on the rest of my body. Recently I've been using this aerosol tanning product for just my face and neck, and it's been working well. It splatters a little sometimes, but for the small area of my face, it's pretty good. 

So I pull my hair back out of the way and then grab the can and start spraying my face. And something's not right. It feels different and smells different, but when I looked at my face it didn't look very different. So I sprayed some more, and a lot of it got concentrated under my nose (not a cute look), but otherwise I couldn't tell the usual difference in skin color. And then it hits me! I was using my Batiste brown dry shampoo! The cans look so similar that I had grabbed the wrong one. My face and neck were now covered in this brown powdery substance, and I had specifically created a mustache as well. So shockingly ridiculous of me! Thankfully the stuff isn't permanent, so I quickly hopped back in the shower and started over. Sheesh.

After I showered and actually got the right products on, I went to get dressed. I was planning on wearing a new dress to church, and it was much more fitted than my usual choices. I opted to try wearing a pair of Spanx that I've rarely worn, just to smooth things out and to feel a little more comfortable in something so snug. I put them on, they fit as intended (I believe), and we went to church. 

Oh. My. Gosh. During the first meeting of church, I kept thinking about how uncomfortable I felt, just in general. Why is my headache getting worse? Why am I feeling short of breath? Why am I dying to get out of here? And then I realized it was the Spanx. I swear the longer I wore them, the more they contracted! It felt like I was wearing a corset. I was miserable! I lasted through the first hour, but after that meeting ended, I'd had enough. With two hours of church left, Sunday School to teach, and life to live, there was no way I was staying in those ridiculous constricting undergarments. So I headed straight for the bathroom and undressed right there in a stall. Into my bag went the Spanx, and out I came a free woman. Thankfully the dress wasn't that clingy and I felt fine without the extra lining. But even if I hadn't, I'd rather have worn my jacket the rest of the day than keep those on. I got so many compliments that day on my dress, but every time someone mentioned it, all I wanted to do was talk Spanx instead. I didn't. But I wanted to. 

Anyways, I think Spanx have their place, and from what I hear now, I just need to size up a few sizes to get the smoothing effect rather than the squeezing one. Props to you if you can wear them at all. I think they work, but my whole self could not suffer through them. 

BUT, speaking of Spanx, you know what Spanx item I can get behind? These faux leather leggings. The funny thing is that I also just bought these Spanx leggings, and I have nothing but good things to say about them. They don't squeeze you to death, but they do pull things in. The sheen is just right, and they are really comfortable. I bought them for our trip to Italy next week (I swear, everything I'm buying for that trip is black), but I wanted to try them out before we left. They really are as good as they say! 

If you love Spanx, I hope you don't have hard feelings. I just had to share a little crazy with you on this Monday. Have a great start to your week!

Winter Everyday Style








Happy Friday! It's been a busy week, but I wanted to share an Everyday Style post before the week ends. These are outfits that I share on IG but other than in a round-up like this, they don't make it over here on the blog. Here you can get direct links to everything I've shared and hopefully that makes things easy for you! 

Also, thank you for all of your kind comments on my last blog post. They were so encouraging and I read every one. Thanks for making it easy to be open and to share the ups and downs of life with you! I hope something I said helped you in some way, or maybe you were even able to share it with someone that you thought could benefit from it. Seriously, thanks.

Have a great weekend! I hope you have fun plans and even get a little warm weather. We've got a good looking forecast and I'm crossing my fingers it comes true!