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Black Friday- Shopping Enabling

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This weekend is obviously one for shopping- after we give thanks that is. I'll admit I'm really disappointed in the retailers that are physically opening on Thanksgiving. I love shopping at 4 am! I can shop at 4 pm at Target any day. I do think I'll head over to Old Navy on Friday and do a little shopping but it certainly won't be the same rush as a crazy early morning run! 

That being said there are tons of online sales this weekend that I will at least be peeking at. I've listed a few of my favorites below with some items I'm eyeing. 

NORDSTROMup to 40% off select product

OLD NAVY- entire store 50% off starting at 4pm today.

GAP- 50% off sitewide with code- BLKFRIDAY

FOREVER21- Black Friday deals $5, $10, $20. And 30% off of clearance.

6PM- 15% off

J CREW30% off select full-price styles and additional 40% off sale + free shipping, no mimimum

Happy Shopping! Have a great weekend!

Gratitude and Acceptance Speeches

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Today is Thanksgiving and for the last few weeks I've been reflecting on how much I have to be thankful for. Of course I'm thankful for my home, enough food to eat, my kids and my family. I'm grateful for new kittens, hot showers, pecan pie and my friends. I'm grateful for you, for my husband and for my job. This has been a year full of huge risks, scary decisions and tragedy- but we are all still here thriving, happy and moving forward.

What I am most thankful for this year- no surprise- has to do with the all consuming venture we started this year, our business. Despite all of my doubts and fears, we are succeeding. And I'm just so thankful and in awe of it all.

I was in the shower the other day thinking about gratitude and for some reason I starting thinking about acceptance speeches at award shows. They are always full of thank you's and yet seemingly empty to me. I wondered why they were thanking all of the people they work with or who work for them. My previous thought was that they were thanking people just for doing their job. Which is fine, but not very meaningful.

But when I put myself in their position- I realized how NOT empty those thank yous are. When I think about the success of Nickel & Suede thus far, all I can think of is thanking people. We haven't been in a position yet to hire anyone- but we have required so much help over the last six months. The amount of work far exceeds what Soren and I can do and so we have been forced to rely on the service of our friends and family. And oh, how generous they all  have been!

I can't begin to describe all of the service, love, and thoughtfulness we have been shown. From physically coming over to help us ship orders and assemble earrings to watching our kids to throwing us parties to bringing us dinner to working late into the night. I'm realizing that behind any success- like a movie or a movie star- there are countless people who believe and love the cause (or the people) enough to serve, support, work and give far beyond what is expected. Or deserved.

We can never pay back what we have been given from our friends and family and so- we are just thankful. And ultimately, everything we have, from our friends to our business, comes from God. And we can't pay Him back either. He has blessed us with so much more than we could possibly feel like we deserve.  I want to be better at being grateful everyday.

And the most amazing thing of all? We are happiest when we are grateful. The more we consider the things we do have, the happier we will be. And in the day to day stress of life right now- I could use more of feeling happy in the present.

I hope you have a wonderful day with the people that are important to you. Happy Thanksgiving! 

What I Wore- Subtle Glam

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Subtle glam- embellished collar and all black

Subtle glam- embellished collar and all black

Subtle glam- embellished collar and all black

Subtle glam- embellished collar and all black

Subtle glam- embellished collar and all black
COAT- J Crew (similar) // BLOUSE- Nu-Mod // PANTS- TJ Maxx // SHOES- TJ Maxx // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede

My style is definitely casual. I don't really wear dresses or skirts except for church so if there is a way to dress up and still wear pants- I'm all about it. One fun way to glam up this Winter is to find a top with built-in bling. This rhinestone neckline adds so much to an all black outfit and classic camel coat. Look for a blouse with a sequin pocket or shoulders and then wear it with basic and monochromatic pieces. You'll instantly look dressier, but it doesn't require incredibly high heels, piles of jewelry or a skirt. This would be the perfect outfit to wear to a dressy Thanksgiving dinner, a date to the Nutcracker or a Holiday party. You can find a large assortment of embellished blouses here or below in the round up.

Good luck with your Thanksgiving preparations today- you can bet I haven't even started yet!

PS- Did you see the Cupcake Mag Holiday Issue launched yesterday? I was fortunate enough to contribute a to this fabulous online magazine and I know you'll love browsing the entire thing! You can find my article here. 

Once Upon a Northpole Christmas- Time to Brag


Today I've got some bragging to do.

I may have mentioned before that my Dad is an artist for Hallmark Cards. When I was 2 we moved from Utah to Missouri so that my Dad could take a job there and he has been illustrating greeting cards for them ever since. I've always been proud to have an artist for a Dad and heavily considered going into illustration myself.  It never gets old to find one of his cards in a card shop or in today's case- one of his books. He is so talented and this year I want to share his most recent project with you- Once Upon a Northpole Christmas.

For the last year my Dad has been working on the illustrations for this beautiful Christmas book. It turned out so well and I was so proud when I found a copy in my local grocery store last week! Having seen his side of it- I know how much work goes into a project like this. I'm so excited for him and his co-workers that helped put this book together. This book would be the perfect Holiday book to read this weekend with your family and to add to your Christmas collection. (This isn't sponsored at all- I just wanted to share!) You can find the book online or almost anywhere Hallmark products are sold including Hallmark Stores, Walmart, HyVee and Walgreens.

If you want to see more of his Christmas cards (most of which are still for sale) you can find images of them here. Do you send out Christmas cards? What traditions are you excited for this year?

What I Wore- Leather and Leopard


Leopard scarf from Nickel & Suede

Leopard, gray leather and plum

Leopard scarf from Nickel & Suede

Leopard scarf from Nickel & Suede

Leopard scarf from Nickel & Suede
JACKET- Eddie Bauer // SHIRT- Forever 21 // SCARF- Nickel & Suede // BOOTS- Old Navy // PANTS- GAP // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede
Photography- One Sparrow Creative

Well, I'd love to say we had a relaxing weekend and I'm ready to tackle my Monday today. But thankfully we had a CRAZY weekend and I'm starting this week drowning. Our Holiday sale killed us and I'm just amazed- amazed at the success that we are being blessed with. We are following our guts and trying new things and every time we do, the positive response just blows us away. I can't even say anything to boast because it's nothing that I'm doing. I'm working my tail off to keep up with it all and being shown everyday how much I can't keep up with it all.  I'm just so thankful for the angels that God is placing in my life right now to take care of what I can't. None of us can do it all can we? 

I hope you have a great start to your week! Now I'm off to work!

Nickel & Suede Holiday Sale

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I have exciting news to announce today! Nickel & Suede will be having its big Holiday Sale THIS weekend! Starting tomorrow, November 21, and running through Sunday, November 23, all of the items on our site will be on sale! We will not be offering Black Friday sales- this is our Not-Black-Friday-Sale. We want to spend next weekend with our families and to give you the chance to purchase (and receive) your Nickel & Suede packages with plenty of time to spare before Christmas. This will be our only big sale this season- no Black Friday sales- this is it!

We are so thankful for so many of you that have already shared Nickel & Suede with your family and friends. You are the reason that we have orders to fill and we can't wait for you to be able to gift our earrings this Chistmas. I know that is what everyone on my list is gettin'. ;) So get your list ready and your cart full because tomorrow is the day!

What I Wore- Elbow Patches


Elbow patch sweater, dark denim and camo leather earrings

Elbow patch sweater, dark denim and camo leather earrings

Elbow patch sweater, dark denim and camo leather earrings

Elbow patch sweater, dark denim and camo leather earrings
SWEATER- Nu-Mod, TEE- Downeast Basics, JEANS- Old Navy, BOOTS- Enzo Angiolini (similar), EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede

I've been loving elbow patches for what seems like forever now and I don't think that will change any time soon. The black patches on this sweater add so much character to an otherwise basic mocha sweater. At Target this week they had their toddler boy's sweaters B1G1 50% off and I got sucked into a few sweaters for my boys. I felt much better about my purchases when I got home and discovered almost all of the sweaters have elbow patches. And while we are on the subject of Target- I picked up a few lip pencils as well and they both are amazing- Rich Red and Nearly Nude. I was happy with my Target experience, but not all of my shopping companions were as thrilled- silly kids.

We have a busy day ahead getting ready for our next Nickel & Suede holiday shopping event. If you are local we'd love to have you come out. There will be food, drinks, a photo booth and great shopping with other Kansas City companies.